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Chat Services and Your Business

One of the newest ways to interact with customers is through an e-chat service. Using chat services provides that human interaction that can be missing when using the internet to arrange purchases. Chat services provide another image to the customer that your business is professional and trustworthy.

Customers Like Chats

A study by the Forrester Research Company showed that of the top 100 online retail companies over half used chat services to assist their customers. Most of us have purchased items online. Despite the descriptions provided by the company, don’t most of us have a question or two that are not answered by the information provided? Clearly, contact with a knowledgeable company representative could easily alieve concerns such as will the item fit, will it perform all the tasks I need or other specific concerns. These are the types of customer issues that will cause your potential customer to look elsewhere. Of course, as a business owner you want to immediately reassure your clients.

Chats Are Effective

Chats provide instant response to customers. Studies show that customers who use chat services are three times more likely in the end to purchase your merchandise. Customers who use chats are also more likely to return later on to purchase within 24 hours to the same site. Customers vote their chat experiences highly and appreciate the human touch it provides.

Chats allow your representatives the experience to convert a visit into a sale. They can in a professional way determine the needs of the customer and show your clients how your product fills those needs. They can also double check any arrangements that need to be made for payment or delivery of the product.

Chats are Economical

Online chat services are also cheaper than using the telephone or a call center. And, they cheaper than using a brick and mortar employee. Yet, they provide most of the interaction customers need. This can be at a cost of 80% less which clearly adds to the profits of your company. Chat representatives also have the opportunity to upsell and studies show this is successful. Internet chat customers result in sales amounts that are 35% higher than those customers who simply order online.

Chats are Professional

Chats provide an expertly trained person to greet and interact with your customers. The chat representative will interact with customers the same way that you would like to be treated. Chat representatives undergo training to understand and serve the needs of the customer. And, chat representatives can work up to 24 hours a day if you wish. If your company deals with several time zones or international clients, chat services will prevent your customers from having to have to wait until the next day. By that time, clients often find other resources that don’t require them to wait.

Using live chat services is a direct way to increase your sales and profit at the same time. Using a live chat service clearly benefits both your customers and your company.

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