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Month: June 2016

Ways Technology is Helping the Clean Water Crisis Today

If you live in America, clean water isn’t necessarily a concern for you in your day to day life. You can wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom, flush up to 7 gallons of water down the toilet for one use, turn on the sink, wash your face, brush your teeth, keep the faucet running, start the shower, and leisurely clean yourself giving no thought to the amount of water you’ve let go down the drain.

It’s not a cry to make you feel guilty, but one should be aware of the amount of water they’re consuming when other parts of the world are in drought and other parts of the world are facing water crises so bad that they don’t even have clean water to drink, let alone shower or pee in.

Twice the population of the United States doesn’t have access to clean water. That accounts for 663 million people who are bathing in their own waste. According to, the water crisis is the biggest concern for the world. It makes sense. Water is the elixir of life. Without it, everything dies.

Even though the threat is real and boding, there are things being done to combat this issue in the world today. Here are 3 ways technology is helping with the clean water crisis:

It’s Spreading Awareness

Technology like the internet and mobile devices are crucial because they spread news about what is going on in the world quickly. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in your own world and not think about the way that your lifestyle is affecting others. With the internet, when there is a major concern, awareness can be spread almost instantly. Awareness is the first step to solving any problem.

Necessity Creates Need For Innovation

When there isn’t a great need for something in particular, the desire to do something is less prominent. When society places a need for technologies to be developed, people around the world band together and get things done. Sure, there is opposition to these new technologies, but they do exist and they’re helping the issue.

There is a water bottle that takes the humidity out of the air and converts it to drinkable water. There are also other efforts being made to clean contaminated sources. There is a germicidal UV lightbulb that uses ultraviolet radiation to eliminate bacteria and fungi in water sources. These are huge advancements in technology that will transform the world if the world would just get out.

The issue at bay is very large and won’t be solved overnight. However, if the problem is not addressed now, things will get worse. Thanks to technology and innovation, the world can go on living as if nothing is wrong, but if things don’t change and behaviors aren’t adjusted, technology might be too late.

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Spend Your Money On These Accessories If You Have An Aviation Based Career

A career in aviation is the type of career that many dream about. Most people love traveling. They love the sights they get to see while they’re away, they love the food, they love the people, and they love the excitement of the unknown.

Whether you’re a pilot, a flight attendant, a person who works on the concourse, a ticket agent, or anyone in between, if you spend your money on these accessories, your time spent in the air, in the airport, and on the ground in new and exotic locations will instantly be made more exhilarating and easy to navigate.

Comfort Clothing

Time spent in translation can be uncomfortable if you don’t have the right clothing to travel through time and space with. There’s an interesting parallel. You want to look good and professional, but you also need clothing that will allow you to do your job with maximum comfort and ease.

If you need professional clothing for your profession, there are many selections you can browse through. Otherwise, remember to pack the clothing that you feel great in so that your travels can be enhanced and not ruined by pants that are too tight and button up shirts that cut into your neck and waistline.

A Pair of Great Headphones

Traveling means there is going to be a lot of time spent killing time. Working in aviation, you probably have a laundry list of things to do, but when you’re in between flights or have time to kill, it’s important that you have a great pair of headphones so that you can both cut out the noise you don’t want to hear around you and listen to the tunes that make you happy.

Music is crucial is making memories that you’ll remember forever. Have you ever heard a song and had it instantly transport you in time to a place and moment that you loved? When you work in aviation, a wonderful pair of headphones is an asset you don’t want to find yourself without for many reasons.

A Durable and Mobile Suitcase

Seeing as you work in a place where your luggage is getting checked multiple times a week, it’s crucial that your luggage is both durable and mobile There is nothing worse than being in a hurry and having your suitcase catch you up and make you late for your shift. When looking for a suitcase for your overnight flights, find something with flexible wheels and multiple ways to carry and pack it away.  

There are so many advancements in technology that make a life of travel that much easier. Look into the things that do just that for you and the job that you love will become even more enjoyable to you.

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Hensarling Repeal Proposal Would Double Debit Card Fees Paid by Retailers and Consumers

WASHINGTON, June 23, 2016 – The National Retail Federation today said Congress should reject a proposal from the head of the House Financial Services Committee to repeal a cap on debit card swipe fees that has saved consumers billions of dollars over the past five years.

