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A Few Tips For Saving Money And Heartache On Divorce

Divorce happens. In fact, looking at statistics for the United States alone, it appears that almost half of marriages end in divorce. Whether you go married for the wrong reasons, one of you was unfaithful, or you just can’t ever seem to get along; people get divorced for many reasons. In some states you don’t even need to have a reason in order for the judge to approve your divorce, you just have to admit that your marriage has broken down and there’s no chance of reconciliation.

Unless a friend or a family member gets divorced, it’s likely you don’t hear much about divorces, unless some big celebrity couple unties the knot. This is just proof that even the rich and famous have their own troubles in love. If you want to ease the pangs of divorce, on your heart and your wallet, here are some things that could help.

Seeking Marriage Counseling

Don’t jump right to the filing stage. If there is a chance you and your mate can work things out wouldn’t you try? Sign up for marriage counseling and see if you can work through your problems before you enlist yourself in the process of a lengthy divorce.

Divorces don’t happen overnight, and if you have children together with your spouse the time frame from filing to officially being divorced is often longer than if you were sans children. Counseling is definitely an important step if you do have children, and even if you can’t reconcile you should still get therapy for your children as well, to cope with the divorce.

Filing For A Waiver

To ease the money burden, especially if you are low income as it is, many states allow you to file a waiver for that hundred or more dollar divorce fee. You won’t be forced to stay with your spouse simply because you can’t afford a divorce. However, there are costs for paperwork and copies of paperwork, and for mailing paperwork to your spouse via certified mail.

While there is no waiver to get rid of attorney fees, if you and your spouse agree on your separation and have no assets to fight over (and no children) you can often forego the need to even have an attorney and do it all yourself.

Understanding It’s Not The End Of The World

Maybe you did do things right, and you married for love and all the other right reasons, but things still didn’t work out with you and your spouse. It’s important to understand that this isn’t the end of the world. There are still plenty of fish in the sea, and that flounder just wasn’t the right fish for you.

While you don’t want to rush right into another relationship, it is important to not close yourself off from the possibility to find love again. You also shouldn’t be afraid to seek out help, or therapy, if your divorce is causing you depression or other health issues.

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