High-Tech Golf Tools To Improve Your Game

We all work hard for our money, and we all hope that it gets spent well.  After all the hard work in the office, it is a common happening to find many professionals working the golf course.  The swing of the driver, the smack of the ball, and the fresh smell of the course bring joy to the hearts of many weary and hardworking professionals every day.

For golf enthusiasts,  the newest and most high-tech equipment is a must.  Check out what is new in golf this season, and take a look at this short overview of some of the most fashionable and functional pieces of gear.

GPS Rangefinders

The Cadillac of GPS rangefinders on the golf course is the Leupold RX-600i.  It is a very well-made device that is extremely rugged and durable.  It is also waterproof, so no worries when it gets dropped in the course pond.

The device utilizes infrared technology to accurately pinpoint any distance on the course up to around 500 yards.  It has been tested by golfers and found to be extremely accurate. This fancy device will run around $250 retail.

GolfSense Clip

GolfSense is a small device that clips onto the outside of the athlete’s gloves and digitally analyzes every part of their swing.  It connects to an Apple or Android device, and the GolfSense will produce a full rendering of every swing recorded.

Utilize the abilities of this tiny addition to perfect even the messiest of swings. Competitor devices do not produce such a clear rendering, and the price is not too inflated.

Nike TW’14 Golf Shoes

Without a firm and sure footing, no golfer is very efficient.  Precision is essential in the game of golf, and the shoes an athlete chooses are the foundation of their game.  The outsole of these shoes is designed to conform to the athlete’s foot as they take a shot, keeping contact with the ground for a longer duration.

TaylorMade R1 Driver

Though this driver will cost around $400, consider these aspects.  The R1 driver is fully adjustable in three ways (face, loft, and shape), giving it the usefulness of three different clubs.  If a person’s shot is typically equipped with a slight draw to the left, this is the club to fix it.

Oakley Thump Pros

Listen to a favorite’s list while putting the green while protecting those sensitive eyes from the sun with Oakley’s Thump Pros.  These are no regular sunglasses.  These Oakleys have adjustable ear buds attached to the arms of the shades.  There are no wires to get in the way of the perfect swing.

Radar Golf System

The Radar Golf System will cost golfers around $200, but it is worth the investment in balls. This system provides tiny sensors that are built into the USGA-conforming golf balls. The sensors allow users to track the exact location of each and every ball they smack. Stop spending money on replacement balls, and invest in the Radar Golf System.