Universal Mind Unveils Digital Continuum, Bringing Clarity to Experience Design and Digital Product Development

New roadmap drives digital value by blending digital and physical touchpoints to deliver 360-degree customer experiences

Universal Mind, a digital consulting firm focused on enhancing human experiences and solving problems through technology, today launched the Digital Continuum, an unmatched interconnected best practices guide to create digital products that drive business value.

Universal Mind created the Digital Continuum by leveraging more than a decade of groundbreaking digital integration for organizations including Sony Music, Comcast, Ace Hardware, Vail Resorts and many more. From idea generation and Agile portfolio development, to program design and full deployment and integration, the Digital Continuum is a groundbreaking resource for companies exploring digital transformation.

“Most companies have trouble getting value out of their digital initiatives,” said Brett Cortese, Universal Mind president and CEO. “This is driven by the often overwhelming complexity involved in delivering the frictionless digital experiences their customers now expect when interacting with businesses.”

The Digital Continuum is a roadmap that guides companies through transformation with a collection of resources including the Digital Continuum Community. This roadmap illustrates how organizations can seamlessly integrate best practices across innovation, strategy, design, development and delivery to bring businesses and their consumers added value through digital. The Community provides a platform for organizations to collaboratively discuss, explore and provide valuable feedback on how these items have been put into practice and how they are evolving over time.

The goal of the Digital Continuum is to enable companies to maximize the business value of their digital products. One aspect of this is enabling companies to deliver a 360-degree user experience by developing consistent interactions across all touchpoints, physical and digital. To create the personalized and value-centric experiences customers demand, it requires focus across all eight mindsets of the Digital Continuum.

“We put in countless hours over the last many years examining successful organizations to develop the premium roadmap to enable organizations to provide valuable digital products to their customers,” continued Cortese. “The Digital Continuum is the revolutionary answer to bring companies into the digital world and ultimately drive significant business value.”

About Universal Mind

Universal Mind is an independent, digital consulting and services firm focused on enhancing human experiences and solving problems through technology. Founded in 2003, the company has more than 100 strategists, designers, developers, delivery managers, and agilists located in four offices across the U.S. and Canada, all who understand that true experience design and creation — and the resulting business value — happens at the intersection of PEOPLE, BUSINESS and TECHNOLOGY. For more information visit www.universalmind.com.