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2 Clinical Outreaches Changed By Technology

clinical outreach

The advent of the internet as well as smartphones, tablets, and laptops has brought drastic changes to the way each individual lives their life. Long phone conversations seem to be a thing of the past and your social circle is no longer limited geographically. One sector that has shown incredibly promising change is that of clinical outreach.

Clinical outreach could encompass a number of different sectors, but is essentially improving access so people can get the help they need. Whether this is beginning an addiction treatment program or finding pregnancy help options, people can now reach out without leaving the comfort of their home. Included here are a few areas that are able to give direct help to clients in need.

Substance Abuse Help

When it comes to a problem with a stigma attached, substance abuse may top the list. Those who suffer with a drug or alcohol problem are often ashamed of their disease or find themselves in denial that they have a problem. One way clinics are able to get these individuals to seek help and get out of their rut is through online outreach.

For instance, an individual who is questioning their daily booze intake, may Google the appropriate amount of alcohol per day. The fourth link down on the page will lead you to this site which talks about reducing your drinking and safe alcohol consumption. With a more pointed Google search addressing the need for help, you will get results for countless rehab centers and clinical programs in your area. Without leaving your home, you can find out if your insurance is accepted and you are able to go to treatment.

The repercussions of this movement are astronomical. Many addicts will be able to follow a veritable trail of digital breadcrumbs towards getting the aid they need; all without enduring painful phone conversations or leaving their home. For many addicts, getting help is a matter of being in the right place at the right time, and the internet allows this opportunity to happen more frequently.

Crisis Pregnancy Aid

As long as there have been people, there have been crisis pregnancies. Becoming pregnant is a huge life change and impending parenthood is scary enough even when you are prepared. For those who were not expecting a baby, a pregnancy can seem like a traumatic event. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like this.

While the pro-choice movement has always been very vocal about the ease of an abortion, you may be questioning whether you really want to end that life. In this case, Googling pregnancy options could lead you to Human Coalition, where you are able to get a free test, ultrasound and find adoption options. Many women who are overwhelmed by the medical cost are delighted to find that the adoptive family may be able to foot their medical bills.

Imagine the relief a young woman feels when she can find a loving home for her child without having to make the heartrending decision for abortion. By having internet options available at the touch of a button, many young women can find answers to their pressing questions and feel empowered by their choice, instead of feeling that abortion was their only option.

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