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Month: August 2016

Crucial Reasons Many Businesses Buy Followers

In the last two decades alone, the popularity of social media sites has increased tenfold. What began as something enjoyed by young adults quickly became a worldwide phenomenon that took the Internet by storm. Today, millions of UK residents visit social media sites multiple times a day through their smartphones, tablets, and computers. Whether you just established a business or wish to branch out your advertising campaign, you must utilise social media sites such as Instagram to get your brand noticed.

client communication

One of the most effective ways to place your business in the forefront is to buy followers on Instagram. It is not as simple as using computer software to generate large numbers. To really get the most for your investment, you must hire online like- and follower-generating companies. Reputable companies utilise 24/7 strategies and software designed to bring in thousands of real people with actual interest in your services or products.

There are more than a few reasons businesses choose to go with this strategy, and all of them are important. No matter how new you are to owning a business, you know the only way to increase your foot traffic is to make your target audience look at you. Buying Instagram followers is the fastest and most cost-effective way to make this happen.

Enhance Sales

One of the key reasons businesses use follower-generating services is to enhance sales and ultimately increase profitability. The more that members of your target audience follow your Instagram account, the more likely you are to sell more product. This is true of all advertising campaigns. Therefore, it is imperative that you see this as an investment and not simply something to buy. Within just a few weeks, you should start to see a real, trackable return.

Brand Awareness

If you just started a new business, branding is everything. To get ahead of other small businesses in your niche, you must utilise services designed to boost your visibility. Brand awareness only comes when you increase the number of potential clients who not only use your services and buy your goods but also recognise your brand.


Applications such as Instagram allow a unique opportunity for creativity in your advertising campaign. With nothing more than pictures and short videos, you can draw in your potential customers with little more than imagination. Follower-generating companies know what works and what does not, and they can give you the advice you need to make smart decisions.

Perhaps you sell a certain style of shoes, and you wish to get them noticed by the public. A reputable company will help you devise a strategy to make your products stand out and catch the eye. Any software can generate fake accounts, but it takes expertise and dedication to help a business bring in thousands of real people with an actual interest in your account. Take the time to consider this option, as more and more businesses add their presence to the online community each day. The only way to get ahead of them is to get started now.

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8 Bills You Should Negotiate with Service Providers

The costs of rent, utilities, cable, and Internet can add up quickly, and a large part of your paycheck likely goes to paying your bills each month. If you want to slash those bills and keep more money in your pocket, we’ve outlined eight simple ways to renegotiate your monthly payments.

Cable TV

If you’re paying too much for cable TV or aren’t getting the shows you want to watch, it may be time to look into satellite channel options or adding a streaming service. You could get the programming you desire at a better price point. Do your research, though; cutting the cord can lower monthly costs—but only with a careful comparison of the available options.

Negotiation Tactics: Research what your rate would be if you were a new customer in your area and use that number as the starting point for your negotiation. You may want to go straight to the cancellation department, as well: employees in the billing department often don’t have the authority to lower your rates, so talking to them won’t get you the better deal you’re looking for.


Your phone bill can get out of control if you don’t monitor it closely. Carefully look at each month’s bill and make sure it doesn’t contain any surprise fees. You should also ensure you’re paying only for what you need: some plans contain padding for voice, text, and data that you need to watch out for.

Negotiation Tactics: You’ll have the best luck negotiating your rate if you’re near the end of your contract, when the company is most desperate to keep you. Mornings also tend to have higher success rates for negotiation. If the service representative isn’t able to help you, ask to speak to someone in the cancellation department.  


If you stream multiple TV shows, movies, or games, watch out: many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) employ data caps and will charge you for going over your data limit. To avoid the overages and penalties—some ISPs will even lock down your account, preventing further streaming, in addition to charging financial fees—you should weigh your needed bandwidth against your budget.

Negotiation Tactics: You could get a better deal by bundling services or taking advantage of a limited-time offer. Be careful with the latter; it likely comes with an expiration date that you’ll need to plan for. If you’re trying to negotiate your bill and the representative you’re talking to won’t or isn’t able to help you, hang up and try calling again. Eventually you will find an agent who is willing to work with you to reduce your bill and keep you as a customer.

Credit Cards

Many consumers assume they’re locked into their current credit card interest rates and fees. However, if you have a good credit history, your odds of receiving a better credit card interest rate are fairly high. Even if you don’t have a stellar credit report, you could still negotiate an improved payment plan.

