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Every Drone Deserves A Home

Drone Rescue Org Working To Avert UAV Crisis In San Francisco 

SAN FRANICISCO, Oct. 3 — Every year, more than 1,000 drones are lost or abandoned in the Bay Area. Victims of neglect, subpar piloting skills, and hungry birds of prey, these innocent unmanned aerial vehicles want nothing more than a loving home and a full charge. And that’s where San Francisco Drone Rescue (SFDR) comes in


Says self-proclaimed “Drone Mom” Kelly Swanson: “They say you can make a difference in a drone’s life, but really, Clippy [her drone] has made a difference in mine.” With its small but dedicated staff and growing community support, SFDR has found caring homes for hundreds of lost DJIs, 3DRs, Parrots, and even a Global Hawk.



For more information and how YOU can make a difference, please contact SFDR & Betabrand founder Chris Lindland at



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