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Month: May 2017

Amazing Things you Can Do with your Backyard

When it comes to backyards they are like Pandora’s Box. You never know what you are going to get when you open them.

This is precisely because backyards allow us to play around; to try new ideas. Whatever we can’t do at home, we can do it outside in the backyard.

However, not every idea is great one. Some of them can easily backfire and you can wake up realizing you spent so much money for nothing.

This is precisely why we made this list to point out several amazing modifications that you can do in your backyard without thinking whether they will work or not.

  1. Pool modifications

Pool shouldn’t stand alone. There is always something you can add to it to improve overall experience. In the end, we constructed it in order to have fun so why wouldn’t you go all the way?

Besides necessities such as the pool pump (most durable brands are Davey, Onga, Sparkle and Bianco), there are so many additions you can make to your pool area. Adding beds is an obvious one. You can also have a refrigerator nearby when you need to fetch a drink. My personal favorite is having a table together with a big umbrella inside of the pool. This way you can drink and cool off all at the same time.

  1. Family lunch

The only thing better than having a family lunch is having it outside.

All you need is a big table and some sort of a roof over your head just in case.

Another good addition is having several kitchen elements and perhaps the whole kitchen outside. This allows you to cook outside without sweating too much. You won’t be struggling in a cloud of smoke as everything goes upwards allowing you to prepare food much easier.

  1. Playground effect

One of the first associations that we have when we mention backyards is free space. After that, a lot of people think about games.

Truth of the matter is that you should always have the ability to create a playground on your property. This way, if you’re stressed or just wish to have some fun, you can easily do it as you shoot some hoops.

Backyards are definitely an ideal space for games. Whether you add a Ping-Pong table for your kids or something else, it will definitely go a long way.

  1. Planting fruits and vegetables

With the recent global recession, many homeowners have turned to their own backyard as a source of food. This is to be expected as it is much cheaper to produce your own vegetables and fruits. Not only will you always have enough to feed your family, but you will also have some surplus. All that it costs you is some physical labor.

However, there is another good reason why you should do this. By planting your own, you can always be certain that the food is of the highest quality, unprocessed and organic.

So, if you need some exercise or you just wish to save some money, go and create a vegetable garden.

  1. Multimedia

It’s often said that our generation is highly dependent on technology. Unfortunately, this is true.

If you’re one of those people who cannot live without a TV, why don’t you bring it out outside?

By having a separate, isolated area you can always be certain that you’re breathing fresh air and enjoying nice weather. In the end, this is much better than staying inside.

What do you think about these tips? What kind of a modification would you add to your backyard? Share it in the comment section below!

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Time Is Money: 4 Simple Things Worth Buying to Save You a Ton of Time

Any expense requires time to pay it off. Many purchases do not return direct monetary value.

Of course, purchasing something like food has its own benefits, providing energy and nutrients so you can focus and be efficient. A super-comfy mattress could have a similar payoff by helping you sleep better and awaken well-rested.

These items may not be returning their investment directly, though their benefits are contributing to greater productivity and comfort, which can save time and consequently help make money.

Beyond the obvious, like a good diet and comfortable mattress, there are several things worth investing in that can save you a ton of time. They return their value quite well, especially for those in business:

Outsource Avenues

When done correctly, outsourcing provides high-quality results at a low cost. Many businesses would benefit greatly from outsourcing, though are apprehensive when budgeting for it. In reality, there are a number of areas where the differences between outsourcing and keeping it in-house are negligible, making the lower-cost option of outsourcing desirable.

  • Manufacturing — Perhaps the most common area for outsourcing, manufacturing makes sense, since creating a tangible good is often more dependent on machinery and instructions than actual workers. As such, outsourcing manufacturing to a lower-cost area in China can make sense, with many products costing 30 to 80 percent more to make in the U.S. Strive for a long-term relationship with a particular manufacturer to make this outsourcing process more efficient.
  • Tech Work — Web development and virtual assistance are also ripe with outsourcing opportunities. Technological knowledge is often universal, so as long as the outsourced rep can speak English, a similar service can be provided for a portion of the cost. Plus, VOIP now makes it so there’s no international calling barrier, making outsourcing technology work cheaper than in the past.
  • Graphic Design  — If a graphic, logo or layout looks good, it reflects well on your business, regardless of the country of origin. As a result, using platforms like Elance, Fiverr and 99 Designs can be a great way to acquire quality graphic design at a cheaper rate than working with a Stateside designers.