Negotiation Tactics: Before calling your credit card company or loan institution, you’ll want to carefully review your debt and create a reasonable repayment plan for yourself. Be prepared to get specific with the representative you talk to: they’ll want to know exactly why you are unable to pay your bills. Remember to always get your new agreement in writing before submitting new payment.

Insurance Premiums

Negotiating a lower insurance premium is different than negotiating other bills: you’re unlikely to get an insurance company to reduce your rates just because you ask. But you can still find useful discounts if you’re willing to ask what they are—and put in the time and research necessary to make it happen.

Negotiation Tactics: Ask the representative to walk you through any deductible charges that could save you money and request a list of the possible discounts you may be qualified for. You’ll be surprised by how many discounts may apply to your situation—good driving habits, home security systems, and high GPAs can all lower your premiums.

Medical Bills

Medical bills are notoriously expensive. To reduce them, you should first guarantee that the bill was sent to your health insurance carrier. If it wasn’t, ask the medical provider to submit it before paying any money. If the bill has been referred to insurance and you still owe a large amount, contact the medical provider directly. Many healthcare facilities offer financial hardship programs.

Negotiation Tactics: You’ll want to negotiate your medical bills quickly, as hospitals send unpaid bills to collection agencies quickly, which could hurt your credit. If you can afford to pay a bill at once, ask if they can offer you a discount for doing so—you may be able to cut as much as 60% off your total bill just by agreeing to pay it in one lump sum.

Rent and Mortgage

You may not think of your rent and mortgage as negotiable, but you may be able to come to an agreement with your apartment complex or mortgage lender. These negotiations—especially for mortgages—may require more time and sensitivity, so be prepared to spend extra time formulating a negotiation plan.

Negotiation Tactics: If you live an apartment, try renegotiating the rent during the lease renewal phase. Many apartment and condo communities increase rents during the time period, but finding new tenants costs them time and money, so keeping you around works in their best interest. If you need to renegotiate your mortgage payments, you’ll want to pay your bills on time and let your lender know as soon as paying on time becomes an issue. Calculate how much you can afford to pay and ask to pay to the loan modification department.

Everything Else

You have the right to negotiate any service you pay for. If you find the idea intimidating, you can work with a negotiating service. They manage the research, interact with service providers, and deliver cost savings to you.

Negotiation Tactics: Junk mail also works in your favor. The circulars can be used to get a better rate with cable, phone, or Internet providers. If they refuse, you still come out ahead: you can go to the other company and enjoy savings with them.

Monthly bills don’t have to consume your paycheck. No matter what bills you want to renegotiate, make sure you do your research beforehand: look at what other providers offer and use it as leverage as you begin negotiating. Learn to negotiate or work with a service that does and keep more money in your bank account.

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Free Online Report Outlines Essential Guidelines for Flying Commercial UAVs Under Part 107 Taking Effect Today

Free Online Report Outlines Essential Guidelines for Flying Commercial UAVs
Under Part 107 Taking Effect Today

New Legislation a Key Topic at Commercial UAV Expo Beginning October 31, 2016

PORTLAND, MAINE [August 29, 2016] To coincide with the new Small UAS Rule, aka Part 107, Commercial UAV News announced today the release of a free online report that helps define what it means to legally fly drones under the new FAA regulation that went into effect today. The ruling represents a critical moment that will forever change the commercial drone industry, and the report is an accessible article that outlines the essential guidelines for non-hobbyist small unmanned aircraft (UAS) operators looking to understand the impact of Part 107 and the stipulations for flying commercial UAVs under the new legislation. A copy of “What You Need to Know to Legally Operate Your Drone Under New FAA Regulation” may be viewed and downloaded here.

Although the details around Part 107 were announced in June, today represents the first day people may legally operate a drone for commercial purposes under the new FAA regulation. The new report by Commercial UAV News helps to clarify what is required, spells out operations that are enabled and restricted, outlines what the process entails, and reveals what Part 107 covers. It also clarifies what Part 107 means for those previously cleared by the FAA to legally operate commercial drones under Section 333 Exemptions.

Created by Commercial UAV News Executive Editor Jeremiah Karpowicz, the report is the latest installment in a series of free online reports featuring exclusive insights and industry information on commercial drone use in civil infrastructure, construction, and precision agriculture, and more.

