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10 Steps To Become A Certified Ethical Hacker

A hacker is someone who breaks into a computer system or a network to gain insight of what the systems contain. Most organizations require the service of ethical hackers to ensure the safety of their network. This prevents a lot of incidents like data theft. Here are the steps to become a certified ethical hacker.

10 steps to become a certified ethical hacker

1. Programming

A programmer is a person who makes software and websites that need to be secure. A hacker finds the faults with these programs by acting as a security analyst. So, it is important that he has knowledge of programming.

2. Networking

Today, we share a lot of data on networks like the internet. So, certified ethical hacker training includes training on network security as the hacker has to know about the vulnerabilities.

3. Encryption and Decryption

This deals with cryptography where you decide on how to ensure the security of something. Other ways of encrypting includes fingerprints, one time password etc. When you know encryption, you should know how to decrypt too.

4. Database Management System

A hacker must know about the creation and management of databases so that he understands ways to hack these databases.

5. Linux/UNIX

Linux is a powerful operating system and is an open source one. Anyone who reads the codes can understand how to make changes if something goes wrong. So while learning to hack, it is better to use this OS.

6. Code in C Programming Language

You can easily learn other computer languages if you know C programming language. Linux is coded in C making it easy to understand for even beginners. So, a hacker can start with C.

7. More programming languages

It is important for hackers to know more than one programming language. He may have to work with various languages when he starts work some of which include Python and Java. You can look for tutorials online that help with languages.

8. More than one Operating System

A hacker must be familiar with all the operating systems like Windows, Linux/UNIX, Android, Cent etc. As an ethical hacker he may have to work with various operating systems. So, start learning one by one.

9. Experiment

Trial and error is the best method of learning something. Set up your own lab to do experiments on what you learnt. Own a computer system which has a powerful processor, memory etc. This will come handy when you do advanced experiments. Only by continuous practice, you can be a good hacker.

10. Continue learning

To be the best in hacking, you have to continue your learning and not just stop with the certification of the EC council. You have to be updated about the changes in security. Try new ways of exploiting systems and find your way to success.

A certified hacker is a very important person because security is the greatest concern in networks. Ethical hacking courses help you know about the latest ethical hacking methodologies and you can walk away with the best hacking skills.

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