“Repealing this cap would double the fees that banks charge retailers and their customers when they use a debit card to pay for purchases,” NRF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Mallory Duncan said. “Doubling swipe fees and driving up prices paid by consumers seems like a strange platform to ask members of Congress to run on during an election year. A vote to repeal the Durbin Amendment is a vote for higher consumer prices and isn’t likely to win many votes in November.”

“Without Durbin’s competition-enhancing standards, banks would be free to return to the days of unfettered price fixing when they could charge monopoly-like fees for a task that costs them pennies,” Duncan said. “We can’t allow that to happen. Swipe fees are a hidden tax on goods and services purchased by consumers every day. Hidden taxes are bad for consumers and our nation’s economy.”

Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, today released a draft version of legislation that would repeal the Durbin Amendment cap on debit swipe fees as part of a broader rewrite of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. Hensarling’s proposal follows standalone legislation to repeal Durbin introduced earlier this month by committee member Representative Randy Neugebauer, also R-Texas.

Prior to passage of the Durbin Amendment as part of Dodd-Frank, banks charged retailers 1-2 percent of the purchase amount to process debit card transactions. That amounted to about 45 cents on the typical debit purchases but could come to several dollars on larger purchases.

Durbin required the Federal Reserve to adopt regulations resulting in “reasonable and proportional” debit swipe fees. Under rules that took effect in October 2011, debit swipe was limited to a flat fee of 22 cents per transaction plus 0.05 percent of the purchase, or just under a quarter in most cases. The cap applies only to the nation’s largest banks, but they issue the majority of debit cards.

Without the cap, the typical debit swipe fee would likely go back to the previous 45 cents if not higher, Duncan said.

In addition to repealing the cap, the Hensarling and Neugebauer proposals would repeal a Durbin provision that lets retailers route debit transactions over payment networks that compete with those owned by the major card companies.

Retailers have passed along the overwhelming majority of the $8.5 billion in annual savings from Durbin to consumers, according to a study conducted by noted economist Robert Shapiro. At 22 cents, however, the cap is more than five times banks’ actual cost of processing debit transactions, and NRF earlier this year urged the Federal Reserve to set the cap at a lower level. The Fed has estimated banks’ actual cost of processing debit transactions at an average of only 4 cents.

An NRF survey conducted last weekend found that 89 percent of consumers responding said the cap should be left in place.

NRF is the world’s largest retail trade association, representing discount and department stores, home goods and specialty stores, Main Street merchants, grocers, wholesalers, chain restaurants and Internet retailers from the United States and more than 45 countries. Retail is the nation’s largest private sector employer, supporting one in four U.S. jobs – 42 million working Americans. Contributing $2.6 trillion to annual GDP, retail is a daily barometer for the nation’s economy. NRF’s This is Retail campaign highlights the industry’s opportunities for life-long careers, how retailers strengthen communities, and the critical role that retail plays in driving innovation.

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Top 6 Smartphones of 2016

Top 6 Smartphones of 2016

Today’s consumer is spoilt for choice as there are literally thousands of Smartphones and tablets flooding the market. Here are the 6 best phones of this year:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Arguably the best Smartphone in the world today, it has a spectacular dual curved display with the screen bending around both sides to give it a unique appearance. Its futuristic design, vibrant display, impressive battery life, excellent camera and superlative performance definitely put the S7 Edge among the very best of 2016. The metal and glass chassis also ensures the phone is sturdier than its predecessors.

  • iPhone 6S Plus

Tis is the biggest iPhone to date; may not get a whole lot of marks in the looks department, but it’s an Apple phone – need we say more about the performance – and with a big screen! Powered by iOS 9 and A9 processor, this is the must-have for you if you’re an Apple aficionado; the 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera are added bonuses. If you want a cheaper model, take a look at the refurbished iPhones.

  • Nexus 6P

This is a premium, pure Android phone built by Huawei, with a 5.7-inch display, 2 GB RAM a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset and an impressive battery. It also features a 12 MP camera and a fingerprint sensor at the rear. With a metal back and a slightly more circular design, the 6P is also a pretty attractive phone in spite of its size.

  • LG G5

Geek alert! For all of you who want a phone packed with innovative, gimmicky features, this is definitely for you. Its modular design and capability of adding optional attachments like camera grip ensure that you can make a truly geeky statement. It has top-notch specs and a brilliant display and is LG’s best Smartphone to date.

