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Month: July 2016

3 Ways to Learn to Do Something Without Spending Money On College

There is such a stress put on people today that they have to go to college or university to learn a trade and this simply isn’t true. Though college holds value for everybody, there are so many things in this world that don’t require that you enroll and take formal classes in a university type setting. Technology aims to make the world easier to live in, not make people sit in classrooms and waste time, money, energy, and daylight hours learning learning a skill that could be learned in half the time through a different format.

If you’re not about going to college to learn a skill, here are 3 ways to learn to do something without spending money on inflated college credits:

Do Online Courses

Online courses are always a good option because they allow you to go at your own pace, they’re accessible to anyone, and they’re often far less expensive than formal college courses. Online courses don’t even have to fall under the guise of a particular school. You could do an online course to learn web design, or guitar. You could do an online course to learn a new language and have mentors work with you over skype. The sky’s the limit, so look up whatever you’re interesting in and make it happen.

Hit Up Youtube

Youtube is one of the best resources available for learning a skill. Of course you have to be careful what videos you’re watching because you never know if somebody’s technique is correct or if the facts you’re learning are right, but you can generally gage that by the number of views and the comments in the feed. If you want to learn a skill for free, youtube is your go-to.

All you have to do is navigate to the page, type your inquiry into the search box, and you’ll find something to go off of. Want to learn to tap dance? No problem. Having trouble with your math homework? No problem. Tutors, tutorials, and anything and everything else is available via Youtube.

Do A Trade

If you have a particular skill set that another person is interested in, you could always do a trade for lessons. This way, you’re not spending any money, but both parties are getting something out of the time they’re dedicating to teaching their skill. It’s a perfect way to make everybody happy, as money is short and when you don’t have to spend it to learn to do something, it’s a major plus.

In any case, there are always other options for learning how to do something that doesn’t include putting yourself in debt to get through school. If online formats fail and you can’t find anybody to trade with, pick up a book.That’s how it’s been done for centuries.

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Things to consider before buying a Pen drive

Technology, today, has made data that would otherwise run for books portable. This means that information can be carried everywhere. This has facilitated sharing of information. Giving presentations and making projects is easier than ever before. One useful portable data device is the pen drive. The feature that sets the pen drive above other portable storage devices is its size. It is small enough to be carried everywhere but big enough too to fish out from the pile of books and paper on your table. This is what makes it so popular. Everyone seems to have one these days. It is one of those devices which are considered a milestone invention.

With the pen drive being so important, you must buy the right one for yourself. Depending on your need and preferences choose the perfect pen drive for yourself but do not forget some classic rules which are applicable to all.

1. Size-

Since the whole point of a pen drive is to buy a small portable storage device, therefore, you should opt for one small in size. Some people go wrong here. Remember that something too small is prone to getting lost and you definitely don’t want to lose all your data. It is important to make sure that go for a size which you can carry everywhere and keep a track of as well.

Another problem with the size can be the difficulty in plugging in the pen drive. Smaller pen drives are difficult to insert and remove. There are a lot of fancy pen drives available in the market. They have bodies shaped like various objects, for example, the minions. These pen drives are definitely cute but are very difficult to carry around. Also, pen drives last for a long time and if you opt for a fancy one you might have to buy another one since you cannot really carry your game changing presentation on a minion pen drive.

2. Brand-

With electronics, it is better to stick with a brand. The same rule applies to pen drives. Make sure you buy a pen drive from a trustworthy and popular brand.  A big problem with non-branded pen drives is that it cannot retain data. So it basically loses all the data once it is plugged out of the computer and that is the last thing anyone wants. Another problem can be the constant attack of viruses. This turns into a bigger problem when the virus gets transmitted to the computer in which the pen drive is plugged in.

3. Storage-

Since the ultimate goal of this device is to make data portable, therefore, you should aim for a pen drive with high storage space. The more the storage space, the better it is. With an increase in the average storage space of pen drives, don’t buy one which is less than 8GB.

4, Transfer Speed-

This is not commonly known, but your laptop has 2 types of USB ports- one is 2.0, and the other is 3.0. Now if you plug a 2.0 pen drive in either of the slots, the data gets transferred at the same speed, but if you insert a 3.0 pen drive in the 2.0 slot, then it works at the speed of 2.0 pen drive which is less than the speed of 3.0 pen drive in the 3.0 slot. Therefore, make sure you buy a 3.0 pen drive.

