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5 Ways To Communicate With Clients For Better Financial Flow

When it comes to money and technology, your best friend is good communication techniques, and the hardware and software solutions that make those techniques possible. All throughout human history, the businesses that have had the best handle on ways to transfer information are the ones who have succeeded in the long run.

So if you want to add some financial finesse to your own company’s bottom line, starting with communication isn’t a bad idea, and a few ways to make this happen include opening up the possibility of business text messaging, using opt-in email, working with built-in CMS messaging systems, using video conferencing, and even working inside something like the PayPal system.

Open Up Text Possibilities

Probably the least-used modern way of communications when it comes to business affairs is the use the of text and MMS. For whatever reason, companies have generally not set up ways to use MMS for customer interaction. In theory, text messages would come in as troubleshooting or information requests, and they would queue in a way that company representatives would then handle them one by one, giving responses as appropriate. Think of the trust you could build in this way, as well as saving money for both customer and client!

Opt-In Emails

And as long as company emails are wanted and looked forward to (as in the case of permission marketing), it’s one of the most obvious and effective ways to get across a message to clients as well. Considering that you can also add things like digital coupons or even links to different aspects of your company line now, emails are still one of the most essential and effective methods of transferring vital communication.

Built In CMS Messaging

Within your content management system (like WordPress or Joomla), there are a tremendous number of powerful tools when it comes to user communication. There are anonymous, private and public ways to communicate depending on the type of information requested and the degree of moderation required, but messages transferred in this way can ultimately lead to all sorts of sales goals.

Via Video Conferencing

In terms of face to face digital sales, it’s hard to beat something like Skype. With one simple call and a decent wifi connection on both ends, you can go over financial options with clients and pick up all of the visual and auditory cues you need during the session.

Through PayPal Transactions

And finally, for quick and easy information and financial flow in one, using PayPal as a business tool is a smart route as well. You can add messages to financial transactions, and all of the recording of these transfers are automatically archived for both parties as well!

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