“This is an important year for commercial drone operators with the FAA comprehensive set of rules regarding operation, and Commercial UAV News wants to provide the best information possible to anyone taking a serious look at using the technology,” said Karpowicz.

The Commercial UAV News report touches on conditions and details associated with the following:
Operating requirements
Pilot certification (which formerly represented a very high barrier to entry for those who wanted to experiment with commercial drone technology)
UAS certification
Privacy issues
The Waiver Process (covering nighttime flying, operating BVLOS, flying at speeds greater than 100 mph)
Insurance considerations
Safety and asset management
Legal issues
Similarities and differences between Part 107 and a Section 333 Exemption

The impact of the new Part 107 legislation and other important new developments for commercial drone applications will also be among the hot topics and trends for discussion by UAV experts and industry leaders at the annual Commercial UAV Expo, being held October 31–November 2, 2016 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Registration is still open for the conference, considered to be the leading commercial UAV event for these industries: surveying and mapping; civil infrastructure; mining and aggregates; construction; process, power and utilities; law enforcement, emergency response, search and rescue (SAR); and precision agriculture.

Companies interested in learning about exhibiting may inquire here. Commercial UAV professionals may inquire about attending here. The full program, including speakers and abstracts, can be found here.

About Commercial UAV News
Commercial UAV News is a leading source of news, insight and analysis for the commercial drone market, focusing on Surveying & Mapping; Civil Infrastructure; Aggregates & Mining; Construction; Process, Power & Utilities; Precision Agriculture; Law Enforcement, Emergency Response and Search & Rescue (SAR). In addition to daily news and a weekly newsletter, the site features exclusive industry-specific reports about how drones are being used in various markets. Jeremiah Karpowicz is the Executive Editor.

About Commercial UAV Expo
Commercial UAV Expo is a conference and exhibition exclusively focused on the commercial drone market covering industries including Surveying & Mapping; Civil Infrastructure; Aggregates & Mining; Construction; Process, Power & Utilities; Precision Agriculture; Law Enforcement, Emergency Response and Search & Rescue (SAR). Commercial UAV Expo will take place October 31-November 2, 2016 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Commercial UAV Expo is organized by Diversified Communications, a leading organizer of conferences and trade shows with 15 years in the geospatial arena, including SPAR 3D Expo & Conference and International LiDAR Mapping Forum.

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The Rolling Stone of Technology has Hailed this Breakthrough

“The Greatest Innovation In History!”

“It is 7-Times Bigger Than Computers, Tablets And Smartphones … COMBINED!”

Even the Government Predicts That By 2020, there Will be 50 Billion New Devices Using This Technology.

Congress is crossing its fingers in hopes that it may be the ONE THING that could RESCUE the American Economy…that’s why (in an unprecedented move) Washington has just fast-tracked a radical new Technology Bill to ensure that this Breakthrough Breaks Through

It’s the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a Government-Approved 8,000% Growth!




Aaron K., Simsbury, CT David T., San Diego, CA John D., Naples, FL
“Paul, HOLY COW. You were right. This morning I awoke to a new $16,000 GREEN INCREASE on my account. It happened, just like you said. You nailed it. I made a clean crisp 400%.” “I made $18,268 in just 33 months with a single company Paul found. Paul specializes in unearthing the diamonds in the rough – before anyone else has found out about them.” “The first recommendation of Paul’s I made a 290% gain.”


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Points to Know Before Applying for Payday Loans

A payday loan is a type of short term loan you can use to cover all kind of financial liabilities until you get your next paycheck. Getting payday loans in Las Vegas Nevada is straight forward. Most of the applications for payday loans get started online, and the money immediately gets credited into the bank account of the applicant’s on the same day. The best thing about a payday loan is it’s an unsecured loan so you won’t have to use collateral such as your house, car or any other assets that may be used to secure the loan.

Anyone who is applying for a payday loan can borrow $1000 or more on their first application. It’s advisable that one should borrow only the amount needed while applying for the online payday loans Las Vegas NV. Once you repay the amount of the loan you have taken, you will be entitled to apply for payday loan again when you need.

Overall, we can say that payday loans offer an easy solution for short-term cash flow.  How can you acquire a Payday Loans Las Vegas?