With the season of sale, there are various online offers on pen drives. So make sure you buy a new one keeping all the above-mentioned tips in mind.

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Factors to consider before you Buy Your Favourite Refrigerator?

Local or online, all consumer electronic outlets offer great deals on appliances year round, seasonal offers like summer sales, or festival offers.

If you do a search on the Internet, you will find great refrigerator offers of specific types and capacities within your budget. Most comparison websites assess the models based on several features and list the best choices at those prices. Choose one within your price limit, shop around for discounts on these models and buy it at the best offer available.

Factors to consider

What should you look for in a refrigerator, apart from the size or capacity?

  • Energy consumption

When you are shopping for a refrigerator, one thing you should always keep in mind is the energy efficiency. A refrigerator consumes a lot of electricity, contributing a good percentage towards your electricity cost each month. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency rates most single and double door models and gives them star ratings based on their energy efficiency. A 5 star rating is the highest and indicates maximum energy efficiency for the capacity and features offered in that model.

  • Capacity

The capacity of a refrigerator is measured in litres. It indicates the maximum content that the refrigerator can comfortably store and keep cool simultaneously. The capacity you need depends on the size you’re of family.

Never go for a larger capacity model unless you absolutely need it. Remember, increase in storage space translates into increase in power consumption.

  • Number of doors

There is the single door model, known as Direct Cool refrigerators. In this type, the freezer is small and is inside the main unit.

The Frost-free refrigerators have multiple doors, the most common being the double door model. In this, the freezer compartment is separated from the refrigerator unit.

Multiple door refrigerators are also becoming a popular choice where the space, aesthetics, and additional features are given higher consideration than the price.

  • Price of the model?

Price is the most important consideration when shopping for appliances. What is your budget and what capacity do you need for your family? If you are looking for a fridge under Rs.15,000, you have many good choices in single door direct cool models from leading brands like LG, Godrej, Samsung, and Haier. You can also get further discounts at showrooms or online stores. Choose well and get a great refrigerator for your budget.

If you are willing to go beyond the Rs.20,000 bracket but with an upper limit of Rs.30,000, you can find great options in double Door Frost Free models from top brands. Look for seasonal refrigerator offers from local shops and online stores and find great deals on refrigerators.

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What Are Social Networking and Social Media?

aboutus-KnowBe4-BuildingNetworking of any sort involves relationships. Social networking involves being actively engaged in online conversations with other people or groups of people. Communication is multidirectional because social networking is all about connecting, collaborating, and sharing information freely.

Social media are the platforms, or channels, used for social networking. Just as radio and television are communication channels, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and YouTube are communication channels as well. These sites are the tools used to share information, but they themselves are not multidirectional communication. They simply provide the foundation for social networking to take place.

Watch for That Lure; It’s Probably Obscured

Many small to medium enterprises (SMEs) spend a lot of time and effort marketing their brands, products, and services on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Today, these social media channels are valuable tools that any SME can use to reach its target audience. The social networking environment feels safe and friendly. Because of this, our guard is down when commenting, Tweeting, or instant messaging on these sites. This is especially true when the communication is associated with a known and trusted organization.

Cybercriminals expect you to be relaxed and at ease on social networking sites. As a matter of fact, they’re dependent on your guard being down in order for their scams to work.

However, the enticing ad, the email, or the direct message from a Twitter follower or Facebook friend are all you need to become a victim. The success of every phishing scheme depends on a few things:

* Your lack of knowledge: Fortunately for you, you’re learning about the dangers lurking on social networking sites. Knowledge of the different types of fraudulent activities in cyberspace is one of your most powerful weapons against cybercriminals.

* Your lack of attention: Nobody’s perfect. Even those of us who are knowledge- able about the ins and outs of cybercriminal behavior may accidentally click a link. Many times, these mistakes result from not being alert when clicking.

A follower is a Twitter user who subscribes to another Twitter user’s Tweets. Followers see Tweets from these subscriptions on their own home page.

Paying for Services You Don’t Want or Need

Cybercriminals are experts at hiding or waxing over information to prevent you from knowing the truth. One example you’ll find on Twitter is a service claiming to get you thousands of followers quickly. This is an appealing offer to an SME wanting to build a following quickly.

