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3 Ways to Learn to Do Something Without Spending Money On College

There is such a stress put on people today that they have to go to college or university to learn a trade and this simply isn’t true. Though college holds value for everybody, there are so many things in this world that don’t require that you enroll and take formal classes in a university type setting. Technology aims to make the world easier to live in, not make people sit in classrooms and waste time, money, energy, and daylight hours learning learning a skill that could be learned in half the time through a different format.

If you’re not about going to college to learn a skill, here are 3 ways to learn to do something without spending money on inflated college credits:

Do Online Courses

Online courses are always a good option because they allow you to go at your own pace, they’re accessible to anyone, and they’re often far less expensive than formal college courses. Online courses don’t even have to fall under the guise of a particular school. You could do an online course to learn web design, or guitar. You could do an online course to learn a new language and have mentors work with you over skype. The sky’s the limit, so look up whatever you’re interesting in and make it happen.

Hit Up Youtube

Youtube is one of the best resources available for learning a skill. Of course you have to be careful what videos you’re watching because you never know if somebody’s technique is correct or if the facts you’re learning are right, but you can generally gage that by the number of views and the comments in the feed. If you want to learn a skill for free, youtube is your go-to.

All you have to do is navigate to the page, type your inquiry into the search box, and you’ll find something to go off of. Want to learn to tap dance? No problem. Having trouble with your math homework? No problem. Tutors, tutorials, and anything and everything else is available via Youtube.

Do A Trade

If you have a particular skill set that another person is interested in, you could always do a trade for lessons. This way, you’re not spending any money, but both parties are getting something out of the time they’re dedicating to teaching their skill. It’s a perfect way to make everybody happy, as money is short and when you don’t have to spend it to learn to do something, it’s a major plus.

In any case, there are always other options for learning how to do something that doesn’t include putting yourself in debt to get through school. If online formats fail and you can’t find anybody to trade with, pick up a book.That’s how it’s been done for centuries.

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