Outsourcing these three areas can result in the most savings compared to keeping these services inside the U.S.

Contact and Phone Lists

Compiling a list of relevant contacts for your business’ marketing campaign or general outreach can be dull, repetitive work requiring many hours. As a result, buying pre-compiled lead lists can be extremely beneficial and time-saving.

With such services, you can specify by area and audience, working alongside the broker to secure a list of contacts that are a great fit for your individual business.

Business Internet

For a small additional fee per month, business Internet can provide a wide array of benefits compared to residential Internet, which many small businesses are still using. With many ISPs, business Internet customers have their own 24/7 helpline and can have day-of service to resolve technical issues.

Business Internet packages also provide higher speeds, which — combined with superior service — makes it worth the cost.

Plants and Office Accessories

Mundane office and desk settings have been proven to elicit less productivity than a desk filled with color and personal keepsakes, providing a glimpse of great memories in the midst of hard work days. As such, don’t be wary of purchasing a plant, special lighting or other desk décor to make your workspace feel more homey.

It can be the difference between feeling burnt-out and turning in poor work and feeling fresh and ready to impress.

Since time is money, the four areas above are good places to invest for enhanced productivity and overall business results.

Some of them are small adjustments, like buying business Internet and office brighteners. Others, like department-specific outsourcing, can be bigger.

Regardless, they all share the quality of being well worth their price.

Image by Unsplash

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How To Obtain The Least Expensive Auto Insurance

The Importance of Comparison

However you source auto insurance, you’re going to need to facilitate comparison between disparate agencies in order to determine cost-effectiveness. Additionally, rates are going to differ based on a number of factors, but one thing which will usually be fairly standard across the board is prices for new drivers.

Cheap car insurance companies for new drivers can be found in almost every state, but you need a resource like, which allows those searching to get: “…real quotes from leading companies when…comparing car insurance quotes and rates online.”

Firstly, understand that new drivers will always pay more than seasoned drivers. By 25, someone is considered somewhat seasoned by insurance companies, but from the age of sixteen to the end of a young person’s twenties, insurance companies are going to require increased premiums. It makes sense from a business sense.

Younger drivers are going to have an increased propensity for accidents because they’re more inexperienced than older drivers. This is statistically true, insurance companies know as much, and they’d be crazy not to charge you more if you don’t have requisite experience behind the wheel.

Full Coverage, Or No?

With all that being said, though it makes good sense to get full coverage, you don’t have to. Think about where you’re at and where you’re going, and start shopping for insurance before you start shopping for a car. Your first vehicle shouldn’t be some expensive hot-rod. If you’re a parent, don’t get your 16-year-old that fine car.

It doesn’t matter how safe they are at driving, the likelihood is, they’re going to wreck. Maybe they’ll rear-end somebody, maybe they’ll get T-boned, but if they don’t cause an accident, they’ll be responsible for damages simply through ignorance of what to avoid when the situation is questionable.

So ideally, you want a vehicle that is cost-effective and well-built, not full of all the latest bells and whistles. A truck is a fairly good idea, compact cars can be death traps. But inculcate an attitude of safety in younger drivers that includes driving sober and always buckling up. Then budget a vehicle that isn’t over-expensive.

Granted, certain vehicles are going to get decreased insurance rates based on their pedigree, safety features, size, and other factors; but you want to assume a wreck is going to happen before the individual driving the car has had it for nine years. Did your first car last you from the age of sixteen to twenty-five? Perhaps it did, but it probably didn’t.

Bottom Dollar May Not Be The Best

Additionally, something to consider is that if you go with the wrong agency, you may require an insurance attorney just to attain your proper settlement. Make no mistake, an insurance company will back out of covering losses if they have any legal precedent. So sometimes you want to pay more just to avoid the potential legal hassle.

One final thing to think about is not considering the costs you must endure to drive legally from an insurance perspective, but considering how you may offset them. In this way, you can get the finest insurance, and not lose a penny.

Get the right car, and groups like will pay you to put a wrap on your car. What you earn could supplant the expense of insurance. Now, there are going to be limitations. Certain vehicles look terrible; they’re just not classy.

A vehicle that isn’t “classy” is less likely to be something you can get paid to transform into a billboard on wheels. But you may be surprised. So don’t forget the technology angle when shopping for insurance. You can go bottom-dollar, but if you’re savvy enough to offset costs, even young drivers can be fully protected cost-effectively.

