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How Money And Technology Has Affected Addiction Rates

Though both money and technology were initially created to enrich and enhance society, it seems they have taken on another role entirely in the lives of many. Society has placed money and technology is such high regard that there are a plethora of negative consequences plaguing modern communities everywhere.

Money has created segregation and unrealistic expectation.

The age-old saying that “money is the root of all evil” is not entirely wrong. Money sets up a class in society, and classism sets up segregation. None of these concepts are enjoyable, to say the least.

When individuals are in a position of poverty, addiction is not usually far behind. Massive amounts of stress can build within a person when money is in short supply, causing some to act in a manner that is outside of their nature. Drug culture and poverty are close friends, and money is the driving force.

Technology has weakened our minds.  

Millennials have been showered with technology from every angle since birth. We use iPads and smartphones to supplement the babysitter. We ask Siri or Google for directions or definitions. People are not learning to retain information; they are learning to find it.

It seems like a splendid idea to have such a vast collection of easily available information at our fingertips, but it has stifled the younger generation’s ability to think critically and solve everyday challenges.

Affluenza drives popular culture.

Affluenza is an urban terminology for a “painful, contagious, socially transmitted condition of overload, debt, anxiety, and waste, resulting from the dogged pursuit of more.” The need to create such a term speaks volumes about the current state of the world. Money rules over everything. Without it, we can not survive. Food, water, and shelter are all acquired through the means of the “mighty dollar.”

Society’s unrealistic expectations of men and women alike are driving people towards an altered reality called addiction. When a 12-hour shift is the only option for paying the bills, a mind-altering substance makes it easier for the moment. Desperation is the heart of addiction.

Technology poses a physical danger.

Technology is helpful when utilized responsibly. The key word in that sentence is “responsibly.” Who can define the parameters of responsible technology usage? One thing that can be said is that the way in which we use technology has caused numerous dependency and safety issues.
People are so dependent and addicted to their cell phones that there have to be commercial campaigns warning against such behaviors. There are so many gadgets and gizmos around that there are laws restricting the usage. Whole cultures are built around the internet and its capabilities. There needs to be a sense of balance between all of the things that SHOULD be positive forces to live a genuinely productive lifestyle.

Anna Johansson

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