The criminals say that they do this by identifying other Twitter users who autofollow anyone who follows them. They may also claim to have users segregated by interests or geographic location so you can be sure your Tweets are targeted to the right market.

Even if you’re charged for the service and the efforts are successful, cybercriminals who get you followers this way are similar to spammers who sell email addresses. Be careful accepting such offers because you could be accused of sending Twitter spam and be banned from Twitter.

Another example is work-at-home advertisements that promise to help you make easy money. You use your credit card to sign up for a modest fee. Then you’re charged a recurring monthly fee to receive additional tips, but the explanation of the amounts you pay is hidden or nonexistent. If you discover any charges, contact your credit card company within 60 days of the charge and put your request in writing in order to get your money back.

Twitter Precautions

Be extremely wary of short links that offer you coupons, prizes, gift cards, or work- at-home opportunities.

Many free services, such as Twitpic, are designed to enhance your time spent on Twitter. However, don’t assume that every service with “twitt” or “tweet” in its name is legitimate. If you’re interested in using a free app or service, search for the name on the Internet and read independent reviews first.

Facebook Precautions

SMEs should regularly review the security of their company Facebook pages and any associated campaigns. Adjust your Business Page settings and permissions, and be sure to continuously monitor the comments and discussions taking place on your Business Page wall.

In addition, listing your workplace or company affiliation on Facebook is fine as long as you protect yourself while you’re at work. Edit your personal profile application and website settings on Facebook to limit access to your information. Here’s how:

1. On the far top right of your Profile page, click the down arrow and scroll down to and click Settings, then click Privacy at the left. The Privacy Settings and Tools page appears.

2. Click Apps on the left side. The Privacy Settings and Tools > Apps Settings page appears.

3. Edit the appropriate settings to adjust who sees your information

Stu Sjouwerman, founder and CEO of KnowBe4 KnowBe4 hosts the world’s most popular integrated Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform. Realizing that the human element of security was being seriously neglected, Sjouwerman teamed with Kevin Mitnick, the world’s most famous hacker, to help organization manage the problem of cybercrime social engineering tactics through new school security awareness training. Sjouwerman is the author of four books, with his latest being Cyberheist: The Biggest Financial Threat Facing American Businesses.

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The Growing Popularity of Online Casinos

Casinos and the Internet

The widespread use of the Internet continues to transform the gambling industry. Once considered a shady practice, online gambling is now widely accepted. Every year online casinos take a larger share of the market as the money wagered online grows at a rapid pace.

Modern online casinos use cutting-edge software technology to ensure security for their customers. As online gambling has come to be widely accepted in the mainstream of the gambling industry, major online casinos now register with the gambling authorities and follow their regulations. As online casinos push for a greater share of the overall gambling market, they know that their credibility and trustworthiness will be crucial.


All of these features have combined to make online casinos a significant part of the gambling industry. It is likely that they will continue to grow in popularity in the coming years as they broaden their appeal across more of the market, and may even overtake traditional casinos as the major source for gambling.

The Growing Popularity of Online Casinos

As online casinos overcome some of their major drawbacks, there are a few key features that are making them even more appealing than traditional casinos:

• The main attraction of online gambling is definitely its convenience. Gamblers don’t need to get to a physical casino or waste money on expensive drinks and meals. They can just turn on their computer, log into their favorite online casino, and then start playing immediately.

• Modern online casinos are very new player friendly. They feature a helpful instruction page and often tutorials on how to play all the games. All players can do whatever they want at their own pace, whether they are seasoned pros or brand new to gambling. Furthermore, there is usually a customer service representative that is always available through online chat, phone or email.

• Many online casinos feature promotional offers where new players can play online for free. These promotional offers allow you to check out their various games and software, while enjoying risk-free playing. Most players use these offers to practice their techniques for free before they deposit real money into their account at the online casino.

• Most online casinos feature an enormous number of different games to choose from that will appeal to players of every stripe. It is not uncommon for an online casino to have over 100 different kinds of games to choose from.

• Many online casinos will appeal to a broad range of customers by offering alternative forms of gambling. They will allow gamblers to place wagers on tournaments or sporting events from across the world.

• The biggest concern with online casinos has always been security and safety. Fortunately, the means of certifying the validity of an online casino have improved dramatically in the last ten years.

