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5 Best Strategies to Build Customers Faith for your E-commerce Website 

E-commerce business today is like frenzy for all! But with this, it often becomes difficult for a new E-commerce company to expand its toehold in the marketplace and it is also moreover tougher because of the growing competition. Next challenge boils down to gain trustworthiness of all your potential customers who are interacting with you regularly for their inventory and products online and offline both. A lot many people love to shop online and feel that it is one of the most convenient and speedy methods of shopping, but surprisingly they become a bit vacillated to buy from an alien online store.

So when you are all set to sell or buy your products and services online by creating a good user-friendly E-commerce website with a finely tuned checkout process but you don’t possess the kind of conversion rate you wish to endure and your shopping cart desertion has now become a continuing problem. Voila! Here trust can be the main reason or a drifting factor for the non-trust of your customers on your online store. SO what shall be done? How an E-commerce website can build or gain its customers trust? Whilst this notion can have a plethora of complex and complicated reasons, but the one which can’t be ignored is the security of the customer’s data and all the important information that the customer offer or give to your online store while shopping.

To simply put if the E-commerce store can keep the customer’s data safe all through the buying process, from browsing the store to tracking the order status post purchasing then they will certainly gain their customer’s trust and will have a great business. Hurray!  The escalating occurrence of phishing scams, malware, and just an unadorned slapdash customer service makes consumers cagey with their clicks– which mean that faith indicators on your online store are more important than ever before. Let’s have a sneak peak of 5 major strategies for customers to trust your E-commerce website.

* Formulate it personally

* Show off your security credentials

* It should look professional

* Demonstrate that others trust you

* Tone down customers risks

Let’s understand all one by one!

Formulate it personally

See it’s always a people to people thing right! It is difficult for people to trust pages or websites. They obviously trust people! So it’s essential that your online store has a human factor to it.  One way or another, you must illustrate your present your potential customers with the faces and names. It means include about us page, email address, pictures, in all make it real for your customers to know you to build trust.

Another layer of personal touch can be added to your online store through the email addresses for any direct support queries for your customers. Using a hi@ or hello@ email name can also aid shoppers to feel like they’re in reality getting more personal experience, as opposite to the nonspecific and boring info@ or inquiries@ email addresses.

Show of your security credentials

E-commerce business is one of the most vulnerable businesses in terms of hacking attacks and frauds, considering these strict security provisions are mandatory to implement so that all the confidential information of your customers is in safe hands. Moreover, in order to be reliable any payment transaction on your online site must be risk-free, this means working with plausible payment providers such as PayPal or Stripe is essential, but that’s not the only actionable step. Apart from your bank-vault security, your website shall have a rocking redirect to the SSL certificate. This means let’s encrypt the information to make it more secure from hack attacks. For example, Shopify has rolled out the entire website to SSL certificate. It is recommended to go for GeoTrust SSL certificate as this will ensure green padlock in the address bar by offering security lock-sign for your customers to have incremented faith in you.

It should look professional

Showing your customers that you are the real company is important for your customers to believe in you.  It directly indicates that your E-commerce website should be well-designed and highly professional in the template, navigation, and other important parameters. For example – a fully created contact us page, a well-developed registration page, perfectly created and well-thought terms and conditions page, decently fabricated customer service page, FAQs page and more .. All these are not the big thing for a website but it is indeed a trust parameter for your customers who hop on your E-commerce website for shopping. Please remember the more your website is user-friendly and open to your customers more will be your business and your online shopper will be the most satisfied one.

Demonstrate that others trust you

Your customer is the king for you! So to convince them appropriately your business shall have real-time testimonials and reviews from your esteemed customers and clients. Text testimonials are a great to let your prospective customers believe in you. Additionally, a YouTube testimonial

recently has been also a great support for the E-commerce websites. Video testimonials are highly effective for marketing and building trust among online shoppers. On the other hand, positive press releases on the news section of your company will also be a cherry on the cake for your visitors coming on your websites. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to be featured on a renowned print media then flaunt the same on your homepage with the press release and the logo of the media channel, this will give an immediate boost of trust and faith in the eyes of your customers.

Tone down customers risks

Think what is the biggest risk for your potential online shopper? It can be that they don’t like the product or they get stuck between the checkout processes, or they might have serious concerns about shipping and money return policy and they might bother about terms and conditions and return policies. So what shall be done for this… Make your E-commerce website credible by putting the conditions upfront, like – tell them orders more than $50 will be charged on shipping or the products can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of the purchase date. Things like these will get your customers in confidence of buying something from your website. Just ensure low-risk buying experience for your potential customers.

In the nutshell, all the above 5 strategies are prudent to make your E-commerce website shelled enough so that no intruder can deter your security, in turn, making your customers satisfied and secured while they do shopping. We also hope that these tips will help in building your potential customers’ trust to have brilliant shopping experience.

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