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Day: March 23, 2017

Are You Prepared To Travel Around The Famous Land of Morning Calm?

It’s up to you to take the first step and see what’s more in this beautiful planet. If you are already thinking about looking for a perfect place to tour, why not go to the place you dreamed a long time ago? But if you still can’t think of any, I might as well recommend the best place that I visited – South Korea!

South Korea is in East Asia, in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. South Korea is a different country that both tourists and adventurers can enjoy. It is a place that has a lot of breathtaking sights, which includes industrialized cities, urban areas, and rural areas.

The astounding sites you shouldn’t miss

I love the high-tech and industrialized cities of South Korea like Seoul, Incheon, and Busan. Seoul is the capital of South Korea where you can find the famous N Seoul Tower and Gyeongbokgung Palace. Incheon is where you can find the main airport in South Korea.

Urban areas in South Korea are fascinating but what captured my heart are its coastal fishing villages and sub-tropical islands. One of my favorites is Jeju Island. This place is super spectacular!

When I first set foot on Jeju Island, it seemed like I never wanted to leave that place anymore. Cooling, fresh air can be felt, and breathtaking scenes are all over the place. I’m sure you will also admire Jeju Island especially when you see Seongsan Ilchulbong, a volcanic tuff cone also called “Sunrise Peak” with its crater formed by hydrovolcanic eruptions.

There are still a lot of picturesque sightings in South Korea like Upo Wetlands, South Korea’s largest natural swamp. Samhwasa, which was a beautiful point of inspiration for poets and painters. Cheonjiyeon Falls is another example. Koreans believed it as the connection between heaven and the land just because seven gods descended from the sky to bathe in the pond.

There are also a lot of villages from different dynasties that are still being preserved up to this day. Andong Hahoe Village is South Korea’s most famous folk village and birthplace of the Yu clan. Derangee Village is where the nation gets most of its natural resources such as crabs.

Open yourself up to new tastes

Of course, traveling won’t be completed just by walking to different destinations. You should also give the country’s best cuisine a try.

I’ve tried eating different cuisines from various countries but what I love most about Korean cuisine is the uniqueness in the seasoning. Aside from the seasoning, I also enjoyed the serving of seven to nine dishes in a typical Korean table setting.

Korean’s basic everyday meal is a bowl of white rice, soybean paste vegetable soup, a plate of Kimchi and other side dishes like seasoned vegetables, meat, and fish. Aside from the basic Korean food, you can also enjoy the country’s exotic cuisines like its famous Sannakji, a live Octopus. I’ve tried it already, and even though it’s very weird and a challenge to eat, I still found it quite tasty.

Preparation is a must!

Destinations and the food are all set, but before getting into these things, we need to prepare first. And we should always keep in mind the things that we’ll likely need for our travels. Here are ten quick and easy travel tips you should consider.

Make a list of items you need to pack. I write down the things I need to bring to ensure I won’t forget anything.

If you are tech-savvy, make sure to bring an extra battery for your camera and phones or pack a reliable power bank. You wouldn’t want to miss every single scenery, right?

If you’re packing for clothes, just bring those you need, enough for the days that you will be traveling.

1. Make sure to pack jackets, sweaters, beanie, and scarf if you’re going to Korea. These are a must! I’m sure you don’t want to freeze along the street while heading to N Seoul Tower.

2. Choose luggage rather than a backpack. Bringing luggage will make you more comfortable while a pack might only give you a backache.

3. If you prefer adventures, like hiking and camping, you should prepare your camping equipment and include it on your list. And if you need an off-road ride, you might want to check Darwin4wdhire for the best equipment.

4. It is also important to bring a handy first aid kit. You won’t have any idea when you will be injured while walking the streets of Seoul. Your first aid kit should include painkillers, decongestant, and even bandages.

5. Wear comfortable shoes. It will help you walk and tour around the place. For me, I always wear my tennis shoes. I don’t care if I look weird, I only care about being comfortable.

6. At least learn how to speak some common phrases of the country’s language. Like saying “Thank you,” “Please” and “I’m Sorry.” As for me, I like to say “Saranghaeyo” in Korean, which means “I love you.”

7. Your passport should be on top of your list. Never forget this! You might forget everything on the list but not your passport. Of course, you cannot go anywhere without this. Everything will still be useless.

These travel tips are just some guides on some important things for you to keep in mind before getting into the cab and going to the airport. All the preparations will still be up to you.

Traveling to a different country might cost you a lot of money, but it is a once in a lifetime experience you can reward yourself. Give yourself the chance to breathe and enjoy things without thinking of anything else. You deserve some adventure after all!

For me, I travel because I can and I want to. It is one of my dreams to tour the world. I decided to take the first step and went to South Korea, which is the top destination that I want to visit.