  • Sony Z5 Premium

Sony rolls out the world’s first 4K Smartphone, with a 5.5-inch screen that has a resolution of 806 pixels per inch.  A fingerprint scanner can be found along the side, and it has a whopping 23 MP camera at the rear. It’s also waterproof – making it an excellent choice for parents with young kids, clumsy teenagers – or clumsy adults in general! Of course, the battery life is not great, but this gadget does have the latest tech.

  • HTC 10

If it’s battery life you’re looking for, you will hit the jackpot with this offering from HTC. It keeps the great design and the basic DNA that made the M9 a success; if anything, it has slightly improved on it. This is a premium Smartphone with great performance and a superb camera. Undoubtedly, this is HTC’s best flagship Smartphone as of now.

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The FBI is afraid to Indict Hillary Clinton for any Criminal Charges that she may have Committed

When it comes to Bill and Hillary Clinton they are truly above the law. And the reason that I am saying this is because the Clintons have committed so many crimes in the past and present and have not and definitely will not be indicted for them. And there has to be a reason that  Bill and Hillary Clinton continues to get away with these crimes that they are constantly committing. For instance the email scandal, Hillary Clinton absolutely committed a crime by sending classified emails that was actually considred to be classified through her home computer email server  and from a bathroom in Denver, Colorado when she was the U.S. Secretary of State. James Comey is afraid to do the right thing against Hillary Clinton and that is indict her for criminal charges. If he doesn’t do the right thing by indicting Hillary Clinton for criminal charges the same as Martha Stewart was. And if he doesn’t indict Hillary Clinton, then he is saying Hillary Clinton is most definitely above the law. And James Comey should be fired as FBI chief for not doing the right thing in indicting Hillary Clinton.

But no one in the democratic party will talk much about it, because they just want Hillary Clinton to be the first woman President of the United States of America, no matter if she sends very important and classified emails through her home server or not. The democrats are determined to make sure their beloved Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency in 2016 no matter what it takes, even if she has endangered the lives of the American people by sending classified emails through her home server where the hackers and terrorist could have gotten that very important classified information and used it against the American people.


I am a democrat myself and I am definitely upset about how the democratic party leaders handled and or handling this situation. In my opinion Hillary Clinton should not be the democratic nominee for president, because she is being investigated by the FBI for possibly committing a crime and she might be indicted. But again the democratic party leaders don’t seem to care about what Hillary Clinton did. Does the democratic party leaders care less about the American people and just care more about getting Hillary Clinton elected as the first woman President of the United States of America. Does the democratic party leaders care about the safety of the American people as they say?

I am beginning to wonder if they really do care so much about the American people. If  the democratic party leaders actually cares about the safety of American people they would ask Hillary Clinton to please step down as the democratic presidential nominee as soon as possible, before she makes the democratic party seem like criminals. Hillary Clinton does not  have the judgement to be the President of the United States of America. And the proof is in the pudding. Think about it, she messed up as the  U.S. Secretary of State with the  email server , THAT WAS BAD JUDGEMENT, what if she does the same thing as the President of the United States of America.

The terrorists could get that classified information and use it against the American people. If any other candidate were under FBI investigation for criminal charges they would definitely be asked to drop out of the presidential race. So why aren’t democrats asking Hillary Clinton to drop out of the presidential race and let another candidate become the new democratic nominee because of her FBI investigation problem. There are plenty of other democratic candidates that isn’t being investigated by the FBI for criminal charges that could step in as the new democratic presidential candidate for Hillary Clinton.

There’s the vice president Joe Biden he would be the one candidate that could actually continue president Barack Obama policies, because he’s already on Obama’s team as vice president. And he can do it more so than Hillary Clinton. And also there’s the candidate that just gave her a hell of a challenge for the democratic nomination Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders could really get a large gathering in a general election because of young voters and independents and that makes him a very viable presidential candidate that would destroy Donald Trump in a presidential contest against each other.


And if the democrats want a woman to replace Hillary Clinton as presidential candidate against Donald Trump they could get Elizabeth Warren to step in for her. She’s been a fighter for the democrats and progressives and also she’s been giving Donald Trump hell lately. So I really think it’s time for the Democratic party leaders to do the right thing and ask Hillary Clinton to disqualify herself from being the democratic presidential nominee, because she is under FBI investigation for possibly and serious criminal charges and there’s a 100% chance that she may be indicted for criminal charges.


