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Technology As Treatment: Addiction and Recovery

When it comes to the subject of addiction, in terms of the observance and acceptance of the situation, and then the recovery that is desired after, there are as many methods as there are people on earth. But, one of the ways that success rates have improved over the years is through the use of technology.

Specifically, technology can be used in rehab facilities, as private motivation, in order to connect with sponsors or counselors, and then there’s also the research potential of being hooked into the mobile net, and also the benefits of timing devices and scheduling apps.

For Rehab Facilities

Some of the biggest users of technology to help with rehabilitation include rehab facilities themselves. They have access to the latest drugs, the most advanced data gathering potential, the optimum security suggestions, and the most effective nutrition and health information available. They can use these machines, methods and techniques to help work clients through addiction recovery more efficiently than any other way available. With group support, environmental support, and technological support, they’re the way to go if you can afford them.

For Private Motivation

And for people who are in the addiction and recovery cycle, you can use the technology in your mobile phone to help you with motivation as well. Bookmark a few sites that continually have the type of upward pressure that you need, and whenever you’re feeling out of sorts, simply hit a few buttons, take a few deep breaths, and be on your way. Sometimes internal motivation is tough, but there are millions of sources of external motivation on the web, and technology allows you instant and free access to them!

To Connect With Sponsors

Sponsors are an integral part of the recovery process, and having a sponsor one or two button pushes away on your smartphone is a superior use of technology as well. In addition, you can have your phone set up so that while you’re in a do-not-disturb mode, some of your emergency contacts can still get through to you.

Research Potential

Never underestimate the simple power of the search engine either, as you work through a addiction issues. If you want to know what you’re dealing with, how other people have recovered, any basic medical information that would help you – the web has it all, so long as you understand the basics of how to vet information from sources to ensure its scientific accuracy.

Timing Devices and Scheduling

And finally, your smartphone, the epitome of personal technology today, has a tremendous number of options when it comes to timing and scheduling. With the right use of count-up, countdown, and scheduling apps and utilities, you can free your mind from those details and specially focus on your mindset and physical needs during addiction recovery.

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