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How Technology Can Help With Addiction

Whether it’s drugs or alcohol, these days there’s an app for that. You may scoff, but of the millions of apps available, from games to fitness, some of them can really help make your life better. And, if there’s an app that can help you avoid falling off the wagon, or help you get through recovery, why wouldn’t you use it?

Addiction isn’t easy, and neither is recovery. Rehab can be costly, but for addicts it can also be a lifesaver. Why not use anything you can, once you are out of rehab, to help you keep from going back in?

Apps For Alcoholics

While there are breathalyzer apps available for smartphones, this isn’t an app that is going to help a recovering alcoholic. You need to avoid the alcohol, not wonder how much you have already drank. However, for someone that has not reached alcoholic status, this app can save lives and money.

If you want apps that will help you, there are some. You can find apps where you can speak to other addicts, for both alcoholics and drug addicts. Find someone to talk you down before it’s too late, get on an app.

There are also AA apps that will remind you of your commandments in staying sober. You can also use it to find the nearest meeting, no matter where you are.

Apps For Drug Addicts

Recovering drug addicts aren’t alone with apps like Twenty Four Hours A Day. This particular app uses things like meditation and prayers to help addicts get through each and every day. It isn’t the only app for addicts though.

Although many of the apps aren’t free, they tend to be affordable and worth the small price you’ll pay for something right in your hand to help you stay off drugs. You can also find apps that with help you find NA meetings, just like with AA.

You Need More Than Just An App

While all of these apps are great, they aren’t a replacement for meetings or human connection. You still need to go to your meetings, get therapy, attend rehab when needed, and communicate with your own friends and family. You need to remember there are plenty of people out there that want to help you.

Plus, that little extra boost of motivation to stay clean and sober, even when it comes from technology, may make the difference in your life. Spend a little money and save yourself from the cost of rehab, or worse costs.

Addiction is a pricey thing. It’s a lot cheaper to pay for a few smartphone apps than it is to pay for the family you could lose, the jail time and missed work you could experience, and it’s a lot cheaper than losing your life to drugs and alcohol.

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