South Korea is just one of the best countries to visit. There are still a lot of places around the globe that are worth the miles and effort. In traveling, it helps to learn new languages. It gives you a different perspective on the country’s culture, and it gives you the satisfaction that you can reach your goal to see the world. Just make sure to prepare ahead of time and manage everything so that all you have to do is enjoy your travel.

About The Author

Williams A. Young is an expert mechanical engineer by profession but a camping and car enthusiast by heart. Despite of his hectic schedule, he always finds time to go to the woods and light a campfire. During his leisure time, he writes in behalf of Darwin4wdhire about the latest car models and its features and also about his recent camping experiences.

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As competition heats up, can e-textiles take the next step towards the mass market?

The electronic industry is in the midst of a major paradigm shift: novel form factors are emerging, ranging from the introduction of limited stretchability, through to ultra-elastic and conformable electronics. This transfiguration has been in the making for more than a decade now, but it is only now that it is beginning to make a substantial commercial impact.

Indeed the IDTechEx Research report, Stretchable Electronics 2017-2027, predicts that stretchable electronics will become a $600m market by 2027. This report provides everything you need to know about the emerging and expanding menu of stretchable materials/components, suppliers and applications.

Stretchable electronics: root-and-branch disruption

This shift goes beyond the traditional incremental technology development along well-established industry lines. Instead, it seeks to create new functions, new applications, and new users. As such, this technology frontier currently only has vague figures-of-merit and limited insight on customer needs.

Indeed, many opponents have long argued that this entire class of emerging materials/components is a classic case of technology-push: a solution looking for a problem. This view may have been justified in the early days, but we now see this trend as an essential step towards the inevitable endgame of new electronics: structural electronics.

Structural electronics is a disruptive megatrend that will transform traditional electronics from being components-in-a-box into truly invisible electronics that are part of the structure of the world around us. This is a major long-term shift that will lead to a root-and-branch change of the electronic industry, including its value chain, its materials, and its components.

Technology space stretches from the academic to mature

Stretchable and conformable electronics is giving shape to this megatrend. Indeed, the material and components menu for stretchable electronic is already very extensive: it includes basic and comparatively more mature technologies such as inks, transparent conductive films, and sensors, but also more complex devices such as transistors, batteries, energy harvesters, displays and so on.

The report, Stretchable Electronics 2017-2027, provides you with everything you need to know about this ever-expanding materials/components set. It gives a critical assessment of all the technologies including stretch sensors; ink-, yarn-, or wire-based stretchable interconnects; in-mold electronic inks and transparent conductive films; stretchable batteries, energy harvesters, displays, logic and more.

Application space stretches from the ultra-niche to high-volume

The contours of the application space are also now emerging. Electronic textile products with conductive inks and polymers have already been commercially launched and a maturing industry will lead to increased volumes with more competitive pricing in the coming years.

In-mold electronics (IME) products are in the final stages of qualification for high-volume whitegoods and automotive applications. Indeed, we expect notable commercial launches for IME products in 2017 after years of on-and-off starts. Here, stretchable conductive inks will be the first to reach the markets but the industry is already expanding its toolkit to include IME-compatible transparent conductive film (carbon nanotubes, metal mesh, PEDOT, silver nanowires, etc.) and sensors/actuators.

Ten-year market projections split by materials/components. Please contact us for the exact values.

Source: Stretchable Electronics 2017-2027 (IDTechEx Research)

Some stretch sensor technologies have been in the semi-commercial mode of years, changing hands multiple times, yet continue to get closer to commercialization. Accumulated industry experience means that suppliers are finding hard-to-identify industrial applications, whilst solving the challenges that hampered success in more visible high-profile applications.

Flexible PCB manufacturers are also busy perfecting their process to create stretchable boards following either the rigid-island-flexible-connector or ultra-thinning approaches. The challenge is to increase throughput without compromising yield or high-temperature compatibility. In the long-term these manufacturers have their sights set on creating an enabling platform, whilst in the short term they are working with partners on applications such as skin patches or fully conformable wearable devices.

This ship is sailing

This emerging technology frontier represents an exciting opportunity for commercial R&D and innovation. The technology readiness is often past academic research but the industry generally remains in a state of flux: the customer needs are poorly known, the figures-of-merits barely established, and no dominant technology yet exists in any space.

This ship is however beginning to sail now. Indeed, we anticipate that in many cases the winners will emerge within the next 3-5 years. This is why companies now need to urgently establish a closer collaboration between their commercial and research units, and should follow a strategy for going shallow but broad, touching upon as many nascent application spaces as their bandwidth allows them to garner feedback, offer customized solutions, and fine-tune their research direction.


About IDTechEx

IDTechEx guides your strategic business decisions through its Research and Events services, helping you profit from emerging technologies. We provide independent research, business intelligence and advice to companies across the value chain based on research activities and methodologies which provide data sought by business leaders, strategists and technology scouts to aid their critical business decisions. To discuss your needs please contact us at or see

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