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6 Simple Steps To Launch Your Website


There are many reasons for deciding to develop a website, some start a site simply to share parts or processes in their lives, others as an adjunct to an existing business, others still as a business itself. No matter what the reason, the process has become a relatively standard affair. What makes each different is the components that the developer chooses to use. What are the first steps towards bringing your website online in a professional manner?

Find Your Bullseye

You are developing a site about something. Too often individuals don’t have the proper focus on what their website will be about. Even businesses struggle to define the purpose of their website, and it becomes a less than useful tool that is bypassed by customers. Determine what the bullseye is for the audience you hope to reach, define your rings of importance out from the center. This will help you identify the target of your home page, then further define your tabs, then set your subject lines under your tabs. This is much like writing an outline for a book or paper. It provides for order as you build what you are going to build.


In this case, we are talking about the tool you will be using to build your site. Previously you would have to have someone write code or build your site for you. Presently, many of the host providers will also provide an online tool for you to use to develop your site. You can choose between Content Management Systems or Templated Website Builders.

Content Management Systems

This is an application that allows you to create and modify your online content. It is designed to eliminate low-level operations and procedures, to enable you to quickly build and change your content. These systems are highly adaptable and programmable, allowing a considerable amount of customization.

Templated Website Builders

These web builders are content managers as well; they are just designed to make the process easier for smaller, simpler sites. They further eliminate many of the processes of designing and building a site, focusing on using bigger simpler templates.

Find a Domain Name and Host

Choose your domain name carefully. A well-selected name can make a significant difference in the selection of your site. The psychology of name selection is impressive. Keeping it short, simple, memorable, and easy to type, have a significant impact on the use of your site. Most hosting services will help you with verifying the uniqueness of your selection. The hosting service will also provide you with the access to a server that will be hosting your data online, 24/7.

Tune it up

Once you have your site online, it is just a matter of tuning the site to your preferences, and updating it on a regular basis. Do what you can to keep it current and fresh, so followers and customers come back on a regular basis. The choices you made about the organization, layout, and systems can now help you as you make your updates.

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