Most of the payday loans are available online, so you don’t need to collect documents related to your financial history and fax the documents. The application process is relatively easy and straightforward to understand, so there are fewer chances of fraud. Usually, all you’ll have to do is fill in your full name, address, details about your monthly income, employment, next payday and amount you wish to borrow with bank account details so lenders can transfer the money.

After you submit your details, most of the time you will get a call from the payday loan provider shortly after you hit enter. You’ll often receive an email with the decision regarding your payday loan application and all the necessary information related to the application you posted.

Payday loan providers partly make their lending decision based on the amount you want to borrow compared to the amount you earn. Only borrow what you need, the less you borrow, the more likely that your application will be accepted and the smaller the amount of interest you will accrue.

By judging the details, you provide to the lenders, they decide on the amount of money to be loaned. We always advise you to fill correct information when applying for online payday loans Las Vegas NV. As these payday loans are unsecured loans, you won’t be told to keep any of your assets as collateral against the payday loan. Applying for payday loans online is very secure so never worry about your personal information getting leaked to fraudsters. If you put all the information correctly and follow the steps for applying for payday loan Las Vegas, the money could be deposited in your bank account on the very same day.

How should you repay payday loan?

You have to repay the payday loan amount with the interest accrued till the repayment date as stated by the lender. Repayment dates will be set on your paydays for ease of repayment. If you are unable to pay the loan amount when due, it is advisable that you contact the loan provider well in advance and explain the circumstances clearly. Most companies will help by setting another due date for your paydayloan. We advise you to pay as much as you can on each loan payment due as it will reduce the interest amount charged on your loan.

To Conclude

In today’s economy, many of us have not been able to save enough for a comfortable safety net. Sometimes circumstances arise when we urgently need money. Instead of fretting, apply for payday loans Las Vegas which are a convenient way to get the small loan that you need.

Author Bio: Rena is a marketer who works in cash1paydayloan as a marketing manager at Las Vegas. She has the best knowledge of both cash loan and accounting systems. She has an experience in all aspects of payday loan, home loan, car loan.

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Don’t Break The Bank: How To Cut Vehicle Costs

When you look at your monthly budget, where is all your money going? For many households, the family car is a financial black hole – but in many areas of the country, a personal vehicle is also a necessity. In order to stay within a monthly budget, then, car owners need to find a way to reduce financial outlay while still properly caring for your car

By learning basic maintenance and understanding what impacts your car’s longevity, you’ll quickly discover where you were overspending on car care in the past. Now sure where to start? Here are 3 of the simplest places to cut vehicle costs without compromising care.

Maintenance 101: The Oil Change

When you go to an auto repair shop to get your car’s oil changed, you’re paying for materials and labor, just as you would in a restaurant or department store, but the difference is that most of us can’t make a terrine or sew our own clothes. What you can do, though, is learn to change your own oil.

Oil changes typically don’t cost much; you can likely find a shop that will do it for under $30, but when you change your oil yourself, you can cut that cost in half, since you’ll just need to buy more oil. And once you learn how to change your oil, you’ll quickly find that there are other small maintenance activities that you can take on independently.

Plan Your Routes

Cars bring so much convenience to our lives, but often we take advantage of that convenience to our detriment by running errands erratically. Rather than going out and making several stops, many people run out and do an errand, backtrack or go home, and then go out again. This is a waste of fuel and with gas costs today, you’ll feel the impact of this on your wallet.

Rather than going out several times to run errands, keep trips to a minimum and avoid backtracking on your route. This will help you spend less on gas and use your time more wisely, a successful strategy all around.

Spot The Big Problems

While you should learn to perform certain types of maintenance on your own, other issues are too big for you to address independently. Tire alignment issues, for example, should always be fixed by an experienced mechanic. Your job is just to spot the problem when your tires aren’t lines up correctly.

Poor tire alignment is a big issue for your budget because it results in uneven tire wear, meaning you’ll need to replace your tires sooner than if they were lined up properly. Misalignment can also cause your car to drift and make it less fuel efficient. The sooner you address this problem, then, the more you’ll save.

Owning a car is a boon to most families, making it easier to get to work, to shuttle the kids around, or go grocery shopping, but convenience comes with a cost. Protect your wallet by minimizing the expenses associated with your car – aren’t there other things you’d rather be spending that money on?

