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Month: March 2017

Relax Boomer Parents; Millennials May Be More Financially Savvy Than You Realize

Millennials came of age at a time when the job market was weak and their student-loan debt was high.Such a dreary combination did not bode well for a rosy financial future.

But could it be, when all is said and done, that millennials will prove to be just as financially savvy as their baby boomer parents?

Many millennials definitely have traits and experiences that could serve them well when it comes to planning their finances,” says Dennis Notchick, an Investment Advisor and Certified Financial Planner with Safeguard Investment Advisory Group (

Just to give you one example, many millennials are good about creating budgets. That’s a good habit to have because keeping track of your monthly expenses helps you do a better job of planning and saving.”

Millennials have become the largest segment of the adult population, and a Deloitte study reports they are expected to grow their wealth significantly in the next several years, at least in part because they are heading into their prime-earning years. (The oldest millennials are in their mid-30s.)

The fact they grew up in a time of fast-developing technology and are quick to adapt to the changes also gives them an advantage, Notchick says. In the financial-investing world, new technology now provides for an instant snapshot of an investment or an entire estate on an app on their phone, and that’s a domain they are comfortable working within.

Based on his experience, Notchick says other ways many millennials may fare well in the world of finance include.

• Millennials are proactive when they need advice.

Millennials brim with confidence when it comes to money, with 84 percent saying they are confident about their ability to handle their finances, according to a Bank of America/USA Today survey. But as confident as they are, they realize there are some things they just don’t know or simply can’t learn through a Google search, Notchick says. Millennials also are willing to listen to their boomer parents when it comes to financial advice. One study showed that 65 percent of millennials believe their parents provided a good example of how to have a successful financial future. They also realize that there is a cost to doing nothing and also a potential risk.

• Millennials change with the times.

Millennials adapt easily to change and new ideas, whereas a majority of boomers are slower to adapt as the world, and the markets, evolve.  “What worked in the past may not work in the future, and the markets we are in right now are not the markets of the 80s and 90s,” Notchick says. On the other hand, boomers do have the advantage of experience, right or wrong, and one thing their experience has taught them is that it’s always important to keep learning.

• Millennials take a different route with retirement savings.

While boomers were encouraged to contribute to a 401(k) or an IRA, millennials are increasingly looking towards Roth IRAs, Roth 401(k)s, S Corporations and a certain type of life insurance, Notchick says. They see the giant tax liability that awaits retirees who used those traditional tax-deferred accounts, and they want to avoid it. They prefer to pay their taxes now so they can withdraw the money tax free in retirement.

“Because of the size of their generation, millennials are going to have a major impact on the economy and on investing in the coming years,” Notchick says. “Don’t sell them short because many of them are very much up to the challenge.”

About Dennis Notchick

Dennis Notchick, CFP is a Registered Investment Advisor Representative and Certified Financial Planner with Safeguard Investment Advisory Group ( in San Diego, Calif. He has nearly a decade of experience as a financial professional, and holds Series 3, 7, and 63 and 65 Securities Licenses and a California Life/Health Insurance License. Notchick has a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from California State University Northridge.

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The Best Alternatives to Working from Home

For many, working from home offers optimal comfort and a secluded space to get work done. Though, when you are an entrepreneur or freelancer and working from home is your norm, sometimes you need an alternative space to work for when you need to escape the home office. With the amount of technology & products that we have at our disposal, it is possible to run a business from remote locations. Luckily today there are numerous options available. From visiting the local cafe to joining a shared office space, an alternative office space exists to fit your needs.

The Local Cafe

With free wifi, places like Starbucks or your local coffee house offer a great remote working location. The noise can be a welcome sound when you need a break from the silence of your home office and being among the buzz can help with working from home isolation. Manage your to-do lists, answer emails, write, etc. all from the comfort of the numerous tables or seating options. Another perk? Easy caffeine refills.

The Local Library

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery. If you are still looking for a quiet place to work but need a break from your home office, consider going to the local library. Most libraries have large tables and Wi-Fi and allow you to linger for hours. They can provide a great space when you really need to focus and need minimal distractions. Just be sure to check their opening and closing hours and find a space with good lighting.