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IT Outsourcing: 3 Reasons, Risks, and Rewards

When evaluating the possibility of outsourcing IT support services, businesses should consider the reasons, risks, and rewards. While the positives seem to outweigh the negatives, especially for small businesses concerned about costs, a critical eye is necessary to determine what will work best for your operations.

Reasons to Outsource IT Support

Companies cite a variety of reasons for deciding to outsource. Here are some of the top ones:

  1. Plan for Fixed and Reduced Operating Costs. Outsourcing IT support helps a business avoid paying for a full-time staff member and a team of support. Businesses also avoid auxiliary benefits such as health insurance, vacation time, and 401K payments as these don’t apply to outsourced companies.
  2. Remove Distractions from Primary Goals. When a company is new or still in the growth phase, the main focus should be growing your production or service delivery, not on IT issues. Managers who have their hands full can only oversee so much.
  3. Get Expert Knowledge with Minimal Cost. It is highly unlikely that you would be able to access the level of knowledge and capability of an IT support company if you were handling IT needs on your own or even hiring an employee. There are so many factors to successful IT implementation that even IT departments need to bring in consultants for special projects.

Risks to Outsourcing IT Support Services

Making the move to hand over data and equipment to an outside source can be harrowing. Business owners sometimes feel anxious thinking that they will no longer be in complete control. Nagging doubts like wondering if the right company was hired or worrying about how they will get along with other staff members can cause owners to question their decisions. When consider outsourcing, there are some potential risks.

  1. Not every IT issue is a simple fix. For the most part, IT Support companies can handle just about anything you throw at them, but every now and then, there is an IT issue that is complex and difficult. It is during these times you will be glad you selected a thorough partner who can manage such difficulties.
  2. Yes, you do have to give up some control. You are bringing in an outside vendor to handle confidential data. There is no way around that, so you need to absolutely feel comfortable with the provider you select. Make sure they are certified, reputable, and have positive reviews for their service.
  3. Some employees may be offended. IT is an area that some employees hope to “grow into.” While we appreciate their lofty goals, comprehensive IT support is not something that can typically be a one man or one woman operation with on-the-job guinea pig training.

The Rewards of Outsourcing

When you have done your due diligence, and have selected a high-quality company like an IT support vendor, Prosyn, you can feel confident of the rewards that are to come.

  1. High-level technology. An IT support provider helps you to maximize your dollars to provide the latest in technology and efficiency.
  2. The number one reason to outsource – cost savings. Reduced overhead and sound purchasing decisions will help your bottom line.
  3. Impressive IT team members. When you hire the experts in the IT field, you will continually be impressed by their service delivery and proactive nature to keep your business technology running smooth.
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Five Things To Do When You Visit A New Town Or City

Whether you’ve moved to a new town, you’re just visiting family out of state, or you’re on business or vacation travels when you find yourself spending a couple days in a new town or city you need to take some time to explore. Don’t regret not getting to do something fun just because you have one work meeting to attend in the two days you are there.

You might not like looking like a tourist, but many of these places likely thrive off tourism. That means your stroll through their city could be helping them bring in more money. Here are a few things to do so you can make your trip more memorable.

Look For Local Stores

Start by looking for the best locally owned places to do some shopping. You can go to Walmart anywhere, but five and dime stores are a unique feature of small towns, and you can’t find them everywhere anymore. This is a great place to get unique snacks, buy souvenirs, and get some postcards to mail to your friends and family.

Small art shops and other novelty shops, like antique stores, are also great places to check out. An antique store is kind of like a museum, but you can buy the stuff on display and take it home with you!

Visit The Parks

Take some time to visit a local park in the area you’re visiting. Whether it’s a big one or a small one, it will give you a little time to enjoy nature. Take a walk, swing on the swings, or take a few photos. Just enjoy the outdoors and the scenery. While every town does have a park, each of them is different in their own way.

Get To Know The Place’s History

Talk to the people you meet as you stroll around the time. Read historical markers. Maybe even do a little bit of research before you head out for a walk or a night on the town and take a moment to get to know what the place you’re visiting has to offer.

Go To The Museum

One great place to learn about a town or cities history is to visit the local museum. Stroll through and see what the past was like. Learn what famous people were born there or started their careers there. It can be really fun and you’ll find yourself full of lots of new and fun knowledge.

Find Out About Tourist Attractions

Find out what other attractions they offer. Maybe there’s an art gallery you can walk through, Maybe you’ll find out about historic buildings. Or, maybe you can go to the local amusement park or putt-putt golf.

