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The Way We Travel Is Changing: Here’s How

There probably aren’t a lot of people left around that can remember what it was like before vehicles were invented, and most of you are used to the paved roads that make traveling so much easier. However, while there were tons of leaps and bounds going from horse and carriage to motor vehicles, changes still keep happening.

From planes, trains, and automobiles, to trolley cars and bicycling, changes or always being made. Do you remember a time when there weren’t flex fuel vehicles? Do you remember when people didn’t spend much time concerned about the effect of vehicle chemicals and exhaust fumes damaging the air you are breathing?

Finding Ways To Own Less Cars

Depending on your concern for nature, and on where you live, you may be able to bypass the need to own your own vehicle. You could simply take the bus or hail a cab to get where you need to go. While these vehicles may still be putting pollution into the air, some companies may be doing things to give back to the community though.

You could ride a bike where you need to go. No exhaust fumes and no ozone destroying chemicals. However, it’s hard to do your big shopping errands on those two wheels. You could also walk wherever you needed to go, as long as you don’t need to lug a bunch of stuff back with you.

The Dilemma With Air Travel

Even air travel has made changes, but mostly because of security and safety. After terrorists took over planes in the US the world of flight as you know it changed. You can take less things with you on flights, you go through more security checks, and, maybe unrelated, you may be spending more on the bags you can take with you.

Traveling By Train

You can opt for traveling by train almost anywhere in the US these days, although train travel still poses risks, from problems on the tracks to the people you may meet on your train ride. There are just as many risks when you drive your car to the store or ride your bike to the park.

The point is, that there are more ways to get to point B from point A. Some ways are cheaper than others, and some are more environmentally sound than others. No matter what way you choose, the future will bring something new.

The Future Of Cars

In fact, they are currently working on smart cars that will do all of the driving for you. Who needs auto piloted planes when you can have a car that doesn’t require a person behind the wheel? They even believe that smart cars will make accidents on the road much less likely.

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