All of these features have combined to make online casinos a significant part of the gambling industry. It is likely that they will continue to grow in popularity in the coming years as they broaden their appeal across more of the market, and may even overtake traditional casinos as the major source for gambling.

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Smiles Unlimited Dental Centre: Review

I was having a bad toothache the other day so I started searching on the internet and I found Smiles Unlimited dental centre. Smiles Unlimited dental centre is your top choice for dental implants. They are your best dentistry center in the Vancouver area. For  all of your dentistry needs Smiles Unlimited dentist centre is your best choice. They offer single tooth replacement and multiple tooth replacement. Smiles Unlimited will provide you with the best of care for your teeth. They will provide you with implant supported dentures and implant retained dentures. They do the best dental implants in the Vancouver area and they are very professional when they are working on your


They will also provide you with specialized care for your  teeth.They really do a great job fixing someone’s teeth when they need their teeth fixed with dentures. I would definitely recommend Smiles Unlimited Dental Centre to anyone. If you need implants on your teeth give Smiles Unlimited dental centre a call at ( 604.939.6111 ).

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Annuity Educator: Review

lsWhile I was searching on the internet one day for retirement insurance, because I needed some retirement insurance I came across a great website entitled Annuity Educator. They offer all types of annuity insurance. I decided to called them for a quote. They did a great job letting me know about all the different types of annuity insurance that they offer. If you need your retirement insurance and searching on the internet for insurance try Annuity Educators.

I really love the great work that Annuity Educators do, they’re the best.Annuity Educators have so many great annuities to help you with your retirement needs whenever you need them. And also they will definitely help you with annuity comparison when you are trying to figure out which annuity plan works best for you. They will make sure that you get the best annuity plan when you choose them. I am going to recommend Annuity Educators to my family and friends. Annuity Educators are truly the best at getting you the insurance that you need.

lsPlease give them a call ( 949 )-398-2200 and visit the website, too.
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The Most Valuable Big Data Certifications for 2016

The intersection between profitability and technology has never been greater than it is right now. One of the areas of technology businesses all over the world are focusing on right now is big data. Big data software and platforms are allowing even the smallest of businesses to gain the insights and intelligence they need to compete with large, multinational corporations.

In an effort to provide in-depth training and knowledge for people who want to turn an understanding of big data into money, whether that’s in terms of a higher salary or a faster-growing business, there are many certification programs available. These certifications highlight different software platforms and approaches to big data and business intelligence.

Below are some of the certifications that tend to create the most value for recipients.

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

The CAP certification is one that is designed for high-level analytics professionals. There is a rigorous exam that includes technical credentials, but also requires mastery of soft skills and dedication to adhering to the CAP Code of Ethics. This certificate is designed for people who are in charge of authorizing or maintaining information systems, and it includes a big focus on the ability to identify and assess risk, as well as implementing security protocols.


CPEE certification, offered by the International School of Engineering, is a globally-recognized program that includes topics such as Spark and deep learning. The areas covered by this particular certification are broad and are used in more than 95% of data science programs throughout the globe.

Tableau Training

Tableau, and more specifically, Tableau Desktop 9, is a software product that paves the way not just to analyze and explore, but also present data more quickly and in a more aesthetically appealing way. Users of Tableau can benefit from the instant visual representation of data, and can gain a deeper level of insight. Geographic questions can be answered using the Smart Maps feature, and the use of spreadsheets are eliminated with Data Preparation features. Tableau training helps participants become experts in how they use and maximize this software.

Hadoop Training

There are quite a few certification and training programs centering around Hadoop, and many of them can be a valuable way to make more money by gaining a stronger understanding of big data and its role in the business world. Hadoop is a Java-based framework that lets big data sets be processed more effectively and efficiently. Many of the Hadoop training and certification programs focus on not just mastering the skills required for optimization, but also on practical, hands-on experience.

If you’re searching for a way to either improve the revenue of your business or increase your salary through the use of technology, exploring one of the many big data-related certification programs is an excellent way to achieve those goals. Big data is clearly here to stay, and those individuals and organizations that can harness the power of big data most effectively are the most likely to be successful well.

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Building Relationships with Your Blog Readers

When you are working to turn your blog from a hobby into something that makes you real revenue, one of the most important things to remember is that it’s all about relationships. Relationships are essential when it comes to blogging success because this is what’s going to ensure you have loyal traffic, and it’s also what will allow you to strengthen you affiliate marketing efforts.

