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Factors to consider before you Buy Your Favourite Refrigerator?

Local or online, all consumer electronic outlets offer great deals on appliances year round, seasonal offers like summer sales, or festival offers.

If you do a search on the Internet, you will find great refrigerator offers of specific types and capacities within your budget. Most comparison websites assess the models based on several features and list the best choices at those prices. Choose one within your price limit, shop around for discounts on these models and buy it at the best offer available.

Factors to consider

What should you look for in a refrigerator, apart from the size or capacity?

  • Energy consumption

When you are shopping for a refrigerator, one thing you should always keep in mind is the energy efficiency. A refrigerator consumes a lot of electricity, contributing a good percentage towards your electricity cost each month. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency rates most single and double door models and gives them star ratings based on their energy efficiency. A 5 star rating is the highest and indicates maximum energy efficiency for the capacity and features offered in that model.

  • Capacity

The capacity of a refrigerator is measured in litres. It indicates the maximum content that the refrigerator can comfortably store and keep cool simultaneously. The capacity you need depends on the size you’re of family.

Never go for a larger capacity model unless you absolutely need it. Remember, increase in storage space translates into increase in power consumption.

  • Number of doors

There is the single door model, known as Direct Cool refrigerators. In this type, the freezer is small and is inside the main unit.

The Frost-free refrigerators have multiple doors, the most common being the double door model. In this, the freezer compartment is separated from the refrigerator unit.

Multiple door refrigerators are also becoming a popular choice where the space, aesthetics, and additional features are given higher consideration than the price.

  • Price of the model?

Price is the most important consideration when shopping for appliances. What is your budget and what capacity do you need for your family? If you are looking for a fridge under Rs.15,000, you have many good choices in single door direct cool models from leading brands like LG, Godrej, Samsung, and Haier. You can also get further discounts at showrooms or online stores. Choose well and get a great refrigerator for your budget.

If you are willing to go beyond the Rs.20,000 bracket but with an upper limit of Rs.30,000, you can find great options in double Door Frost Free models from top brands. Look for seasonal refrigerator offers from local shops and online stores and find great deals on refrigerators.


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