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How Science And Technology Are Helping Fight Addiction

One of the biggest steps toward discovering more about addiction has been the realization that it is a mental illness, a brain disease. The fact that addicts have an illness and aren’t just people making wrong choices (after that first wrong choice, that is) helps make it easier, or at least more effective, to help cure people of their addictions.

It is with science, medicine, and technology, that people are able to better fight addiction. Here are some ways that these things are working to help people with addiction, and helping addicts stay in recovery and not fall back off the wagon.

Vaccines And Medications

With inventions like a possible vaccine for heroin, and police and EMTs carrying a shot that can pull people out of an OD, there are major changes currently happening with world of drug addiction. The more people that can be saved from overdosing on their drug of choice, the more people there are that may be ready to turn their lives around.

There have, for years, been medication used in the treatment of addictions. Things that make alcoholics sick if they have a drink, and drugs that help keep drug addicts from vomiting or going into shock as they come off their drugs.

Mobile Technology

There’s an app for that! Even addicts can use technology to help in their recovery, because there is, literally, an app for that. There are apps for alcoholics and for drug addicts. There are apps for shopaholics, and even apps for people with gambling addictions.

Technology has made it easier for you to stay in touch with sponsors, find the nearest AA or NA meeting, and even call a friend or put out a shout out for help on social media.

Mental Help

Now that more people are realizing that addiction is a mental illness, and can be cured like one, there is more and more help out there for people with addictions. It is also a fact that many people lean toward drugs and alcohol, and other addictive behaviors, when they have other, underlying, mental illness. Depression and anxiety being self treated by an individual can become drug and alcohol addictions.

By getting a dual diagnosis, an addict can get treated not only for their addiction, but also for the underlying illness that may have lead to their addiction in the first place.

You too can use science and technology when it comes to both learning about addiction and learning how to deal with your own addiction. You can even take some time to learn about how people fall into patterns of addiction and how rehab works to help heal the mind and soul and get a person back on track.

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