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Ways Technology is Helping the Clean Water Crisis Today

If you live in America, clean water isn’t necessarily a concern for you in your day to day life. You can wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom, flush up to 7 gallons of water down the toilet for one use, turn on the sink, wash your face, brush your teeth, keep the faucet running, start the shower, and leisurely clean yourself giving no thought to the amount of water you’ve let go down the drain.

It’s not a cry to make you feel guilty, but one should be aware of the amount of water they’re consuming when other parts of the world are in drought and other parts of the world are facing water crises so bad that they don’t even have clean water to drink, let alone shower or pee in.

Twice the population of the United States doesn’t have access to clean water. That accounts for 663 million people who are bathing in their own waste. According to, the water crisis is the biggest concern for the world. It makes sense. Water is the elixir of life. Without it, everything dies.

Even though the threat is real and boding, there are things being done to combat this issue in the world today. Here are 3 ways technology is helping with the clean water crisis:

It’s Spreading Awareness

Technology like the internet and mobile devices are crucial because they spread news about what is going on in the world quickly. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in your own world and not think about the way that your lifestyle is affecting others. With the internet, when there is a major concern, awareness can be spread almost instantly. Awareness is the first step to solving any problem.

Necessity Creates Need For Innovation

When there isn’t a great need for something in particular, the desire to do something is less prominent. When society places a need for technologies to be developed, people around the world band together and get things done. Sure, there is opposition to these new technologies, but they do exist and they’re helping the issue.

There is a water bottle that takes the humidity out of the air and converts it to drinkable water. There are also other efforts being made to clean contaminated sources. There is a germicidal UV lightbulb that uses ultraviolet radiation to eliminate bacteria and fungi in water sources. These are huge advancements in technology that will transform the world if the world would just get out.

The issue at bay is very large and won’t be solved overnight. However, if the problem is not addressed now, things will get worse. Thanks to technology and innovation, the world can go on living as if nothing is wrong, but if things don’t change and behaviors aren’t adjusted, technology might be too late.

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