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Day: May 22, 2017

Four Tips For Attracting More Local Customers

Even if your business strictly runs online there are still benefits to appealing to the local population where you live, especially for small businesses. Even if the only time your products leave your house (when not in a package to be mailed to its new owner) is to be sold at an art show, craft fair, or farmer’s market, you still need to let people know your local business exists.

Local customers are likely to buy from you, even in an online setting, simply because they want to put more money back into their own local economy. For that reason alone it makes complete sense to promote locally, in any and all ways possible.

Use Local SEO

If your business is mainly an online entity, you can reach more local people by using local SEO. What area is your business in, what city/town, what district? What state is your business in (some people will buy “local” statewide)? So your state is important. If you offer specific local services, talk about them using specific search terms.

Advertise Locally

Find local ways to advertise, which is actually pretty easy. Even though print media is still a slowly dying entity, people do still read the paper. Consider advertising in local print media, picking the papers and magazines that speak to the population you’re looking to reach.


Another great way to advertise locally is through flyers and business cards. When you’re attending a local event put out flyers for it. Have business cards on you at all times to hand out anytime your work comes up.

Make Your Social Media More Locally Charged

All businesses need what social media has to offer. It’s an essentially free, and easy, way to reach people all over the world, but you also want to use it to reach people in your local area. You can do that, first, by including your address on your business page, even if you don’t have a brick and mortar shop or an office where people can actually come in.

People tend to search out places local to them first when they’re looking to buy products or hire someone’s services. That’s why even internet only businesses need to show where they are on the map through their social media accounts.

Get A Local Presence

All of the above things will help make your local presence known, but you also want to get out there in other ways. If your city has any kind of business related expos or trade shows that fit your model it can pay to pay for a spot at one of them. You’ll get your name out to more individuals and even other businesses. Take business cards and logo merch with you to give away, and take your speaking voice with you so that you can tell everyone about all the great stuff your business can offer them.

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Five Things You Need To Do To Protect Your New Home

Before you’ve even completed the purchase of a new home, it’s required to have more smoke detectors, and also, there are other things you want to be doing to protect yourself. One of the first things a home hunter these days needs is a buyer’s agent on your side. They act on your behalf as a liaison between you and the seller, through the seller’s agent. They also make paperwork a lot easier to deal with.

With the mortgage fraud nightmares of 2009 may be over, you still want to do what you can to protect yourself from the possibility of fraud. Know your rights and know who can help you if those rights are infringed upon. Once you’ve purchased your new home, here are a few more things you will want to do to protect it.   

Get Homeowner’s Insurance

Unless you bought your home with cash you’re most likely required to have homeowner’s insurance. Even if you bought it with cash, you should still have your home insured, since it can protect you from many things, like losing everything you’ve invested in just because of a fire.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy will also be able to help you in determining what others things may be missing from our home. You may find you are required to have more smoke detectors than you have in order to be covered. Or, you may find that you’re required to also have an extinguisher and other safety items in the home.

Consider A Home Warranty

A home warranty on your newly purchased home could be a savior in disguise. These warranties may cost a few hundred dollars, but the right plan will cover a good deal of what could go wrong in your newly acquired house. You could get covered in case of plumbing and electrical problems, as well as for your furnace and water heater. An extended plan may even cover any appliances the previous owners left behind.

Generally, with this type of warranty you’ll pay someone to come out and check the item in question to see if it’s repairable or in need of replacement, and then whatever needs to be done will be covered under the warranty.

Have An Inspection Done

Usually, you’d get an inspection done before you buy a home so that you can work in a contingency if your inspector finds any issues. However, it’s not always a requirement, so you do have the option to bypass it. You shouldn’t, though.

Even if you couldn’t get in an inspection post-sale, get one done now. You never know what they might reveal, and even if it’s nothing bad they could help you find things that need to be fixed before something bad happens. They’ll notice hairline cracks in the foundations before it’s a problem, while you might not notice it until it’s a big crack or your home seems to shift.

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