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Ways Your Tie With Your Cellphone is Putting You in Danger

Technology has a great capacity for both good and evil. If you think about it, it’s the innovations in technology that have caused some of the greatest massacres of human life of all time. Think about war and the nuclear bomb. Guns and nukes cause more death in an instant than any other weapon could.

On the other end of the spectrum, technological advancements have also been the cause for so much good in the world as well. Advancements in society wouldn’t happen without the necessity that makes the way for invention. Humans have a great capacity for both good and evil, as well, so no matter what the outlet, danger is eminent.

Did you know that you have a weapon of mass destruction right at your fingertips a majority of your waking life? You might not be physically killing people with it, but you are putting yourself in danger. What is the weapon of choice? Your cellphone. Here’s how your tie with your cellphone is putting you in danger:

Your Location is Always Known

Whether you’re checking into a location or just sitting at home on your couch, somebody in the world knows exactly where you are because of your cellphone. You don’t even have to physically say where you are. You see the location setting when you post on Facebook? A simple status or repost of a photo will broadcast to the world where you are. This means your security is always at risk no matter what you might think.

The reality of this situation is likely worse than you think. If the government probably is watching you right now and thanks to all the apps that let everyone know your business, so does your friend because their phone just alerted them that they’re only a mile away from you.

You’re Not Paying Attention When Out

If you’re driving but you’re also texting your friends, snap chatting a picture of the traffic or the sunset, navigating music on spotify, setting up the GPS, or you’re walking down the side of the road engrossed in your technological gadgets and not paying attention to the guy who’s about to mug you or assault you, you’re putting yourself in great danger.

When you’re not aware of your surroundings things get dicey, so if you have a habit of doing any of these things, plus more, keep yourself in check for your own safety.

The tie you have to your cell phone puts you in more danger than you realize. Cell phones aren’t bad in and of themselves, but if you’re out and about and somebody knows you’re not home because your location tag tells them so, your kids who are home alone might be at risk. You’ve got to take the prerogative to keep yourself and your children safe.

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