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5 Fascinating Investments To Pad Your Financial Portfolio

When you have any extra money at all to invest into different opportunities, the challenges and the rewards can be both fascinating and lucrative. There are classic examples like the stock market, or even just putting money in the bank or in bonds. But if you want to be more creative, there are tons of things just waiting for you to poke your interest into.

Take, for example, franchise opportunities, investing in renewable energy, looking into investing in app development, putting money into educational websites, and even potential starting or sponsoring a YouTube channel. These are ways that you can really make your money stretch, while doing socially worthwhile things as well.

Franchise Opportunities

At the top of the list of interesting investments would be something like buying into a franchise. Whether you’re going to manage it, work for it, or just be a part of an investment team is entirely up to you, but the fact that you get to work with people and markets, branding and advertising, and strategizing within a known platform – that’s some pretty exciting stuff, and if you do it right, you can make a whole lot of money without gargantuan amounts of effort on your part.

Renewable Energy

There is a lot of discussion about renewable energy right now. And the fact is, at some point, oil and coal are going to be gone. And that leaves sun power, wind power, and wave power left to energize the entire world. If you figure out how to invest in these sources early, you’re going to make a killing when that transition comes. So if you’re smart about where to put your money in the long term, that’s going to be a unique opportunity for you to jump onto.

App Investment

Another interest way to invest right now is into tech startups that work with app development, and specifically the mobile kind. Think of how much money moves around inside of the iOS world even with things like little games, reminder apps, or photography utilities. Lots and lots of money! And if you invest in the right person doing the right thing, a lot of that money can come back to your for almost zero input on your part.

Educational Websites

There are a few major education websites that are developing right now, and they’re taking the world by storm. For a pretty small monthly subscription fee, you get access to the most updated information in the world, and you can even go at your own pace. Investing in these types of companies may have a huge return in the future.

YouTube Channels

YouTube is still relatively unexplored as a way to change the culture of the world. In the same way that Facebook changed everything, the right moves in the YouTube universe will do the same thing, so if you invest in a channel now, it could definitely give you a good return on your investment.

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