Co-Working Spaces

Increasingly popular in large cities, co-working spaces have significant benefits. Co-working spaces are defined as membership-based workspaces where diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals work together in a shared, communal setting. For those who have spent significant time working from home can probably relate to experiencing some type of isolation. One fix to avoid working from home depression is to surround yourself with people.

Co-working spaces allow you to work in a space with other people in the same position. They offer a great opportunity to share ideas with others, network, or even just meet for lunch. They can provide a breath of fresh air, spark inspiration and breed business connections. Also, studies have shown that people who work in co-working spaces thrive. Mainly because people who join co-working spaces see their work as meaningful, they have more job control, and they feel part of a community. An extra bonus is that many spaces have been designed for productivity and have plenty of natural light and large desk spaces.

Co-working spaces are popping up all over. From traditional office spaces to outdoor areas, there is a good chance that a co-working space exists close to your location. If interested, take a day to research your options and check them out in person. You might just find your next go-to remote location.

Hot Desk

Hot desking is an affordable option for many startups, freelancers, and consultants. Hot desk services are similar to co-working spaces, in that they provide you with a workspace, a high-speed internet connection and services such as printing. The difference is that many hot desk services allow you to rent the space down to the hour while co-working spaces are designed as a longer term solution. Hot desk services still allow you the opportunity to network and socialize with others and can provide a great short-term solution when you need to escape the home office for a short period.

Other Company Offices

If you have business connections or friends that have their own office, working from another company’s office can provide a welcome change of scenery. Meeting new people and observing the company culture can be inspirational and inspire ideas for your own business. Plus, you can make use of the facilities such as the printer or scanner. Just be sure to ask! Bringing coffee and treats never hurts.


Most people are cooped up inside all day and getting out for a breath of fresh air and some sunshine can do wonders. While most outdoor spaces don’t offer wi-fi, there are a few that do like public parks or outdoor restaurants. Though, working outdoors can provide a welcome break from internet distractions and allow you to concentrate on tasks such as writing a presentation or brainstorming. Being amongst nature and enjoying the sunshine can also provide a great place to take a break and think clearly. Take a notepad and jot down new ideas or finally tackle a business problem you’ve been putting off.

Vacation Resorts

If you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, probably one of the perks to working from home is the ability to work remotely. Take it from Thomas Smale, founder of FE International, sometimes the best way to recharge is to get away. Plan a trip and schedule your day just like you would at the office. Check emails by the pool or while looking out at the mountains in the morning and take a break by heading to the beach or going for a walk. When you come back to work, you’ll feel recharged and ready to tackle the next task.


When you are in need of a change of scenery or need to be around other people, there are numerous options available that provide a great space to get work done. You may be surprised by how much an alternative workspace can increase your productivity and creativity.

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Blood, sweat and tears: New ways to monitor glucose levels in diabetes – a $12billion market IDTechEx

People with diabetes have traditionally self-monitored their glucose levels using disposable biosensors and invasive sampling techniques. While this industry has been one of the success stories of the printed electronics industry, worth around $6 billion today, profitability is falling as government reimbursement models are changing and strain is put on both consumers and manufacturers. However new methods of glucose monitoring are emerging. These technologies are analysed comprehensively in the brand-new report from IDTechEx Research, Technologies for Diabetes Management 2017-2027: Forecasts, Players, Opportunities.

Glucose is present in many biological fluids at varying levels and a wide range of players are investigating ways to utilise these fluids for long term glucose monitoring. The most successful of these ventures have been in measuring glucose in interstitial fluid, where continuous glucose monitors are receiving regulatory approval and adoption by people with diabetes across Europe and North America.

Continuous glucose monitors consist of a wearable sensor and a receiver (which in many cases can be a smartphone). The sensor consists of a microneedle which sits just under the skin and records glucose levels at regular intervals and transmits these to the reader via Bluetooth or NFC technology. Sensors last an average of 6 days, and currently require regular calibration with blood based biosensors.

Companies are investigating the potential for glucose testing in sweat, tears and saliva with varying levels of success and these projects are also analysed in the new IDTechEx report.

