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Must-have Essential Smart Office Tech in 2017

The 2017 smart office looks different than any other previous year. A genuinely smart office involves more than just technology at the office. If an office manager wants a smart office, he or she must provide new technology for the office and home. Many of the at-home technology items an office manager would not purchase, but giving a bonus for the employee to purchase could improve work efficiency. At home technology, would include:

Beddit Sleep Tracker

* This device allows a user to sleep smarter by informing the sleeper the time when REM sleep is the most effective. Sleeping smarter will give the employee brain energy to work smarter and not harder.

Casper Mattress

* This mattress is more than just an ordinary mattress. It comes with pillows, sheets, and personalized bedding for the sleeper. The mattress analyzes the sleeper’s needs and desires and then adjusts for those needs and wants. Quality sleep is one of the keys for quality work.

Behmor WiFi Coffee Machine

* A unique coffee machine which allows the employee to regulate the amount of caffeine consumed. This gadget will increase production in and out of the office.


* This technology turns any car into a smart car. Employees will no longer have an excuse to be late to work.

The at-home products will increase work efficiency before the employee even gets to work. To create a smart office in 2017, the following are essential must-haves:

iRobot Braava

* This vacuum will save time and energy at the office. It cleans and polishes the tile, wood, and solid linoleum surfaces. It does the cleaning, so the employees can continue working with clients.

Kevo 2

* These locks connect with Bluetooth and will keep the office secure. Online and offline data needs to be protected, and these advanced locks can do the job.


* In today’s world, cloud sharing services are the norm. This cloud storage service offers a multitude of terabytes to meet every business need. This cloud service is Google’s newest and greatest competition.

Logitech Base Charging Station

* The next time an employee’s battery is dead have him or her charge it using this innovative charging station. The employee will still make the online meeting with this station’s quick charging system. Its beautiful design and custom options can service anyone’s needs.

If a business is wanting to engage with online sales, some of the following are essential must-haves:


* This platform is a vital part of making an online business successful. It is ideal for online courses, selling items, or finding content for a company’s website. Kajabi can be adjusted to fit any business’s needs.


* ClearVoice identifies trending topics and content and then creates content for a business that matches the trends. The writers at ClearVoice allows you to set and forget the platform.


* SpyFu tracks trends and then finds their origins. It also shows a company’s top competitors. SpyFu helps make a company trendy in today’s market.


* A sales funnel helps engage new customers by letting them discover products, not on their list. This system invites the customer to join the email system and other features that will increase online sales for the company.


* Facebook Ads are a snap with this software, and Facebook Ads will reach more customers.


* IFTTT organizes social media, music, smart home toggles, news apps, and much more in applets. These applets allow these services to work in tandem to make advertising a one step process.

It is critical to work smarter not harder into today’s market. An employer can help increase efficiency with new technology at home and in the work place.

Author Bio: Veronica is an enthusiastic blogger that writes for Expert Product Reviewer. There, she reviews entire categories of products and not individual models in order to offer you a complete picture of all options available on the market. Her mission is to provide the readers with comprehensive and trustworthy opinions to help them make the perfect buying decision.

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