When you build relationships with your readers, they’re more likely to see you as trustworthy, which in turn means they’re also more likely to buy the products you’re recommending through your affiliate marketing program. The result? More money.

Below are some simple tips you can follow to strengthen your bond with your readers.

Give Your Readers What They Want…And Need

It’s essential that you think carefully about your audience and who you hope to target throughout every step of the process required to build a new blog. Only when you have an in-depth understanding of your audience are you going to be able to create consistent content that is valuable to them. This means your posts and content are going to solve a problem, help them achieve a goal, appeal to them on an emotional level, or give them some kind of insight that’s relevant to their lives.

Create Discussion In Your Comments

If you take a look at some of the best blogs, there’s something many have in common, and that’s an active comments section under each post. If you want to start making money from your blog, work to cultivate pertinent discussions in your comment boards. When people share their thoughts and questions, make sure you’re responding. It’s this two-way dialogue that’s going to not only help you build individual reader relationships, but is also going to show your general audience that you care about what they have to say and that you’re active on the site.

Be Authoritative

If you’re going to post something on your blog that might need an external reference link to back it up, make sure you include that. One of the fastest ways to destroy relationships with readers is to post something that’s factually incorrect, and it can completely destroy the credibility you’ve worked so hard to build.

Go Through Multiple Channels

Beyond just focusing on creating reader-driven, quality content and engaging with your readers in the comments section of your blog, it’s also important to go through other channels as well. Make sure you’re reaching out in as many ways as possible and different formats. For example, remain active on social media and consider sending out a weekly or monthly email newsletter to your followers. These are just a few more ways to put a “face” to your blog and let your readers get to know you.

As a final note, it’s important to build relationships not just with readers, but also with other bloggers in your niche, so link to their sites, work on guest posting opportunities and speak out in their comment boards as well. This will not only help you build a network of fellow bloggers, but you can also gain exposure.

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Does Your Company Need Management Consultants?

When you have been doing business for a while, you’d notice that you need excellent managers to get projects done on time. In addition to your in-house managers, you may have heard of certain companies hiring management consultants. Who exactly are they? Do they improve anything considering what you pay? Read ahead to find out.

Management Consultants Help Companies Grow

Management consultants are professionals who help businesses grow and solve problems that may hinder growth or performance. Sometimes, it’s difficult to spot problems from the inside. Outsiders like consultants will have keen perspectives and necessary experience to spot issues that may evade even your best in-house managers. Therefore, management consultants provide a much-needed outside eye to advance your projects.  Most management consultants work with firms like Corporate Business Solutions, so you have to enter into a contract with the firm to get a consultant. This can be quite expensive. However, you should calculate the costs based on a benefits basis. For example, consider whether hiring a management consultant can push one of your projects forward. If the project is successful and generates a lot of revenue, the consultancy would have paid for itself.

They Provide Expert Skills

Management consultants are a step above regular managers. The skilled ones have enormous experience in an industry, and may also have additional training in things like financial structuring. They can bring all these expert skills to your team and provide support. Hiring a management consultant is one of the best ways to tap into esoteric business skills. On the other hand, if you hire a full-time employee with highly specialized skills, your budget could take a hit and the employee might not have enough to do all-year round.

You Can Get Insights into the Competition

Management consultants work with many companies, so they have keen insights into trends in the industry, how the consumers are behaving and also what the competition is up to. Though a respectable management consultant will never disclose another company’s business practices to yours, and vice versa, they can still guide your strategy so you have an advantage. You cannot get that level of insight from an in-house manager.


No Feelings Involved

Some companies struggle to move forward with projects due to contentious internal politics, infighting and possibly emotional investments in business. Feelings and business do not mix well. In a situation like this, a management consultant can work to mitigate and solve the internal issues with a project and allow it to move forward. If a certain project is generating controversy, a management consultant will be able to offer sober advice to your employees consumed by internal politics.

You Get Extra Help

If a project is lacking skilled personnel, and you cannot afford to hire more, you can hire a management consultant on a temporary contract. They are available on short notice, and you don’t have to conduct thorough interviews to evaluate their skills.

If your company lacks skilled managers, have limited resources or require useful insights into projects, no one will be more useful to your business than a management consultant.

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