Such long-term monitoring solutions will enable the creation of an artificial pancreas- a device that can monitor glucose levels and administer controlled doses of insulin accordingly- leading to fully automated diabetes control. The first such device received regulatory approval in late 2016 and is expected for release later this year.

Both insulin pens and pumps are using new sensor and communication technologies to enable new features, with several start-ups, backed by major pharmaceutical companies, developing new platforms to monitor insulin dosing and other vital information. Several forecasts in the report detail future growth markets for individual sensor components within a system as well as the market for the devices themselves.

Market value of glucose monitoring – for full forecasts please purchase the report

Source: IDTechEx Research report Technologies for Diabetes Management 2017-2027: Forecasts, Players, Opportunities.

The report examines diabetes technologies across 7 key areas:

Sensors for glucose monitoring – The established blood glucose market manufactures over 20 billion test strips annually, however, as is discussed here, several factors are restraining the profitability of the industry and driving technological changes.

Beyond blood glucose measurements – Glucose exists in biological fluids other than blood, continuous glucose monitors and wearable devices are gaining traction and seeing large uptake by consumers.

Sensors for Ketone monitoring – When blood glucose levels are too high, acidic ketone bodies, the by-product of improper metabolism build up in the blood stream, leading to potentially life threatening complications. The range of available biosensors to measure and quantify ketone levels are reviewed.

Smart insulin pens – Start-ups backed by large pharmaceutical companies are adding sensors and connectivity to insulin pens to unlock a range of analytical tools. Several leading start-ups and companies are profiled and their products discussed.

Insulin pumps: towards an artificial pancreas –  Compared to insulin pens, insulin pumps offer a more controlled rate of hormone delivery. Discussed is the progress whereby combining pump technologies with continuous glucose monitoring platforms is leading to the development of an artificial pancreas device, offering real-time sensor automated insulin delivery in response to changing glucose levels.

Sensors for side effects – Covering the diverse utilisation of innovative sensor technologies across novel aspects diabetes care, including; sensors in wearable devices, the ability to monitor other end points such as diabetic neuropathy as well as assessing ulcer development in diabetic patients.

Sensors for early diagnosis – Discussing the use of emerging technologies to aid the early detection of diabetes, thereby preventing long hospital stays and other complications.

The report has been created through primary research based on interviews with key player in the diabetes industry as well as physicians and people with diabetes to understand the emerging trends in diabetes technology and deliver market forecasts across several different technologies. This brand new report from IDTechEx Research is of key importance to innovators in medical device technology as well as players in the printed electronics, sensor, and wearable industries. The report highlights the significant factors that have been essential for the development of successful devices for diabetes management as well as analysing devices that have been unsuccessful in the commercial field.

Find out more at

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How To Stay Young (At Least In Spirit) When You’re Retired

Mohr Keet of South Africa bungee jumped when he was 96, landing himself in the Guinness Board of World Records.

Yuichiro Miura of Japan climbed Mount Everest when he was 80.

Not everyone in the golden years of life will attempt and accomplish such extraordinary feats, but most people can take steps to keep themselves young – at least in spirit – when they reach retirement.

Unfortunately, for many people retirement planning remains fixated on finances, so when the big day arrives they’re not quite ready to segue into life’s new chapter, says Ann Vanderslice (, president and CEO of Retirement Planning Strategies, which specializes in advising federal workers about their benefits.

“After you’ve planned for the money, there is still anxiety about retirement,” she says. “You don’t know what it’s like to not work and so there is that emotional part of retirement you need to manage. Sometimes people aren’t ready in any way, shape or form.”

She says a few ways to hang onto a little youthful exuberance while aging gracefully in retirement include:

• Be a lifelong learner.

Making the effort to learn about new things keeps our brains young. Read something you wouldn’t normally read. Sit in on a lecture that a college opens to the public. “Some of my clients mention they took classes in philosophy or in a foreign language,” Vanderslice says. “It’s proven that those who are lifelong learners have a greater sense of optimism and a lower chance of dementia.”

• See the world – or at least some of it.

