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The American Habit Of Spending

Americans are spenders, and even those that don’t have much money for spending sometimes spend far more than they need to be spending. You spend a lot on housing, insurance, and even transportation. On top of that, there is spending on entertainment, food, and so much more.

The cost of the things you need is not cheap, and then there are all of those things that you want. The habit of spending in America has lead many people into debt issues, which has brought on the need for debt relief programs (a good way to avoid bankruptcy is to get help dealing with your debt and paying things off). Debt creates bad credit, which can make spending even more difficult (and raise interest rates) for some.

Things You Need

Spending on your needs is a must. Some needs are basic, like food and housing. Some needs are required, like having health insurance or car insurance if you don’t want to get fined. Food and housing can be really expensive, depending on your dietary needs and where you live.

Living in the big city may mean spending more money on rent. No matter where you live in a state you’re probably paying around the same amount for utilities, depending on your chosen company. As far as food goes, it may cost less to buy boxed foods but they cost you more in healthcare when your blood pressure goes out of control because of all of the sodium you’re consuming.

If you have a major dietary issue, like needing gluten-free foods, you’re going to pay even more money for your food. A loaf of gluten-free bed, while half the size of a normal loaf of bread, can cost twice as much (or more) than it’s gluten-filled counterpart. The more fruits and vegetables you eat, the less money you’ll spend at the doctors, but many people prefer a fast food diet (which is a leading cause of obesity in America).

Things You Want

Did you know that you could watch a movie at home for far less than the cost of going to the theater to see a movie? With regular theater tickets costing at least ten dollars, and a bucket of popcorn with a soda costing more than that, a family trip to the movies could cost one-hundred dollars, easily. That hundred dollars could have gotten you a movie collection to watch at home over and over again.

Where you’re spending your money when it comes to wants and entertainment items may say a lot about you. Some people dispose of money easily on things like concerts and movies, that leave them with nothing to really show for the money they spent.

If you are a more creative person, you may spend your play money on things that can actually enrich your life. Maybe buy books that you can read and use to learn something new. Or, buy some art or craft supplies and make something amazing with them.

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