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Pros and Cons of Pay of Performance SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process to increase the visibility of a website or a page. Pay for Performance SEO means you pay only for the results you get. This makes search marketing affordable. If you are looking for cost cutting for your top ranking keywords in pay per click advertising, then PFP SEO is the right choice. Previously SEO was on the basis of monthly fees whatever the result and ranking are. But PFP SEO is totally different from the traditional one. You only get paid when you can see the results otherwise not. There is nothing about a monthly fee. PFP SEO in digital marketing increases the profit for both client and agencies or freelancer, but some risk as well like contract writing, negotiation etc. This PFP is considered as a business model in digital advertising where an agency charges from the marketer for the ranking and results. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of Performance Based SEO Services:

Pros or advantages for the client:

There is no upfront payment or you can pay a small amount. There are no such monthly fees. You can pay only for the clicks and ranking or results. The agency will give the best result as promised as it is performance based. The risk of the client is reduced with the use of pay for performance. The earlier client had a lot of risks as they pay monthly, but PFP places the majority risk on the company. If a company tied up with you in this contract, be sure company will give you 100% result. You will get the daily report and update from the SEO Services USA about the ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Cons or disadvantage for the client:

After signing a contractwith the SEO Company in USA for many reasons the relationship cannot work out. This can be a very tough situation for any client, as the company gets a small piece of each sale. There are many fraud companies are there who do fraud click, calls, form submissions only to get their performance fees If the agency or the freelancer do work very well the client has to pay more at the end. If the agency performs poorly, release from the contract is a bit tough to find a better one under the contract. A long-term contract with the agency is also risky. If the agency doesn’t perform, it is for sure client will not pay much so the work will be delayed.

Pros or advantages for Agencies or freelancer: 

An agency can earn more over the time limit of the contract if they achieve good success.

If the agency has performance bonus and profit sharing it will motivate the employees and they will perform well, which a plus point of the agency. Once the client and agency are tied into the contract than client fully relies on agencies these makes a professional relationship for a long term.

Cons or disadvantages for Agencies or freelancer:

The agency fully depends on the financial condition of the client. If the client earns well agencies get the bonus, but if the client becomes the broken agency to faces financial crisis.


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