There are no doubt plenty of places you haven’t ventured out to, some close by and others far away. Traveling and enjoying new experiences is a great way to keep you feeling young and enthusiastic about life, Vanderslice says, whether you head to a state park just an hour’s drive away or you board a plane bound for Paris. “Part of the fun of traveling is deciding where you want to go,” Vanderslice says. “The sky should be the limit.” Don’t eliminate anything from your initial list just because of expense, she says. You might be able to find bargains, and because you’re retired you can travel any time you want, which allows you go in the off season when prices are lower.

• Remember your doctor’s advice.

Activities such as enrolling in a college class can help keep you mentally young, but you want your body to cooperate, too. “We’re always looking for that magic bullet, the easy and quick way to feeling younger,” Vanderslice says. “The truth is that those things your doctor tells you – exercise, eat a healthy diet, get the appropriate amount of sleep – are about as close to a magic bullet as you’re going to get.”

“People think that money is the most important aspect of retirement, but it’s really No. 2,” Vanderslice says. “You can have more than enough money, but if you aren’t healthy or doing the things you enjoy, the money won’t matter.”

About Ann Vanderslice

Ann Vanderslice (, president and CEO of Retirement Planning Strategies, helps federal employees understand their benefits, maximize the value of their benefits, and plan for retirement, as well as organize income planning and IRA distributions. Vanderslice holds the Registered Financial Consultant designation from the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants and the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor designation from the College for Financial Planning. She is author of “Fedtelligence 2.0 – The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Federal Benefits.”

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Smile Train Goodwill Ambassador Christie Brinkley Gives 300 Cleft Children New Smiles Through Sales of Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Ageless Beauty Set

Brinkley Presents Check, on Behalf of Skincare Line, to Smile Train CEO for Nearly $75,000 to Support Cleft Surgery for Children Around the World

Please Help the Children with Cleft Palate Disease by Donating to Smile Train.


NEW YORK – As part of her ongoing commitment to help children with clefts, Supermodel, Actress, and Smile Train Goodwill Ambassador, Christie Brinkley, held a special event at Smile Train’s global headquarters where she presented a check for close to $75,000 to Smile Train’s CEO, Susannah Schaefer. The funds raised will help give 300 new smiles to children with clefts around the world. Alongside her skincare line, Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare, the support comes from her commitment to donate 20 percent of the purchase price of each Ageless Beauty Set sold from May 2016 to December 2016 to Smile Train, the world’s largest cleft charity.

Please Help the Children with Cleft Palate Disease by Donating to Smile Train.

Through ” Christie Brinkley ®Authentic Skincare  “, I was able to use our Ageless Beauty Kit to benefit Smile Train. It’s important to me to present this check today, knowing that 300 cleft children will receive the surgery they need and have the opportunity for new lives. I’m excited to continue to help give children new smiles with Smile Train, an organization close to my heart, and see the difference we can make together,” said Brinkley.

Brinkley has been a Smile Train Goodwill Ambassador for nearly 10 years and has helped raise much needed awareness of the issues faced by children living with untreated clefts around the world. This marks the second Smile Train initiative from Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare since December 2015. Millions of children in developing countries with untreated clefts live in isolation and, more importantly, have difficulty eating, breathing, and speaking. Smile Train’s sustainable model provides training, funding, and resources to empower local doctors in the developing world to provide 100 percent-free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive cleft care in their own communities. Cleft repair surgery is simple, and the transformation is immediate. Since its founding in 1999, Smile Train has provided more than one million cleft repair surgeries.

“Smile Train is extremely grateful for the continued generosity and support from Christie and Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare,” said Schaefer. “I’m grateful to be here today accepting this check on behalf of the 300 children who will receive their new smiles.”

“The Ageless Beauty set was a special edition to the Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Collection as it supported a cause that Christie, and we as a company, support and are passionate about,” said Atlantic Coast Brands and Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Co-founders Andrew J. Surwilo and Thomas Shipley. “To be able to give back and actually see that it is making a difference is very special to us and to Christie. We are thrilled that we were able to make such an impact with this donation,” said Surwilo and Shipley.

To learn more about Smile Train’s global efforts please visit and to make a donation to Christie’s fundraising page please visit

Follow Smile Train on Twitter and Instagram @SmileTrain and like us on Facebook at

For more information on Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare please visit: and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @BrinkleyBeauty.

