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Day: November 10, 2016

Understanding Modern Credit Issues: Keep Yourself On the Straight and Narrow Using Today’s Tech

Using money digitally is a skill. But it can be confusing, and it can lead to debt and financial trouble if you aren’t careful. However, if you’re willing to use some tech-savvy tips and tricks, you should have no problem staying on the straight and narrow path to keep your credit footprint clean.

Some topics that you’ll want to consider include the idea of repairing credit, how to observe your personal spending habits, how to use habit-based apps on your phone, how to use online resources to learn about money, and the best way to talk to people about finances on various public forums.

Repairing Credit

If you already have credit issues, then your first technology-based step is going to be researching how to repair your credit. There are plenty of free online resources that will give you step by step plan on how to do this, though if you talk to an expert first (like someone from your bank, for example), they might be able to fast track you toward more reliable sources initially.

Observing Spending Habits

To observe your spending habits, installing a  reliable budgeting app is going to be high on your priority list. That way you can see point for point where you spend your money, and you can even break it down into categories and time frames so that you get the exact numerical representations of your income and expenditure rates. The observation stage is often the most important in order to put yourself on the proper credit track.

Using Habit Apps

Sometimes the best thing that you can do when it comes to money is make sure that you constantly remind yourself of your overall financial goals. And in a tech-centric world, that means installing habit apps on your phone and using them accordingly. If you need to be reminded every hour that you want to keep on budget, then your phone will happily oblige you.

Learn About Money Using Online Resources

There are tons of resources online for just learning about money as well. You can check out YouTube channels that are all about finances, or you can see if there are any free college classes that you can take about topics like accounting or how credit ratings work. You won’t get official certifications, but you’ll at least get the knowledge base.

Talk To People On Expert Forums

There are experts that you can reach online as well that can help you with your credit and money issues. Sometimes these people are approachable through their main company websites, or something they’re just consultants that show up on online forums because they enjoy helping people find their way through the financial jungle out there.

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How Rehab Treatment Will Help You Save Money In Multiple Ways


Many people refuse to go to rehab because they think that it’s too expensive. They would rather front the cost of their addiction than put up a couple grand to receive help to kick their habit for good. Addiction is a very complex animal. It’s wild, it’s dangerous, it does things without warning, and if you don’t get it under control, it will take your life for sport. Rehab 4 Alcoholism is a free service set up to assist individuals who experience problems with addiction.

What people don’t realize is that addiction happens to people for many different reasons. There is a correlation between mental disorders and addiction that need to be addressed. It’s called a dual diagnosis. People with PTSD, BiPolar disorder, and other diseases are more prone to find themselves using substances to handle and mask the pain.

Besides the fact that this clearly needs to be addressed, help is close at hand. If it’s a matter of money for you and that’s the reason you’re not stepping into rehab treatment, here are ways that taking treatment now will help you save money in more than one way:

You’ll Stop Throwing Money At the Addiction

Among the many things that addictions do, they rob you of your money. When your body becomes dependent on something, you have to maintain that or else you feel like you’re dying. If you seek out treatment, the obvious fact is that it will save you more money than you can even believe. 20 years of throwing money at an addiction equates to thousands, if not millions of dollars, depending on the drug. A simple step towards treatment will save your pocketbook. So take the jump. Put treatment on the credit card if you have to, because this is a life or death matter.

A person can also be addicted to gambling. Because of the intense feelings of winning a lot, the person might become addicted to gambling. When the person begin gambling he or she will probably get an adrenaline rush about the fact that they continue to win a lot. Speaking of gambling online gambling sites or what’s happening now. The  Casino 777 is a great online gambling site , join them today for great online gambling. And they probably will not want to quit the lifestyle that they have, because of the winning. So they will continue to gamble until they start losing again, and then that may not be enough for them to stop gambling a lot.

You’ll Be Able to Work A Stable Job

If you’ve had a history of addiction, you know how it affects your work life. If your place of employment does routine drug testing, you’re always stressed out about being found out. The addiction also brings down your overall productivity. If you can actually hold down a job, you’re not going to be able to work your way up in the company because you’re focused on other things. When you seek treatment, you’re going to be saving money because you’ll be able to get your life back and work a stable job again.

You’ll Have A Fresh Start

Rehabilitation is a fresh start on life. In many rehab programs you obviously detox, but you also look at the core roots of why you were led into the lifestyle. If you address those issues, when you graduate recovery, you’re essentially born again. Your life is flipped around and you have a new passion and zeal for everything. This means you’ll be able to focus on finances instead of tossing them down the drain.

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