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4 Best Apps For Self Care

When it comes to mobile apps, the benefits go past just being useful for convenience and organization. Applications have come so far that they can help us in virtually any category we can think of. From tuning instruments, to locating places via GPS, to even finding the love of our life online.

Our phones make practically anything possible. Even the act of self-care.  Our phones can be a great tool for improving ourselves and taking care of ourselves in ways that are incredibly valuable.  Here are some of the best apps for self-care that you can find on your phone.

My Fitness Pal

This application is a great tool for those who want to track their diet and fitness habits.  Knowledge is power, and with this application you have total visibility of the grand scheme of things.

First and foremost, the calorie calculator is a great way to keep track of everything you eat through the day by entering meals that you eat.  The app has an enormous database of practically any food that you can think of which makes it only a few clicks to accurately add up anything that you eat.

Not only that, you can input any exercise that you have done, which will let you know if you are in a caloric deficit, making weight loss and weight maintenance perfectly simple!


They say that everybody needs friends to feel happy and a sense of belonging.  Since not everyone can be around all of the time, Facebook is a great way to feel surrounded by the people that you love even if they might be across the world.

This application allows you to see a display photos of the people that you love and interact.  You can preserve old relationships and build new ones. This extra boost of communication in our daily lives can make us feel much more connected to others around us.

Hypnosis Apps

There are a variety of applications which promise hypnosis that can train our minds to break old habits, form new patterns, or simply shift our way of thinking to a more constructive and positive state.

While actual hypnotherapy sessions cost hundreds, these applications can produce the same results for a fraction of the price. Simply download the hypnosis of your choice and play it while you are meditating or when you sleep at night.


The Fitbit applications syncs with your Fitbit device and tracks your daily activity keeping you motivated to move more and creating healthy competition with other friends who are also using the application for motivated fitness.

It can sync with your MyFitnessPal application and accurately count any extra calories earned due to exercise.

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