And if the democratic party leaders don’t do anything about this situation , then you can bet that the democratic party will be known as the party of criminals by making sure that they elect a candidate that has been told by the inspector general that she broke the law as U.S Secretary of State when she sent classified emails on a private server in her home and in a bathroom in Denver, Colorado.ct-clinton-warren-team-against-trump-20160524-001

Elizabeth Warren could be a great presidential candidate if the democratic party leaders make her the new democratic presidential nominee. Because Hillary Clinton must drop out now before the Democratic National Convention that starts in July from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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What A Baby Needs – And How To Save On All Of It

Babies are expensive. Even when you filter through the dozens of lists dictating all the items you’ll need and reduce that list down to the absolute necessities, the costs can be difficult to manage. That’s why you need to plan carefully in order to stay within your budget. Luckily, there are strategies you can use to save.

One caution as you approach the purchasing process: be aware and do your research when purchasing used items. While many items are fine to buy second hand, items like car seats and cribs should only be purchased second hand when you can verify the quality and safety of the item, both from former owners and by cross-checking the items that have been recalled. Similarly, don’t waste money on cute but dangerous items like crib pillows. When it comes to your child, safety is of the utmost importance.

Identify The Essential

As your prepare for baby’s arrival, identify the things you’ll need such as clothing, furniture, bottles, and bedding. Some of these items are easy to purchase. For example, you can choose simple, neutral bedding and items like a mattress protector that will come in handy when diapers inevitably leak.

In fact, when it comes to items like this, you’d do better to scrimp on other items such as the quickly outgrown bassinet, and buy two mattress protectors. Doubling the bedding makes it easier to strip during those sleepless nights – you’ll be glad for the small bit of extra rest this affords you.

Focus On Quality

Certain items from your child’s early years can easily remain in use for a decade or more, such as their dresser – but only if you purchase quality items. Buying cheap items just results in having to buy replacements over and over again. This is a money trap you can’t afford when budgeting for baby.

Account For Change

Babies grow quickly. This is something that too many people don’t take into account when they’re buying things for babies. While infants go through a lot of clothing, you’ll likely be doing plenty of wash in those early days anyway, so don’t overbuy. Otherwise you’ll quickly find that you have piles of unworn clothes that no longer fit your baby.

Two ways to reduce costs on baby clothes are to either buy most of the clothes used or, if you’re planning to have more children, to invest primarily in gender neutral items so that you know they can be reused. If your little one needs something fancy for pictures or a special event, second hand it is – you can be sure that the last child also only wore that item once or twice, also. You can find plenty of options online; your neighborhood likely even has a yard sale site on Facebook where you can pick up used items.

Finally, don’t buy shoes for the earliest months of your child’s life. They aren’t walking, they kick them off, and they won’t fit anymore in a matter of days. Babies don’t need shoes until they begin cruising or walking between ten and fourteen months, so you have plenty of time before you’ll need them.

Babies may need a lot of things, but at the end of the day they need far fewer than most of us think. Your baby isn’t judging the second hand onesies and bigger children are as likely to enjoy banging on your tupperware as playing with fancy baby toys. Too often we impress upon them what we think they need, rather than being honest about what things matter to our little ones.

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Costs Associated With Owning Firearms

Gun control is a hotly debated topic in society today. It has been hotly debated since they were invented. Opinions on firearms vary depending on the person and where they are from, but it’s hard to say whether firearms should be banned or allowed because there are both good and bad uses for them.

Guns and firearms have driven society forward in many ways. They are the choice weapon of war. Things get done much faster when firearms are present. At the same time, firearms are the cause of much death in the world. In the hands of a hero, a firearm is a savior. In the hands of a villain, it’s a medium of mass destruction and heartache.

No matter your opinion on firearms, all can agree that there have to be certain codes of conduct attached to them. People also have to be accountable to their actions. When the kind of power present in weapons of fire get in the hands of easily motivated men, the opportunity for chaos and destruction is evident.

In any case, if you are looking to own firearms due to the motivation to defend yourself or participate in your favorite hobby of hunting, here are the costs associated with owning a firearm:

You Have to Get Licensed

In order to be able to even buy a firearm, you have to obtain a license. Licensing agencies usually put the applicant through a background check to ensure that the individual is responsible and not hiding criminal background and intent.

Fees vary pretty dramatically by state. Take a look at this chart to see where your state stands as well as see how often you have to renew. Many times, the applicant will also be required to pay a fingerprint fee. Don’t be surprised when other fees arise. It’s just part of the process.

