5 Techniques For Decoratively Altering Your Appearance

When it comes to decoratively altering your appearance, there are a huge number of options that you have. Some of the first considerations is you have to think of is whether you want to make these alterations permanent or temporary, and then beyond that, you have to think about the typical things like social or professional implications if these alterations are in a visible place.

As far as some of these techniques go, think about things like microblading, henna tattoos, permanent tattoos, piercings, or some of the more fringe body modifications that are available as services these days. All of these have different forms, functions, and costs associated with them.


One technique that is increasing in popularity lately is microblading.  If you haven’t heard of this technique before, it’s when you use semi-permanent ink and a tiny manual blade to create a semipermanent tattoo in different places like around your eyebrows for example. For people who have a particular use of long-term appearance solutions that are both subtle and professional, this is an extremely effective technique for getting a procedure done, and then only having to get it touched up every once in awhile after that to maintain the clean look.

Henna Tattoos

Another type of semipermanent tattoo that is often used in conjunction with more artistic pursuits is getting a henna tattoo. If you’re looking for a temporary way to decorate your hands or arms, for instance, you can get one of these done by an artistic individual, and it will gradually fade away over the next few days. Many people will get henna tattoos first to see if they want to move on to more permanent ink later.  if you don’t like how the henna looks after a week, then you may have prevented yourself from getting a tattoo that you don’t like, so the cost is definitely worth it to see.

Permanent Tattoos

Permanent tattoos tends to be in an arena of their own when it comes to decorating your body. It can be a very personal choice, and it can be a very emotional one when a person decides to get permanent ink put on their body. It almost separates cultures to a degree, with the people willing to make a decision that will be with them for the rest of their lives, and someone who is not interested in having that kind of permanence attached to them.


Another form of body decoration is going to be in the form of piercings. Whether it’s the more traditional getting your ears pierced, or the less traditional body piercings that occur elsewhere, having a professional pierce you and then put your choice of jewelry on can be a big deal when it comes to decoratively altering your appearance.

Body Modifications

Outside in the fringe elements of the decorative community, there are other body modifications that many people go through as well. These can be things as extreme as getting your tongue split, or they can be more subtle in the form of having certain implants added to specific parts of your body.