About Smile Train

Smile Train is an international children’s charity with a sustainable approach to a single, solvable problem: cleft lip and palate. Millions of children in developing countries with untreated clefts live in isolation, but more importantly, have difficulty eating, breathing and speaking. Cleft repair surgery is simple, and the transformation is immediate. Our sustainable model provides training, funding and resources to empower local doctors in 85+ developing countries to provide 100%-free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive cleft care in their own communities.To learn more about how Smile Train’s sustainable approach means donations have both an immediate and long-term impact, please visit

About Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley is one of the world’s most iconic and successful models, appearing on more than 500 magazine covers during her illustrious 40 year career. Currently, Christie is a New York Times bestselling author of “Timeless Beauty”. Christie was the first model to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue for three consecutive years, and was the face of CoverGirl for more than 25 years. She also represents the best-selling body fitness equipment, Total Gym. Christie her name stamped on a skincare line called Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare, and a hair extension line labeled Hair2Wear.  Now, she can add winemaker to that list.  Italian term for “highly beautiful,” the Bellissima line of sparkling wines speaks to the idea of celebrating life’s beautiful moments. Designed by Brinkley, each bottle enjoys an image of Venus, the goddess of beauty. The three varieties are organic, vegan-friendly, and include a sugar-free option. As an actress, she starred on Broadway and London’s West End productions of “Chicago” and had a recurring role on NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

About Christie Brinkley ®  Authentic Skincare

Inspired by the vision of legendary supermodel and actress Christie Brinkley, Christie Brinkley® Authentic Skincare is a revolutionary anti-aging skincare line that recognizes that the most visible signs of aging come from the sun. Featuring a proprietary anti-aging Bio-Copper Complex, the line defends against the broad spectrum of radiation from the sun that causes photo-aging and damages skin. Powered by cutting edge technology and award-winning ingredients, products in the line range from cleansers and exfoliators to skin-brightening serums and night treatments that help women have healthy, radiant, younger-looking skin.

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Samsung S8: 90% of customers remain loyal to the brand despite the Note 7 crisis 

Samsung is launching the new Samsung 8 this week and Report Linker conducted a new survey to measure if the brand’s image has been affected by last year’s explosions of the Note 7 phones and if their customers remain as loyal as before.

Findings show that loyalty has even increased since the last ReportLinker survey, conducted in October 2016:

  • 81% of smartphone users are still confident in the safety of their smartphones
  • But the crisis has impacted all manufacturers as even Apple’s customers don’t trust the brand as much as they used to (79%, -12 pts compared to October 2016)
  • 52% of smartphones’ owners say the future Samsung Galaxy S8 will be of better quality than the previous ones
  • And this statement is even more significant among Samsung customers (63%)
  • More than half of respondents (56%), mentioned their interest in buying the new Samsung smartphone.


 Also, their customers’ loyalty is stronger than ever before as nearly 9 out of 10 would consider the brand for a next purchase, which is more often a certitude than it was five months ago.

To see all the survey results click here.

Please let me know if you would like to receive infographics on the topic.

Best regards,

Intissar Guettou

T: +1 347 903 1913

About Reportlinker Insight:

Reportlinker Insight combines analysis and exclusive investigations. We cover innovations, social and economics megatrends to understand the world of tomorrow. For more information, please visit

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5 Ways To Make Use of New Tech To Improve Your Income Flow

When it comes to finding new ways to make money, looking at the latest technology is always going to give you at least a little bit of inspiration. Because it’s the people who are the most creative with new stuff coming out that end up gaining the benefit of ‘the early bird gets the worm’, then you know that for yourself, that path could work as well.

Five ways in particular that you can start to creatively use new tech to help out with your cash flow include driving your car as a service, creating a blog, learning to leverage social media for your business purposes, trying out micro trading, and saving money with coupons available through aggregate websites.

Drive Your Car

By involving yourself with Uber or Lyft, you’re giving yourself a chance to exchange your time, and the fact that you have a quality car, into money! The equation is really that simple. You make sure that you fulfill the requirements for the company, and then you pretty much create your own hours as you see fit, meet new people, and learn about your neighborhood even – all while making extra cash!