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5 Techniques For Decoratively Altering Your Appearance

When it comes to decoratively altering your appearance, there are a huge number of options that you have. Some of the first considerations is you have to think of is whether you want to make these alterations permanent or temporary, and then beyond that, you have to think about the typical things like social or professional implications if these alterations are in a visible place.

As far as some of these techniques go, think about things like microblading, henna tattoos, permanent tattoos, piercings, or some of the more fringe body modifications that are available as services these days. All of these have different forms, functions, and costs associated with them.


One technique that is increasing in popularity lately is microblading.  If you haven’t heard of this technique before, it’s when you use semi-permanent ink and a tiny manual blade to create a semipermanent tattoo in different places like around your eyebrows for example. For people who have a particular use of long-term appearance solutions that are both subtle and professional, this is an extremely effective technique for getting a procedure done, and then only having to get it touched up every once in awhile after that to maintain the clean look.

Henna Tattoos

Another type of semipermanent tattoo that is often used in conjunction with more artistic pursuits is getting a henna tattoo. If you’re looking for a temporary way to decorate your hands or arms, for instance, you can get one of these done by an artistic individual, and it will gradually fade away over the next few days. Many people will get henna tattoos first to see if they want to move on to more permanent ink later.  if you don’t like how the henna looks after a week, then you may have prevented yourself from getting a tattoo that you don’t like, so the cost is definitely worth it to see.

Permanent Tattoos

Permanent tattoos tends to be in an arena of their own when it comes to decorating your body. It can be a very personal choice, and it can be a very emotional one when a person decides to get permanent ink put on their body. It almost separates cultures to a degree, with the people willing to make a decision that will be with them for the rest of their lives, and someone who is not interested in having that kind of permanence attached to them.


Another form of body decoration is going to be in the form of piercings. Whether it’s the more traditional getting your ears pierced, or the less traditional body piercings that occur elsewhere, having a professional pierce you and then put your choice of jewelry on can be a big deal when it comes to decoratively altering your appearance.

Body Modifications

Outside in the fringe elements of the decorative community, there are other body modifications that many people go through as well. These can be things as extreme as getting your tongue split, or they can be more subtle in the form of having certain implants added to specific parts of your body.

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Four Tips For Attracting More Local Customers

Even if your business strictly runs online there are still benefits to appealing to the local population where you live, especially for small businesses. Even if the only time your products leave your house (when not in a package to be mailed to its new owner) is to be sold at an art show, craft fair, or farmer’s market, you still need to let people know your local business exists.

Local customers are likely to buy from you, even in an online setting, simply because they want to put more money back into their own local economy. For that reason alone it makes complete sense to promote locally, in any and all ways possible.

Use Local SEO

If your business is mainly an online entity, you can reach more local people by using local SEO. What area is your business in, what city/town, what district? What state is your business in (some people will buy “local” statewide)? So your state is important. If you offer specific local services, talk about them using specific search terms.

Advertise Locally

Find local ways to advertise, which is actually pretty easy. Even though print media is still a slowly dying entity, people do still read the paper. Consider advertising in local print media, picking the papers and magazines that speak to the population you’re looking to reach.


Another great way to advertise locally is through flyers and business cards. When you’re attending a local event put out flyers for it. Have business cards on you at all times to hand out anytime your work comes up.

Make Your Social Media More Locally Charged

All businesses need what social media has to offer. It’s an essentially free, and easy, way to reach people all over the world, but you also want to use it to reach people in your local area. You can do that, first, by including your address on your business page, even if you don’t have a brick and mortar shop or an office where people can actually come in.

People tend to search out places local to them first when they’re looking to buy products or hire someone’s services. That’s why even internet only businesses need to show where they are on the map through their social media accounts.

Get A Local Presence

All of the above things will help make your local presence known, but you also want to get out there in other ways. If your city has any kind of business related expos or trade shows that fit your model it can pay to pay for a spot at one of them. You’ll get your name out to more individuals and even other businesses. Take business cards and logo merch with you to give away, and take your speaking voice with you so that you can tell everyone about all the great stuff your business can offer them.

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Five Things You Need To Do To Protect Your New Home

Before you’ve even completed the purchase of a new home, it’s required to have more smoke detectors, and also, there are other things you want to be doing to protect yourself. One of the first things a home hunter these days needs is a buyer’s agent on your side. They act on your behalf as a liaison between you and the seller, through the seller’s agent. They also make paperwork a lot easier to deal with.

