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Zeqr Review

Now more than ever, access to knowledge is in high demand. Zeqr is a global knowledge hub that helps you turn your expertise into income. Offer classes on almost any topic on a real-time basis to earn revenue. Read on for my review.

What is Zeqr?

Zeqr describes itself as “a new global knowledge sharing marketplace that connects like-minded people who seek to impart knowledge (Xperts) and those who are eager to become better informed (Zeqrs).” By making knowledge more easily accessible, this innovative platform has the potential to change how people from all over the world exchange information and might pave the way to a more informed, connected world.

Zeqr is the only platform that will allow you to deliver your knowledge via peer-to-peer, live video sessions. This real-time exchange of knowledge is ideal in its similarity to in-person classes, allowing flexibility for Xperts and deeper, more individualized learning for Zeqrs.

What does setting up a class look like?

To set up your Zeqr account, start at and click Register in the top right. Zeqr offers quick registration through Facebook or Linkedin, which I found helpful.

Once you’re ready to create a class, click Xperts and then click Post a Class. You’ll need to decide on the class title, the language you’ll deliver it in, the category and subcategory it belongs to, and a short description. Optionally, you can add a 2 minute preview video to further explain what the class will be about, or to highlight your skills as a professional. I appreciated that Zeqr provides some insightful ideas for what to talk about in your video, such as “how will zeqrs be able to apply what they’ve learned in real life?”

To finish the setup process, fill in your level of expertise on your class’s topic (Novice, Intermediate or Advanced) and decide on details, like how much your class will cost per participant per hour (a minimum of $10), how many participants can attend at one time (a maximum of 8), and the duration of a single class. In addition, you can choose to pay a small fee ($10) to feature your class as a top search result.

At the end of the class creation page, clicking Advanced Options will allow you to upload class materials, like study guides or reading material, and training files, like worksheets. You can also decide whether you’ll teach the class on a flexible or fixed schedule.

When you’re finished setting up your class, you can publish it to the Marketplace immediately, or leave it unpublished and come back to it later. On the Dashboard, use the Availability Settings tab to choose your available days and times.

I found the class setup process to be simple and straightforward. Zeqr accompanies each step with helpful instructions and tips.

Great, but how can I earn revenue?

On Zeqr, you can decide how much participants will pay for your classes. If you’re an expert in a topic, or if you just have enlightening information or advice to share, you can certainly develop your Zeqr classes into a new source of income.

In addition, Zeqr offers a referral URL for all users. When someone signs up through you referral link, you’ll earn 50% of the revenue from the commissions Zeqr gets on the classes and jobs that are hosted or participated in by that person.

My recommendation

Since Zeqr offers real-time, peer-to-peer classes, there isn’t another platform like it out there. Xperts have plenty of flexibility to offer their classes when and how they like, making it ideal for anyone with expertise who wants to develop a new source of income. The site is surprisingly simple to use, with helpful tips every step of the way.

I recommend trying Zeqr to anyone who loves inspiring people to learn and wants to earn money doing it. To start sharing your knowledge, visit and register!


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