Create a Blog

You may at least be tangentially aware that you can make money with a blog. But you might not exactly know what the specifics are. With a little bit of research with respect to learning the ins and outs of things like the Google AdSense program, you’ll understand how the finances work, and then after that, you just have to solve the problem of figuring out what type of content you present the best, and how to get traffic to your pages once they’re up.

Leverage Social Media For Business

New social media platforms and techniques to help grow businesses are popping up all the time. Think of the way that businesses and brands started using things like Instagram or Snapchat to help convey their messages! You can do the same thing. By using social media for business, you’re essentially developing broad income streams to widen your appeal.

Try Out Microtrading

Learning to use the stock market has always been an interesting way for people to make money. One relatively new technology that has been shaping up is the way the people are interacting with microtrading. Basically, there are apps and software programs that analyze stock market shifts and can automatically operate to try to get your a profit on a micro scale, while getting substantial gains in the long run.

Save Money With Coupons

And finally, there are new websites that have popped up that use the latest search technology to find every single coupon or coupon code imaginable. By simply keeping an eye on these sites, you can get notified every time a money saving opportunity occurs, and this savings directly translates into a better income and expense readout.

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Austin’s Roofing and Gutters, LLC

Austin’s Roofing and Gutters, LLC is a family owned and operated company. They are very hands on and make sure that the customer’s satisfaction is their main objective. The staff at Austin’s Roofing and Gutters,LLC are very price competitive and would love to have an opportunity to make you another satisfied customer.

And they take special care when it comes to all aspects of service roofing. The moment their team steps foot on your property, expect them to observe the best safety practices. Going that extra mile is what they are all about–check out a few testimonials to see what their satisfied customers have to say about their professional roofing service. No matter what your budget is, Austin’s Roofing and Gutters, LLC has the right roofing solutions at affordable prices.

As your one-stop shop for first-class roofing repair and replacement solutions, they work closely with your insurance company to restore your roof back to perfect shape. From hail and storm damage roof restoration to re-roofing services, trust that they can help find a solution the problem.

Right Roofing Solutions at Affordable Prices:

The customer is number one and they will guarantee satisfaction. They are so confident that they don’t expect any deposit and the homeowner doesn’t have to pay any cost until the job is finished and they are happy with the job.

They are very honest and hardworking individuals. They have been in this business for over 10 years now and pride themselves in making all of their customers happy and making them feel like they made the right decision in choosing Austin’s Roofing and Gutters.

Why Choose Austin’s Roofing and Gutters, LLC:

Austin’s Roofing and Gutters, LLC specialize in roof replacements, roof repairs, gutter replacements, gutter installations, gutter cover installations, chimney caps, storm damage, and insurance claims. They are licensed, bonded and insured in Atlanta, GA. For a roofing contractor, contact them today!

If you’re looking for a roofing contractor in Atlanta, GA, Austin’s Roofing and Gutters, LLC is the only name you can rely on. They take great pride in the quality of their roofing, affordability, and flexibility. When it comes to roofing repair, no one can approach their level of dedication.

Roofing Repair

At Austin’s Roofing and Gutters, LLC, your satisfaction is their number one goal. They will always live up to your expectations because they hold themselves to a higher standard and never settle for less. With their shingle roofing, they know you’ll be more than pleased with the results.

When it comes roofing repair their skills are unmatched and you always get value for the price. They will offer you a great deal in asphalt roofing because you deserve nothing less. Just let them know what you need in roofing and how we they help. If you have any questions about their roofing company, don’t hesitate to ask, them. For quality work at an affordable price, get in touch with Austin’s Roofing and Gutters, LLC today.

They specialize in roof replacements, roof repairs, gutter replacements, gutter installations, gutter cover installations, chimney caps, storm damage, and insurance claims. They are licensed, bonded and insured in Atlanta, GA. For a roofing contractor, contact them today!

Storm Damage Repair

storm damage repair

Austin’s Roofing and Gutters, LLC is known for their expertise in storm damage repair and great customer service. Each client will receive our full effort and attention because they are committed to your satisfaction. Thanks to their hail damage repair, they have been recognized for excellence.