With the mortgage fraud nightmares of 2009 may be over, you still want to do what you can to protect yourself from the possibility of fraud. Know your rights and know who can help you if those rights are infringed upon. Once you’ve purchased your new home, here are a few more things you will want to do to protect it.   

Get Homeowner’s Insurance

Unless you bought your home with cash you’re most likely required to have homeowner’s insurance. Even if you bought it with cash, you should still have your home insured, since it can protect you from many things, like losing everything you’ve invested in just because of a fire.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy will also be able to help you in determining what others things may be missing from our home. You may find you are required to have more smoke detectors than you have in order to be covered. Or, you may find that you’re required to also have an extinguisher and other safety items in the home.

Consider A Home Warranty

A home warranty on your newly purchased home could be a savior in disguise. These warranties may cost a few hundred dollars, but the right plan will cover a good deal of what could go wrong in your newly acquired house. You could get covered in case of plumbing and electrical problems, as well as for your furnace and water heater. An extended plan may even cover any appliances the previous owners left behind.

Generally, with this type of warranty you’ll pay someone to come out and check the item in question to see if it’s repairable or in need of replacement, and then whatever needs to be done will be covered under the warranty.

Have An Inspection Done

Usually, you’d get an inspection done before you buy a home so that you can work in a contingency if your inspector finds any issues. However, it’s not always a requirement, so you do have the option to bypass it. You shouldn’t, though.

Even if you couldn’t get in an inspection post-sale, get one done now. You never know what they might reveal, and even if it’s nothing bad they could help you find things that need to be fixed before something bad happens. They’ll notice hairline cracks in the foundations before it’s a problem, while you might not notice it until it’s a big crack or your home seems to shift.

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My Interview With Professional Photographer, Matthew David Parker

What Is It Like To Be A Professional Photographer?

In today’s fast-paced world, using technology to make a living has become almost second nature. We use our computers, phones, and even cars while we are at work. For a photographer, the camera plays the leading role. I have often wondered what it is like to look at the world through the camera lens, and even better, to then make money from the things you have seen. So, I contacted Matthew David Parker, a professional photographer, and asked him a few questions that would shed some light on the mysterious art of photography.

Q: What is your favorite camera that you like to use when you’re taking pictures?

A: I use a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR. Canon has always made my favorite cameras.

Q: What is your favorite city to visit to take photographs in it?

A: I have photographed many beautiful places, but if I had to pick a favorite, I would say Paris, France. There is something about the ambiance and the people that live there. It gives the photos an extra pop of dimension.

Q: Have you taken pictures of any celebrity?

A: Yes, though I do not like to boast about that sort of thing. I like to stay professional and part of that is mutual respect between you and your subject.

Q: Do you like taking pictures of landscapes?

A: Yes, I do. Landscapes are one of my favorite photos to take. It is very calming and serene. Nature is one of the best places to take photos because the beauty comes so naturally.

Q: What type of camera that you use when you take pictures of buildings?

A: I still use my Canon 5D, I take it with me everywhere I go because you never know when you might see something brilliant. I do have a lot of different lens for my camera though, so I would probably pick a lens that could capture the depth of the building.

Q: Have you ever won any awards for taking pictures?

A: Not yet, but I would be honored. I have had my work displayed in various public buildings, and in various publications. Having the opportunity to have my work seen by so many people is an award in itself.

Q: Would you like to take pictures of Jennifer Lopez and President Donald J. Trump?

A: Sure. As an artist, I am always looking for the next subject for my photos. I keep an open mind when it comes to the possible opportunities. It would be a dream to work with Jennifer Lopez, I have always enjoyed her music.

Q: What are your goals as a photographer?

A: My number one goal would be to be a photographer that travels the world. I want to take pictures of all types of countries and people.

Q: Would you like to be an author writing contributor for my website entitled money and technology?

A: Yes, I would like that. You just let me know when and where.

Q: How do you prepare to take photographs of the very famous people around the world?

A: To prepare I make a short list of ideas to start with. That way, the client has time to loosen up and get comfortable in front of the camera. It always takes a few minutes to get into the groove of things, so I try to start with the easier poses. I do not like to prepare too much though because once you are in the studio, all of that will change. Photography is a living, breathing art form, I do not want to stifle my creativity with lists. The one thing I MUST do before a session is to meditate the night before. Coming to work as relaxed as possible is the best way to prepare.