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2 Reasons Money Shouldn’t Affect the Things You Get to Experience in Life

It’s no secret that the world is absolutely obsessed with money. It is the motivator for everything. It lurks behind intentions, it drives people to commit acts that would otherwise be thought of as unthinkable, it somehow makes it so that people who have enough of it don’t have to be responsible for their actions, it allows the most unqualified of people to run for political offices, buy their way to the tops of industries, and make the decisions of the world on behalf of people they’ve never met and have no social relations to, and it’s ultimately the world’s curse.

It can also be one of the world’s greatest blessings. It depends on how you look at it, how you use it when you have it, and if you let it motivate you in all that you do. One thing stands clear; money shouldn’t be the determining factor on if you get to experience things in life. Even though it is, here are some reasons shouldn’t affect the things you to get to experience in life:

Art Is Given Free, It Should Be Received By Everyone

Money is the reason that so many people don’t get to experience the amazing art that is in and around the world. While artists should be able to make a living off of the work that they’re creating, in it’s most pure state, art is created and given to the people for free. Any artists would rather their work be seen and would rather it affect somebody’s life in a positive way than ask a bundle of money and only allow the rich to see their work.

Art has the power to change people’s circumstances. Children who don’t otherwise have the ability to expresses themselves through art due to money should be able to use paint as a medium of change as much as anybody else. There needs to be more entities like Park West Gallery using art to change lives by tearing down the limitations caused by money or lack thereof.

Education Shouldn’t Be A Money Based Privilege

In the same regard that art shouldn’t be a hobby or an experience only allowed to those who can afford it, education lies within the same bracket. This is a hot topic for a lot of people. Some countries thrive on a system where education and college is free. It means they pay higher taxes, but it works for them because everybody receives the same benefits. Other countries operate based out of a hierarchy.

The richest go to the best schools where the money stays in the family. The rich get richer, it’s all about connections, and those who can’t afford education otherwise are forced to either work themselves to death in an attempt to reach the top of the latter, or they stay at the bottom because they weren’t lucky enough to be born with money. Either situation is wrong. Money is the world’s curse.

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Cat5 Vs Cat5e Vs Cat6

Wiring up your home with Ethernet cables is not an easy task, but you feel great when you complete this. There are many types of Ethernet cables available in the market. Though they all look same from outside and they can be easily plugged into any Ethernet port, they have some differences from each other in their working. From a number of types of Ethernet cables, let’s check some basic differences between Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 Ethernet cables.Cat5 Vs Cat5e Vs Cat6 (1)

Cat5 Ethernet Cable

Cat5 Ethernet cable is a little bit older as well as slower than the other Ethernet cable types. It’s known as Category 5 cabling. The Cat5 Ethernet cables were originally made for supporting the speed of 10Mbps to 100Mbps at 100MHz bandwidth. Yes, you can also get the speed in GBs if the cable length is shorter, but it is not guaranteed always. There are better, faster, and newer versions out there and you will not find them much in the stores and in the new systems. Still, they are having their place in the older switches, routers, and some other networking devices.

Cat5e Ethernet Cable

The Category 5 Enhanced cabling is the most common type used in the newer systems. It is an upgraded version of Cat5 cable. It supports 1k Mbps (Gigabit Ethernet) speed with 100MHz frequency. It helps to reduce crosstalk (an interference that occurs sometimes between the wires inside the cable). All these mean you will get a reliable, faster speed from the Cat5e Ethernet cable compared to Cat5.

Cat6 Ethernet Cable

With a few more improvements, the Category 6 Ethernet cabling is the next step from the Cat5. In some particular cases, it can get up to 10Gbps speed with then Cat6 would be a great choice, but it doesn’t mean it is the necessary cable type for you as Cat5e would be enough for home use. The upgraded versions always come with an improvement from their older types.

So, Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6?

It is really depending on you which type you want. You should always remember that the network speed and your internet speed are always different. Upgrading your Ethernet network cabling not always means that you can get a faster loading speed. You can get a faster file sharing speeds between the computers surely, though.

Author Bio:

Mandip is a graduate in Information and Technology. He is a passionate blogger, SEO Specialist, and a Software Developer. He loves to write on technology, SEO, Internet Tips and Tricks. Currently he blogs at Best On Internet.