You can always depend on them because they never let you down. And their wind damage repair is outstanding and Austin’s Roofing and Gutters, LLC wants the opportunity to prove it to you. When you think of a roofing company, you know that Austin’s Roofing and Gutters, LLC will be the first name that comes to mind in Atlanta, GA because no one does a better job.

Contact Austin’s Roofing and Gutters, LLC:

(678) 519-8955

Austin’s Roofing and Gutters, LLC has worked hard to earn their reputation. They’ve had great success in roofing repair because they understand that every client has different needs. Your input is important because meeting your expectations is their highest priority. For roofing services, they are the ones to call. Check out what Austin’s Roofing and Gutters, LLC has to offer today.




Glad I found this company, very reliable and efficient work was performed on my roof and they didn’t charge me until the work was finished and I was completely satisfied ! Thank you guys for your services.. def will be recommending you all


Awesome work! I was so pleased and impressed with the finished product. Very knowledgeable and professional. I would DEFINITELY recommend anyone in need of services! Great job!

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Wallace Living: A Buzz-Worthy Company that Provides Apartment and Retiring Living in Central Nova Scotia

  • If you are in search of an apartment in Central Nova Scotia, it can
    sometimes it can sometimes become a bit of a challenge finding a living space that’s just right for you. Thankfully, there’s a couple of companies that can help you in this aspect, such as Wallace Living.
  • This particular company offers both apartment living and retirement living. It is built on excellence and integrity–with a strong focus on the community, and its well known for being able to provide living spaces that meet the needs and wants of the people.
  • The team of Wallace Living strives every day to positively impact the lives of their community, employees, and of course, tennants. They provide quality rental living accommodations for anybody that wants to live in a peaceful environment, without having to worry about costly rent. One payment can cover your rent, hot water , light and heat. In addition to this, you can rest assured that a maintenance crew will always be present in case you require their services. Emergency services is provided 24 hours and 7 days a week. Retirement residences at Wallace living eliminate the need of worrying linen laundering, housekeeping, and meals, as its all done for you.

  • The Wallace Living is definitely one-of-a-kind when it comes to living space quality and affordability, which is what makes it one the most beloved apartment rental companies in central Nova Scotia. For more information on Wallace Living and their current promotions on rentals, feel free to visit
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Pennsylvania Secretary of Banking and Securities Elected as New Trustee of Investor Protection Trust

Pennsylvania Secretary of Banking and Securities Elected as New Trustee of Investor Protection Trust

Nominated by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf in 2015, Wiessmann leads an agency that supervises: 200 state-chartered banks, credit unions, and trust companies; licenses more than 20,000 consumer lenders, including mortgage lenders, auto sales finance companies, consumer discount companies, and debt services companies; and registers more than 200,000 investment advisers, investment adviser representatives, investment adviser notice filers, broker-dealers, and broker-dealer agents.

Don Blandin, president and CEO, Investor Protection Trust, said: “The Investor Protection Trust is delighted to have Robin Wiessmann as our newest trustee. Robin’s wide range of experience in both the public and private sectors make her the perfect addition to the IPT leadership team.”
Before serving as Secretary of Banking and Securities, Wiessmann acted as the Pennsylvania Treasurer and deputy director of finance for the city of Philadelphia. She also serves as chair of the board of directors of the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, vice chair of the Pennsylvania Banking and Securities Commission, and on the boards of the Commonwealth Financing Authority, the Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Authority, the Pennsylvania Housing Advisory Committee, the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority, the Pennsylvania Minority Business Development Authority, the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority, the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, and the Certified Real Estate Appraisers Board.
Prior to her career in public service, Wiessmann was a founding principal and president of Artemis Capital Group, the first women-owned investment banking firm on Wall Street, and vice president of public finance at Goldman Sachs. She graduated from Lafayette College and earned a law degree from Rutgers University.


The Investor Protection Trust ( is a nonprofit organization devoted to investor education. The primary mission of IPT is to provide independent, objective information needed by consumers to make informed investment decisions.
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