The Most Valuable Big Data Certifications for 2016

The intersection between profitability and technology has never been greater than it is right now. One of the areas of technology businesses all over the world are focusing on right now is big data. Big data software and platforms are allowing even the smallest of businesses to gain the insights and intelligence they need to compete with large, multinational corporations.

In an effort to provide in-depth training and knowledge for people who want to turn an understanding of big data into money, whether that’s in terms of a higher salary or a faster-growing business, there are many certification programs available. These certifications highlight different software platforms and approaches to big data and business intelligence.

Below are some of the certifications that tend to create the most value for recipients.

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

The CAP certification is one that is designed for high-level analytics professionals. There is a rigorous exam that includes technical credentials, but also requires mastery of soft skills and dedication to adhering to the CAP Code of Ethics. This certificate is designed for people who are in charge of authorizing or maintaining information systems, and it includes a big focus on the ability to identify and assess risk, as well as implementing security protocols.


CPEE certification, offered by the International School of Engineering, is a globally-recognized program that includes topics such as Spark and deep learning. The areas covered by this particular certification are broad and are used in more than 95% of data science programs throughout the globe.

Tableau Training

Tableau, and more specifically, Tableau Desktop 9, is a software product that paves the way not just to analyze and explore, but also present data more quickly and in a more aesthetically appealing way. Users of Tableau can benefit from the instant visual representation of data, and can gain a deeper level of insight. Geographic questions can be answered using the Smart Maps feature, and the use of spreadsheets are eliminated with Data Preparation features. Tableau training helps participants become experts in how they use and maximize this software.

Hadoop Training

There are quite a few certification and training programs centering around Hadoop, and many of them can be a valuable way to make more money by gaining a stronger understanding of big data and its role in the business world. Hadoop is a Java-based framework that lets big data sets be processed more effectively and efficiently. Many of the Hadoop training and certification programs focus on not just mastering the skills required for optimization, but also on practical, hands-on experience.

If you’re searching for a way to either improve the revenue of your business or increase your salary through the use of technology, exploring one of the many big data-related certification programs is an excellent way to achieve those goals. Big data is clearly here to stay, and those individuals and organizations that can harness the power of big data most effectively are the most likely to be successful well.