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Beginner’s Guide to Using a DSLR for Blog Photography

Those days are gone when people used to take photos on their mobile phones to use it for their blogs. But recently, to survive in this competitive market bloggers use ideal professional photography for their blogs. A blog works well if it accompanies good content with quality pictures. Not everyone who owns a DSLR is a photographer. If the camera is used the right way, one can do a lot better. So if you wish to learn the basics of blog photography, here is the guide for you.

Learn about the settings

We often tend to avoid reading the manual for devices like mobile phones, but it goes without saying that to understand the capabilities of a DSLR, it is important to read the manual nicely and to understand the things properly. Learn about the settings, features and controls and therefore acquaint yourself well with the camera. Not every DSLR have the same features. So look out for the special and specific features for every camera to gain mastery over it.

Know about the shooting modes

There is no doubt that one can click quality pictures in the auto mode but if you have a DSLR, it is for a better reason. Choosing the manual mode will provide you with hands-on experience and control to deal with the photographs. While auto mode is simple as you require to point and shoot but to use a manual mode, you will need to gain knowledge of exposure, aperture, ISO and shutter speed. You can find amazing shopclues coupons with great discounts while you shop online for a DSLR.

Understanding exposure

Without lighting or exposure, your DSLR cannot make a huge difference in the photographs. Light being the key element, it either leads to the making of a good photograph or breaks it. So, it is of vital importance for you to understand exposure. According to the light situation, you can play with the shutter speed, ISO and aperture of the DSLR that can directly adjust the exposure of the photograph.

Raw vs. Jpeg

Choosing the ‘jpeg’ file as your option, you allow the camera to process the data to an image file. Once the image file is ready and is transferred to the computer, you have less control of editing the photo. But what happens in a raw format? Shooting a picture in the raw format lets you preserve the data and allows good flexibility. When transferred to the computer, the data is processed in a high quality as compared to the ‘jpeg’ format. Working in a raw format will definitely let you play around with the editing of the image.

Now that you know the basics of shooting with a DSLR, all you need to do is practice and keep practising as only practice can make you acquire the art of photography at its best. Observe the changes and differences of shooting in different modes and settings. Using the Amazon promo code, you can select and purchase the best DSLR you will be requiring for your blogs. Have fun while you learn and click incredible photographs!

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