Tips For Making Your Technology Last Longer

Devices like laptops and Smartphones have an average life of about 2 years.  However, this number isn’t set in stone.  This amount of time can easily be extended or decreased depending on how well we take care of our gadgets.

The way your devices will treat you is a direct reflection of how they will treat you. By taking the proper precautions and treating your device carefully, you’d be surprised how long your things will last you.

Not all of us have perfect credit, so often the option of replacing a broken device unexpectedly simply isn’t an option!

Follow these tips for preventing damage, and you’ll wonder how you’ve ever broken anything before!

Keep Your Device Out of the Rain

If your iPhone begins to act up and you take it to the Genius Bar at the Apple store, the first thing they are going to check is if it has water damage.  If it does, it does not fall under warranty.  Avoid contact with water at all costs.

The same goes for a laptop.  When drinking liquids on your desk, take care not to knock into your coffee cup or water glass or your machine is ruined.

If you must drink liquids next to your computer, purchase a waterproof keyboard cover.  This way you can avoid expensive spills.

Buy a Quality Case

Buying a cheap case for your laptop or smartphone is too much of a risk.  If you are going to pay top dollar for a device, then invest in a proper carrying case.

They should ideally be a combination of a soft inside with a hard outer layer.  For extra protection, search for one that is shock proof.

Purchase a Warranty

Don’t skip the extra $50 2 year warranty.  It’s in your best interest! Many people don’t want to spend that extra cash at the checkout line, only to find they are devastated that they didn’t when their technology is faulty or suffers damage.

Consider purchasing property insurance as well.  This small cost each month is well worth it if you have to make a pricey replacement unexpectedly.

Power Off

Technology can be a lot like the human body: it needs to be turned off from time to time! Instead of constantly leaving your machine plugged in and on, turn it off at least once every few days and let it restart.

If you constantly leave your device plugged in it can actually weaken the lifespan of the battery, making it less effective for long periods of time when unplugged.

Try letting your device get close to being completely drained before giving it a full charge to preserve battery life.