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How Can I Afford All The Latest Technology?

It seems like every year there are new laptops, new smartphones, and new gadgets created to help make your life easier as they help empty your pockets. For some people, all the new gadgets simply seem like a logical investment, while for other people they are an expense they have trouble affording them.

Sometimes investing in newer tech is a must, maybe for your job or to have a safer home. Maybe your old smartphone died and all of the newer options are more expensive than what you are used to. Maybe you just like to have all of the newest items out there and you want to ensure you have the spare cash to buy them.

Get A Small Loan

It may seem kind of ridiculous to get a loan to buy gadgets, but if your phone or computer breaks down and your need them for your work, you need to get replacements as soon as you can. In order to do that you may need some extra money, depending on what tech device broke and what you need to replace it with. Maybe you can get away with something cheap like a Chromebook when your laptop dies, or maybe you need something with more features and will be required to spend at least twice as much for an actual laptop.

You might not be able to get a loan from your bank to use for something of such a small price (a few hundred dollars), but you can get help from a payday loan place. Just make sure you pay it off quickly.

Try A Side Hustle

You could start making some extra money on the side that you could use for fun money and tech purchases. After the last time the economy really fell apart many people started working more than one job at a time, and sometimes many very part-time jobs, which are now lovingly referred to as side hustles.

You could mow lawns during the summer and shovel snow in the winter. You could start doing freelance writing online, sell photographs to stock image places, or even start selling your own arts and crafts on Etsy. There are plenty of ways to make spare cash.

Wait Awhile

One thing you can do is shop sales, which happen many different times of the year. Know when the best time to buy a laptop is (like August when back-to-school sales are happening) and you can get some of the best deals on the electronics you need.

Another good idea is to wait until a new version of something comes out, like the next iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, and then buy the previous model when the prices on them drop. You’ll still get a newer device with plenty of cool features, but you’ll get it for less.

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