The Internet And Your Money: Credit Cards And Beyond

Once upon a time, you had to get in your vehicle and drive to the bank, or at least call them up on the phone, in order to double check your bank register or make sure a recent deposit actually went in. You’d get some papers in the mail each month, your bank statement, and if there was an issue you spent time on hold waiting to deal with it.

You even applied for credit cards with a sheet of paper, and then had to wait each month to get your statement in the mail before knowing how much money you had left on those cards (unless you called to check). But now technology has made money management so much easier. In fact, you never even need to leave your house.

Applying For Credit Cards

You can apply for a credit card online now. You can even easily search for the right card for you, no matter your employment status (employed or self-employed) and no matter your credit (good or bad).

The key to successfully applying for a credit card is to find one that fits where you are right now. Don’t just apply for the first credit card that pops up in an ad online, do a little research to find one that is made for your credit rating and that has the right APR for you. If you’re more careful when applying you’ll get turned down far less.

Paying Your Bills

The internet has made it much easier to pay your bills now as well. Instead of writing out checks (who even needs those anymore) and dropping them in the mail to wait a week for your payment to even be received, you can get online and make instant payments from your bank account, credit card, or even Paypal. You can even set up automatic payments so you don’t have to do anything but subtract the amount from your checking account register.

Getting Loans

The internet has also made it easier to search for a loan. You can find the best mortgage or personal loan for your needs right online, without a trip to the bank. If you have a printer that also works as a scanner, you can even do all of your applying right online and get approval by email.

Tracking Your Funds

With mobile banking, you can easily check to see where your funds are at or keep up to date with your deposits. You don’t even have to be sitting at a computer. Find out if your bank or credit union has a mobile app and use it.

With computers and smartphones, you will definitely use less paper, leaving less of a paper trail (which could be good or bad) when it comes to your money. It definitely does make keeping track of your money easier, though.