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How to Live When All Your Money is Going to Bills

Welcome to adulthood. It’s fun, but it’s also a kick in the pants at times. When you reach adulthood, you really enjoy your freedom, not having to answer to your parents, and being able to do whatever you want to do because you’re old enough to feel the consequences of your own decisions. Hopefully you’re one who can learn from them, too. In any case, the once you reach adulthood you’re going to look back and yearn for the days where you didn’t have to do one thing: pay bills.

If you’re struggling to live day to day because all the money you’re working long hours at the office for are going to bills, here are things you can do to make it through:

Pick A Better Career

If you’re really struggling day to day to pay the most basic of bills, this might mean that you have to buckle down and select a better career field. It’s all about knowing yourself and knowing if you have what it takes to accomplish the tasks set before you in any given field.

It’s the worst to go into a job and learn that you dislike it, or that you don’t have to natural skills to follow the work through. If you want to pick a good career that you’ll be able to perform and be happy doing and well as make more money doing it, know yourself, know the pay rates before you go in, and if worse comes to worse, you might just have to push through even if you don’t like it because the money is good and that’s what’s important when looking to pay bills and still be able to live.

Lessen Your Expenses

If all your money is going to bills to the point that you don’t have enough to do anything, than you might have to look at serious ways you can lessen your expenses. Shocker. Maybe at the moment you’re locked into a high paying lease on your home, but the moment that lease is up, get a cheaper place to live. You might not be living like a king, but at least you’ll be eating.

Also evaluate everything else you’re spending money on. Is your gym membership worth it when you could just run outside and use your own body weight along with Youtube videos to get and stay fit? Do you need to subscribe to those online retailers every month? Do you need to support your cigarette habit? In the end, a budget is your friend.

Once you have a budget in place, you can see where your money is going and you can make cuts accordingly. It’s a simple principle. Cash flow on the way in needs to be more than cash flow out. If you can’t make it work on what you’re making now, earn more, or stop spending.

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