If You Move You Need More Licenses

Chances are pretty good that you’ll move at some point in your life. If you’re hiring a moving company, you’re going to have to jump through some financial hoops to ensure that the company can legally move your firearms. This requires you get another licence to carry. If you have other questions about moving with firearms, this is your source to get answers


People say that buying a gun is like buying a computer. You can’t just buy the console by itself. You need the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse, the software, and everything else associated. The same is true for firearms. You have to buy ammunition, a gun lock, eye protection, hearing protection, a case, a safe to hold your guns, and the needed products to clean your firearm.

Owning a gun might not be cheap, but if protection, entertainment, and a hobby is worth it to you, then be aware, and be safe.

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The Way We Travel Is Changing: Here’s How

There probably aren’t a lot of people left around that can remember what it was like before vehicles were invented, and most of you are used to the paved roads that make traveling so much easier. However, while there were tons of leaps and bounds going from horse and carriage to motor vehicles, changes still keep happening.

From planes, trains, and automobiles, to trolley cars and bicycling, changes or always being made. Do you remember a time when there weren’t flex fuel vehicles? Do you remember when people didn’t spend much time concerned about the effect of vehicle chemicals and exhaust fumes damaging the air you are breathing?

Finding Ways To Own Less Cars

Depending on your concern for nature, and on where you live, you may be able to bypass the need to own your own vehicle. You could simply take the bus or hail a cab to get where you need to go. While these vehicles may still be putting pollution into the air, some companies may be doing things to give back to the community though.

You could ride a bike where you need to go. No exhaust fumes and no ozone destroying chemicals. However, it’s hard to do your big shopping errands on those two wheels. You could also walk wherever you needed to go, as long as you don’t need to lug a bunch of stuff back with you.

The Dilemma With Air Travel

Even air travel has made changes, but mostly because of security and safety. After terrorists took over planes in the US the world of flight as you know it changed. You can take less things with you on flights, you go through more security checks, and, maybe unrelated, you may be spending more on the bags you can take with you.

Traveling By Train

You can opt for traveling by train almost anywhere in the US these days, although train travel still poses risks, from problems on the tracks to the people you may meet on your train ride. There are just as many risks when you drive your car to the store or ride your bike to the park.

The point is, that there are more ways to get to point B from point A. Some ways are cheaper than others, and some are more environmentally sound than others. No matter what way you choose, the future will bring something new.

The Future Of Cars

In fact, they are currently working on smart cars that will do all of the driving for you. Who needs auto piloted planes when you can have a car that doesn’t require a person behind the wheel? They even believe that smart cars will make accidents on the road much less likely.

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Buy Shipping Containers and Make These Cool Things Out of Them

Life is full of opportunity to spend money and make money. There is a popular adage that states that you must spend money to make money. While this is true, for the most part, sometimes you can spend little money and make big money. It all depends on how resourceful you are and it also depends on how lucky you are.

If life and making money is all about being resourceful, you have to learn to make lemonade out of lemons and sometimes you have to learn how to make lemonade out of limes. The question is how. How will you make something out of something that is isn’t? That is a question that is left to be answered by many different artists and entrepreneurs.

For example, people can take something like say, a shipping container, and make really cool things out of them that not only bring them money, but bring them happiness, comfort and maybe even short-lived fame. Curious? Here are examples of things you can make out of shipping containers:

A Home

What’s in a home? A home by any other name wouldn’t be as sweet, but just because a home is called a home, it doesn’t mean that it has to be built by wood, nails and drywall. Those may be aspects of a home, but some people defy the rules. Seeing as industrial, rusty, metal objects are desired in construction today, shipping containers are the perfect culprit to build a home out of. They’re large, hollow and sturdy. All you need is walls, a floor and a ceiling to build a home and shipping containers provide all of that.

A Means to a Living

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re going to make the most out of the resources that are around you. Maybe you’re living in a third world country that has little resources except ones that are reminiscent of the trade that is done to keep your country alive.

Metal is everywhere, train carts and shipping containers sit abandoned left and right attracting nothing but gang tags and providing shelter for those who don’t have anything else to live under.

You can take those containers and make a livelihood out of them. Containers might be easily accessible in trade heavy countries, but in places like the U.S. you’ll have to source your containers a different way. It doesn’t mean they’re not worth buying and building something out of.

The sky’s the limit as far as shipping containers go. Use them to literally ship the items that make you a living, or convert them into a bar, a restaurant, an apartment complex, or anything else your heart desires. In any case, shipping containers are your way to make a living, They’re an empty canvas- a box in which your future sits waiting to be created.

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