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Things to consider before buying a Pen drive

Technology, today, has made data that would otherwise run for books portable. This means that information can be carried everywhere. This has facilitated sharing of information. Giving presentations and making projects is easier than ever before. One useful portable data device is the pen drive. The feature that sets the pen drive above other portable storage devices is its size. It is small enough to be carried everywhere but big enough too to fish out from the pile of books and paper on your table. This is what makes it so popular. Everyone seems to have one these days. It is one of those devices which are considered a milestone invention.

With the pen drive being so important, you must buy the right one for yourself. Depending on your need and preferences choose the perfect pen drive for yourself but do not forget some classic rules which are applicable to all.

1. Size-

Since the whole point of a pen drive is to buy a small portable storage device, therefore, you should opt for one small in size. Some people go wrong here. Remember that something too small is prone to getting lost and you definitely don’t want to lose all your data. It is important to make sure that go for a size which you can carry everywhere and keep a track of as well.

Another problem with the size can be the difficulty in plugging in the pen drive. Smaller pen drives are difficult to insert and remove. There are a lot of fancy pen drives available in the market. They have bodies shaped like various objects, for example, the minions. These pen drives are definitely cute but are very difficult to carry around. Also, pen drives last for a long time and if you opt for a fancy one you might have to buy another one since you cannot really carry your game changing presentation on a minion pen drive.

2. Brand-

With electronics, it is better to stick with a brand. The same rule applies to pen drives. Make sure you buy a pen drive from a trustworthy and popular brand.  A big problem with non-branded pen drives is that it cannot retain data. So it basically loses all the data once it is plugged out of the computer and that is the last thing anyone wants. Another problem can be the constant attack of viruses. This turns into a bigger problem when the virus gets transmitted to the computer in which the pen drive is plugged in.

3. Storage-

Since the ultimate goal of this device is to make data portable, therefore, you should aim for a pen drive with high storage space. The more the storage space, the better it is. With an increase in the average storage space of pen drives, don’t buy one which is less than 8GB.

4, Transfer Speed-

This is not commonly known, but your laptop has 2 types of USB ports- one is 2.0, and the other is 3.0. Now if you plug a 2.0 pen drive in either of the slots, the data gets transferred at the same speed, but if you insert a 3.0 pen drive in the 2.0 slot, then it works at the speed of 2.0 pen drive which is less than the speed of 3.0 pen drive in the 3.0 slot. Therefore, make sure you buy a 3.0 pen drive.

With the season of sale, there are various online offers on pen drives. So make sure you buy a new one keeping all the above-mentioned tips in mind.

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