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The Former Wall Street investor and #1-rated trade alert expert Kyle Fisher shares his method



I’ve been a very profitable swing trader over the years and one of the things I’m most proud of is how completely transparent I’ve been when it comes to our trading history. Even though our history has been absolutely phenomenal, I always publish all of our trades–including the ones that didn’t work out. I’ve built technical analysis algos and scans that I use to find consistent, multi-day swing trade ideas and then alert our members to both long or short positions. Our results recently have been almost unreal. We’ve been finding huge winners using 2 new algos / scans I built and I talk about some of those things in this latest video…

Why is that important? Because it’s critical that as a trader you get the support you need to beat the market.

Read some of the amazing reviews we’ve gotten recently on Investimonials and other 3rd party reviewing sites:

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New OpenVPN Licensing in AWS Marketplace Simplifies Managing Remote Access and Cloud Security

OpenVPN Technologies Inc. is bringing its award-winning software to AWS Marketplace, simplifying how businesses securely access their networks.

PLEASANTON, Calif., August 19, 2016 –OpenVPN Technologies Inc, ( a leading provider of open source Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN, launched a new product licensing model available in Amazon Web Services Marketplace (AWS Marketplace), giving any size company worldwide access to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution. This provides employees safe and secure remote access to their private networks.

Security and Privacy on the Cloud

Technology has created a plethora of connection choices and with this IT, pain points can arise for business owners, or anyone else trying to manage company-owned and private devices connecting in the office or at home. Employees working remotely need flexibility and typically use their own devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets and cell phones, for work tasks. They are connecting over home broadband or Wi-Fi hotspots, each presenting potential security challenges.

OpenVPN provides the ability to create a secure platform for all device connections across public or private networks and addresses the end point security risk. By encrypting and tunneling traffic with OpenVPN, customers limit the size of the user access area and the overall security footprint decreases. This makes monitoring and securing company resources more manageable.

“Expanding into new distribution channels like AWS Marketplace increases the OpenVPN geographic footprint, helping us to better serve our clients around the world as they migrate to the AWS Cloud. This change really fits with our blueprint for enterprise-grade cloud VPN services, targeting small to large enterprises,” says said Francis Dinha, CEO of OpenVPN Technologies Inc.

“Customers today want not only the cost-savings and scaling benefits of shifting their network infrastructure to the cloud, but also secure management of their data,” said Barry Russell, General Manager, Global Business Development, AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services. “OpenVPN’s new licensing model via AWS Marketplace combines rapid procurement and deployment with an easy-to-use, cost-effective method to migrate and scale business on the AWS Cloud, while leveraging the security that AWS and OpenVPN offer via the shared responsibility model.”

OPENVPN TIERED Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)

Available in AWS Marketplace

The new AMIs provide fully compliant OpenVPN Access Server software licenses bundled with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances.

Product Features: Through AWS Marketplace, businesses can pay as they go for OpenVPN products with no upfront costs or long-term investments. Additional benefits include bundled billing options from AWS, automatic license activation, ability to scale resources and modify instances without affecting license validity. We also support OpenVPN Client software on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms. OpenVPN ticket support is included to ensure businesses receive top-notch support from our customer service team

“Making the solution available in AWS Marketplace means that OpenVPN users can embrace the full potential of mobile devices and the BYOD approach without compromising security, compliance, or manageability. We take our mission very seriously and are committed to working with leading cloud providers like AWS to help businesses of all sizes leverage the cloud to address their business needs,” says Gary McCloud, head of Business Development at OpenVPN.

“Our new licensing model is appropriate to cloud environments such as AWS. Now we’ve enhanced our capabilities as a VPN management platform for clients to confidently source and procure capacity from AWS and other cloud ecosystems, as well as providing the critical connections required to seamlessly transition work to the cloud,” says Dinha.

OPENVPN TECHNOLOGIES INC. is a privately held company based in Pleasanton, California, integrating a suite of leading-edge networking and software technologies. OpenVPN, our award-winning open source VPN product, has established itself as a de-facto standard in the open source networking space, with over 10 million users since inception. OpenVPN is the provider of next-generation secure and web scalable communication services, implementing its business plan by offering its enterprise software product targeting businesses of all sizes and Private Tunnel product targeting all consumers around the globe.

Forward-Looking Statements

Forward-looking statements made in this release are pursuant to the “safe harbor” provision of the Private Securities Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements made by OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. are not a guarantee of future performance.

For more information about OpenVPN and its products, go to:


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