Investing In Tech Startup

Crowdfunding has changed the face of tech startups. An inventor used to have to either work their relationships for funding or max out their already struggling credit. Today there are a pretty good variety of sites where the savvy investor can take chances on the highly creative. Some of the offerings are met with the appropriate lack of noise, fizzling out short of their funding goals. Others, explode past their goals due to the magnificence of their idea. What sites are out there for inventors and investors to use?


Hoping to revitalize capitalism, Wefunder is leading the way in the field of “Kickstarter” investing. By creating a platform for the regulation of investments as small as $100, they hope to renew the investment process by allowing small investors to capitalize on the dreams of others. They hope to build a market that allows a freer and more efficient method of capital investment than banks or other venture capital raising methods


FundersClub uses software and relationships to connect accredited investors with startups and founders. Founders club’s goal is to help move the world forward more efficiently through their unique solution to connection. They are the only online startup funding agency to provide regular reports on returns. They focus on earning and building trust and building a community that is forward focused.


StartupValley is a relatively new portal for investors looking to enter into the tech startup field. StartupValley is currently awaiting the approval of regulations by the SEC before becoming an active investment site. They will be an access point allowing tech investors to find businesses needing capital using nontraditional methods.


Claiming the largest network of investors, Gust is attracting nearly ten thousand new startup applications per month. They offer a streamlined application process to put your application in front of investors as soon as possible. Gust has joined a team of Lawyers and investment funds to facilitate your business startup. Providing highly affordable and fast solutions for the tech founder, Gust also helps angel investors collaborate with those founders to have each succeed.


AngelList uses a more standard method of funding. Providing the investor an opportunity to invest in a fund that specializes in supporting qualified startups. The fund uses its broad access to the Angellist Syndicates platform to provide high returns on investors funds.

If you have “The Big Idea,” times have changed. No longer do you have to feel the condemning stare of the big bank executive. You have access to millions of potential investors, who if they believe in what you are passionate about, can provide you with the cash you need to start and grow your business into a profitable, successful investment.