So there you have it, folks, straight from a professional photographer. It seems like a very glamorous life. Since the interview, I have taken up photography as my newest hobby. I bought a camera, which was much more affordable than I thought it would be. I don’t plan on becoming a professional like Matthew, but it definitely makes for a great hobby. Until next time.

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Nothing is Impossible

People may say that you are a dreamer. However, just because it is a dream does not mean it cannot become a reality tomorrow. Nothing is Impossible. If you believe in yourself, you can be a success in anything you want.

For some people, this is easy. They are confident in their abilities and will strive to make their dreams come true no matter what happens. For other people, this is hard. They are plagued by self doubt and negative influences. This hinders them from even considering the possibility of turning a dream into reality.

Nothing is impossible if you believe. That old saying, “If you believe it, you can achieve it,” says it all. You have to envision your goals. It does not matter if your goals are professional or personal. Belief and faith in yourself is key to erasing the word impossible from your vocabulary.

The first step to believing nothing is impossible if you choose to be a success. This might seem redundant to some people, but many times people are their only obstacle to gaining success. Being successful is a choice. You can wallow in self doubt or you can be optimistic. There is a lot a positive attitude can do to help you.

Nothing is impossible if you stop doubting yourself and your abilities. You can do this by listing your fears and attacking them. You have to become proactive and face your fears. What do you perceive as your shortcomings? Work to improve them. When you do this, you will increase your confidence. More confidence equals a more secure you. Therefore, you will stop doubting yourself and gain faith in your abilities to accomplish your dreams. This is crucial step to having obtaining a positive attitude.

Another way to remain optimistic during your journey is to let go of negative influences in your life, because nothing is impossible if you purge your life of negativity. Whether it is yourself or friends and family, you need to have positive influences in your life. If someone is bringing negative energy into your life, you should remove them from your life or try to change the relationship between the two of you. Unresolved issues can be the source of a lot of negativity. Just like your fears, you need to be proactive and resolve your issues. If you cannot, let go and seek out healthy relationships between yourself and the other people around you.

What does it mean to be proactive?

Nothing is impossible if you overcome procrastination. As Benjamin Franklin has said, “You may delay, but will not.” If you have a dream you, should You do not have to have your goal on your mind 24/7, but do not waste time keeping your goals in the dream phase. You need to actively work to move your dreams forward. Nothing can happen if you do not learn how to follow through on your dreams. Nothing comes from inaction. To avoid procrastination, you need to take immediate action and keep it consistent.

Therefore, nothing is impossible if you do your best. Your best is enough. You should do your best in everything that you do on a daily basis. This will prepare you for when you become a success. To do your best, you have to stretch your yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Do not box yourself into a bubble. Expand your horizons and your expectations. Also, you cannot do your best unless you are willing to stretch the amount of work you do and stretch your imagination.

Nothing is impossible if you put in the work. Imagination and dreams are free, but it will take some elbow grease to turn your dreams to reality. You cannot fully appreciate making the impossible possible without putting in hard work. You have to do your research. The more you know, the more you can achieve. For example, if you have a dream of opening your own restaurant, but you have never worked in a restaurant in your life. Get to work. You can go back to school to learn about running a restaurant and/or you can get hands on experience by obtaining a job at a similar restaurant.

Nothing is impossible when you do your research. This needs to be reiterated, because good research is the root to making a plausible plan. You cannot blindly rely on luck and circumstances. Let’s go back to the restaurant example. If you find out during your research that thousands of new restaurants fail within the first year, would you still be motivated to open a restaurant during these economic times? Do not get discouraged. Your goal is to make your research work for you. What are the main reasons the restaurants are failing? Is it because of the economy, bad customer service or poor management? You need to find all the problems people face when opening up a restaurant and find solutions to handle these problems. You need a plan A, B, C and sometimes D if you want to succeed.

Nothing is impossible when you are dedicated to a plan. The key to success is to make a logical plan and stick to it. It might need to be adapted along the way, but the foundation of the plan should remain the same. Your plan has to make the “impossible” possible. Do not get discouraged when you hit a stumbling block. You need to remain committed.

Nothing is impossible when you accept failure. This might sound absurd, but failures are a big part of your learning curve. Do not be stopped by your stumbles. You journey to success will be plagued by trials. A failure does not mean you have to throw out a white flag. Each stumble is a growing pain that allows you to grow. Failures prepare you for success.


This is a journey for you. It might be plaque with ups and down, but in the end, you want to be proud of what you accomplished. Knowing that you did your best and put in hard work makes the journey satisfying. Remember, Nothing is Impossible so get to work achieving what you believe.

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