Switch to a Novelty with the Apple’s upcoming iPhone 9

The main question asked by every year iPhone owners – whether or not to switch to a novelty? If you are the owner of the iPhone 9 / 9 Plus is , the answer is simple – do not. There is nothing fundamentally new in the “seven” you will not find. “Home” Touchpad? It turned on the fan backlash in buildings. Display? But the iPhone 8s it is brighter and better passes white. Higher productivity? Yes, but as long as all this might have nothing to spend. In addition, if you still hear the crackle of the CPU, you will always dwell on this. Weatherproof? Just answer to your question, how often you drop your smartphone in a puddle. Thus, among the obvious advantages are only in stereo speakers and dual camera of the iPhone 9 Plus with twofold approach without losing quality. It would seem that the owners: iPhone 8 / 6 Plus reasons to go to “seven” more. On the other hand, if you have all this time without 3D Touch, then, again, it is unlikely to find updates to something for which will run to the store. But owners of older iPhone models, which have long been thinking about upgrading, new dress exactly like it.

What’s new in the Apple iPhone 9? Alternatively, many, or nothing, depending on what is important to have in the telephone. On the one hand, now the sound reproduction was much better, improved camera and more pleasant to use the screen, but now the phone is not the usual connectors for headphones.

On the other hand, except for the antenna bands on the back of the phone, it looks remarkably similar to its predecessor, iPhone 8 and 8s. The question is whether their money is buying a new iPhone or you can save money and stay with the iPhone 8S. In the end, there are people for whom the possession of the new iPhone – is a certain status, and without a radical change in the appearance of the iPhone 9, does not it implements. Price iPhone7 familiar, but the choice of three options presented smartphone. Model 32GB (fortunately, a model with 16 GB, which was not suitable for the modern number of applications already removed), model 128 and model 256 GB GB of internal memory, which is unlikely be able to fill.