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Easy Ways You Can Save Money On Vacation


Vacationing is the bomb, but it also has the tendency to be extremely expensive. It’s not one expense that necessarily makes the act of traveling so costly, it’s actually all of the little expenses put together.

When you think about the fact that you’re uprooting yourself and your family from your normal life for a week or more, the things you normally don’t have to pay for are not covered. Expenses include eating out for every meal every day, paying for lodging accommodations, and other things like paying for a rental car.

When you’re home, you’ve got your housing covered, you’re not eating out every meal of every day, and you’re paying way less money for your car payment. Vacation makes it so that you’re tacking on expenses to the expenses you already have to pay at home. That’s why it’s expensive.

With all this being said, there are ways you can easily save money on vacation. Here’s how:

Get A Place With A Full Kitchen

As mentioned above, if you’re just staying in a hotel on your travels, this means that you’re going to be buying meals for everyone in your family a minimum of three times a day. That’s honestly the place where the bulk of your money can go.

To avoid all the costs of food on the road, book a room that has a fully operating place to prepare food. AKA, a kitchen. Not a mini fridge. Not a microwave. A full kitchen. When you arrive in town, do some grocery shopping, do breakfast and lunch in, and hit the town for dinner. You’ll cut your costs of food in half, at least.

Share Meals

Considering the fact that most restaurants give you enough food for two or three people, it shouldn’t be a problem to share a dish with somebody else to cut costs. You might even consider going family style. Everybody will get to taste a little of everything, the bill will be less, and there won’t be a bunch of food left over. It’s an easy way to cut costs while vacationing. If you’re hungry later, hit the grocery store for a light snack. It’s easy and cheap.

Do Free Activities

Large cities have a lot of activities you can participate in for free. There are always parks, the ocean, and main street to peruse. Nobody said you had to buy all the things and do all the tourist attractions. If you do want to do the attractions, figure out a way to do them cheaper than the door rate would charge. For example, New York has the New York Pass which allows you free entry to over 80 attractions for the purchase of the pass.

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