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How To Obtain The Least Expensive Auto Insurance

The Importance of Comparison

However you source auto insurance, you’re going to need to facilitate comparison between disparate agencies in order to determine cost-effectiveness. Additionally, rates are going to differ based on a number of factors, but one thing which will usually be fairly standard across the board is prices for new drivers.

Cheap car insurance companies for new drivers can be found in almost every state, but you need a resource like, which allows those searching to get: “…real quotes from leading companies when…comparing car insurance quotes and rates online.”

Firstly, understand that new drivers will always pay more than seasoned drivers. By 25, someone is considered somewhat seasoned by insurance companies, but from the age of sixteen to the end of a young person’s twenties, insurance companies are going to require increased premiums. It makes sense from a business sense.

Younger drivers are going to have an increased propensity for accidents because they’re more inexperienced than older drivers. This is statistically true, insurance companies know as much, and they’d be crazy not to charge you more if you don’t have requisite experience behind the wheel.

Full Coverage, Or No?

With all that being said, though it makes good sense to get full coverage, you don’t have to. Think about where you’re at and where you’re going, and start shopping for insurance before you start shopping for a car. Your first vehicle shouldn’t be some expensive hot-rod. If you’re a parent, don’t get your 16-year-old that fine car.

It doesn’t matter how safe they are at driving, the likelihood is, they’re going to wreck. Maybe they’ll rear-end somebody, maybe they’ll get T-boned, but if they don’t cause an accident, they’ll be responsible for damages simply through ignorance of what to avoid when the situation is questionable.

So ideally, you want a vehicle that is cost-effective and well-built, not full of all the latest bells and whistles. A truck is a fairly good idea, compact cars can be death traps. But inculcate an attitude of safety in younger drivers that includes driving sober and always buckling up. Then budget a vehicle that isn’t over-expensive.

Granted, certain vehicles are going to get decreased insurance rates based on their pedigree, safety features, size, and other factors; but you want to assume a wreck is going to happen before the individual driving the car has had it for nine years. Did your first car last you from the age of sixteen to twenty-five? Perhaps it did, but it probably didn’t.

Bottom Dollar May Not Be The Best

Additionally, something to consider is that if you go with the wrong agency, you may require an insurance attorney just to attain your proper settlement. Make no mistake, an insurance company will back out of covering losses if they have any legal precedent. So sometimes you want to pay more just to avoid the potential legal hassle.

One final thing to think about is not considering the costs you must endure to drive legally from an insurance perspective, but considering how you may offset them. In this way, you can get the finest insurance, and not lose a penny.

Get the right car, and groups like will pay you to put a wrap on your car. What you earn could supplant the expense of insurance. Now, there are going to be limitations. Certain vehicles look terrible; they’re just not classy.

A vehicle that isn’t “classy” is less likely to be something you can get paid to transform into a billboard on wheels. But you may be surprised. So don’t forget the technology angle when shopping for insurance. You can go bottom-dollar, but if you’re savvy enough to offset costs, even young drivers can be fully protected cost-effectively.

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