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Ten Amazing iPad Hacks you Didn’t Know you could Do

If you’re dying to get your hands on an iPad but are worried about the budget, you can always choose from the range refurbished gadgets available online. Here are some cool tips to help you get the max from your iPad:

Orientation Lock – It can get frustrating when the orientation keeps changing when you’re trying to read in bed. On the later models, the Orientation Lock is on the side of the device, just above the volume button; or, you can configure it by going to Settings>General and select Mute.

  1. Use it as your personal white noise device – while travelling or in noisy surroundings, you can use the Sleep Pillow app to get some peace! Listen to the calming sounds of ocean waves in a steady stream.
  2. Self-destructing Messages – You can configure sensitive messages to be wiped after specific number of failed passcode tries. Go to Settings>Passcode>Erase Date.
  3. Assistive Touch – Enable this from Accessibility Settings, and you can use this if your Home button is broken or you have trouble touching the screen. A big circular button is displayed on-screen, which can be used as the Home button.
  4. Air Print – This is located just under the browser’s Share button and lets you print quickly from your tablet; this is especially helpful when you want an extra copy at airports or even at the workplace.
  5. If you want to type in caps, tap Shift twice and it will go into All Caps mode.
  6. Switching between Apps – Rather than toggling back and forth between Apps by using the Home button to go to the main screen always, use 4 fingers and swipe left or right to move between your open apps.
  7. If you want uninterrupted FaceTime with your favorite app running, you can press the Home button while FaceTiming, and the two will overlap, letting you do both.
  8. You can use it to showcase pictures by tapping the Picture Frame icon on the right of the slide-to-unlock bar on the Lock screen. It’s more efficient and versatile and less expensive than a digital frame.
  9. Multipurpose Earbuds – Using the earbud remote, you can navigate to the next or previous track while listening to music or podcasts. You can also use the volume+ button when you’re in camera mode to take pictures or use the middle button to take selfies while in video mode!


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