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Top 6 Smartphones of 2016

Top 6 Smartphones of 2016

Today’s consumer is spoilt for choice as there are literally thousands of Smartphones and tablets flooding the market. Here are the 6 best phones of this year:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Arguably the best Smartphone in the world today, it has a spectacular dual curved display with the screen bending around both sides to give it a unique appearance. Its futuristic design, vibrant display, impressive battery life, excellent camera and superlative performance definitely put the S7 Edge among the very best of 2016. The metal and glass chassis also ensures the phone is sturdier than its predecessors.

  • iPhone 6S Plus

Tis is the biggest iPhone to date; may not get a whole lot of marks in the looks department, but it’s an Apple phone – need we say more about the performance – and with a big screen! Powered by iOS 9 and A9 processor, this is the must-have for you if you’re an Apple aficionado; the 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera are added bonuses. If you want a cheaper model, take a look at the refurbished iPhones.

  • Nexus 6P

This is a premium, pure Android phone built by Huawei, with a 5.7-inch display, 2 GB RAM a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset and an impressive battery. It also features a 12 MP camera and a fingerprint sensor at the rear. With a metal back and a slightly more circular design, the 6P is also a pretty attractive phone in spite of its size.

  • LG G5

Geek alert! For all of you who want a phone packed with innovative, gimmicky features, this is definitely for you. Its modular design and capability of adding optional attachments like camera grip ensure that you can make a truly geeky statement. It has top-notch specs and a brilliant display and is LG’s best Smartphone to date.

  • Sony Z5 Premium

Sony rolls out the world’s first 4K Smartphone, with a 5.5-inch screen that has a resolution of 806 pixels per inch.  A fingerprint scanner can be found along the side, and it has a whopping 23 MP camera at the rear. It’s also waterproof – making it an excellent choice for parents with young kids, clumsy teenagers – or clumsy adults in general! Of course, the battery life is not great, but this gadget does have the latest tech.

  • HTC 10

If it’s battery life you’re looking for, you will hit the jackpot with this offering from HTC. It keeps the great design and the basic DNA that made the M9 a success; if anything, it has slightly improved on it. This is a premium Smartphone with great performance and a superb camera. Undoubtedly, this is HTC’s best flagship Smartphone as of now.


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