Wag Haus – Guzzle Muzzle Slow Dog Feeder Bowl Review

You might have noticed how every time you give your dog food, it gobbles the food up in a matter of seconds. Every dog does this by habit. Animals are naturally greedy and will usually gobble up any food they have access to food.

Dogs, especially do this and this might be a concerning habit to you. It’s not exactly safe to gobble food, is it? It can damage our digestive system. Well, I’d hate to say it, but it’s not safe for dogs either. They’re susceptible to problems like a bloated stomach, Gas and Diarrhea.

The Advantages of a Guzzle Muzzle Slow Feeder Bowl

A stomach ache can be a really painful experience for your furry companion, and it is not an easy sight to tolerate. Dogs need something to slow down the time they take to eat their meals. Luckily, Pet Care brand, Wag Haus has come up with just the thing you need!

All it does to achieve this is compartmentalise the food you pour into it, as a bone shaped maze. That way, your dog cannot just shove its mouth into the bowl and gobble up all the food in it. It works very much like how us Humans eat our food, bit by bit, chewing it slowly and digesting it properly.

What are the Benefits?

According to Wag Haus, the Guzzle Muzzle bowl slows down your dog’s eating time from seconds to minutes. You can safely assume that your dog’s digestive system is working much more effectively while it savours the food you serve, bit by bit, chewing it in parts.

Aside from that, your dog will also relish the challenge of going through the maze to eat its food. It’s not that it will follow the maze. But they sure do love a good sport and the fact that finding its way in the bowl will make it feel a little more satisfied after eating the food you give it. This means your dog will look forward to feeding time with more anticipation, but not greed.

It will also instil some table manners into your dog. It is not outright gobbling the food but actually eating it slowly over a few minutes, it doesn’t drop any drool or food from its mouth around the bowl, which saves you the effort of cleaning up after every meal.

You can sleep easy knowing your dog has had a healthy, filling meal without jeopardising its digestive system. You save up on the stress and money needed for visiting the vet as well. Several indirect benefits like these, just because of one practical food bowl design. Great, isn’t it?

Pros and Cons


  • Genuinely achieves what it advertises. Some users have claimed that it has increased their dog’s meal time from 1 minute to around 10 minutes.
  • Improves your dog’s digestive system. You’ll find that your dog throws up or wants to poop less often after you start using this bowl. This is because it isn’t suffering from Diarrhea like problems that it could experience because of Gobbling.
  • Works as entertainment. The bone shaped maze poses a decent enough challenge for your dog to earn its food. Something dogs really love is to be rewarded for their efforts.
  • No need to clean up after a meal. Since your dog is eating much slower and carefully, it doesn’t end up creating a mess around the bowl for you to clean up.
  • Available in large as well as small sizes. You can buy one depending on what breed and size of breed your dog is. There is the option to buy a smaller one as well as a larger one.


  • It does seem a bit expensive compared to other dog bowls. Usually, a regular dog bowl doesn’t cost more than $10. This one costs around $25. People who have lighter wallets might be a little annoyed by this.
  • Some dogs might not like eating from this, after forming a habit of eating from regular bowls. There are stubborn dogs, and it can get a little difficult to get them to eat their food regularly from this bowl.


The Guzzle Muzzle Slow Feeder Bowl is a really ingenious product that solves a really common, but important problem. Every pet dog has a habit of gobbling its food and finishing its meal a little too quickly.

This bowl not only slows down the time it takes for them to eat their meals, but it also makes sure they aren’t gobbling their food and savouring every bit of it as they eat.

It is worth the money given the fact that it acts as a long term investment and a healthier lifestyle for your dog! You should definitely go for it! I have two one for my big dog and one for my little dog.

And as soon as I started feeding them from these guzzle muzzle slow dog feeding bowls they really seemed to like eating from these bowls. I would definitely recommend these guzzle muzzle slow dog feeding bowls to any pet owner, because they really helps solve the dog’s gobbling problem.