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Day: April 25, 2016

3 Ways Addiction Treatment Can Save You Money

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With nearly 24 million American suffering from addiction every year, it is easy to see how prevalent this problem has become. A recent study analyzing projected longevity of life for impoverished 40 year olds showed a distinct difference between certain geographical areas. So what was the link that was lessening lives?

While this is a complex problem, one speculation was that the “opioid belt” along the midwest was a contributing factor. The addiction to opioids has become prevalent at the encouragement of the pharmaceutical industry and ready availability to doctors. While all addictions are costly, prescription medications can be one of the most expensive for addicts.

Unfortunately, many people who become addicted to a drug that was prescribed by their doctor fail to recognize the signs of addiction. This can be an exceedingly costly mistake, both monetarily and in the value of their life. The key to being freed from the prison of addiction lies in successful treatment and recovery. Included here are a few ways addiction treatment can save you money.

Cost of Addiction

Perhaps the most obvious way addiction treatment can save you money is by reducing the amount of money you are spending on addictive substances. Even a person who drinks one glass of cheap wine per night is forking over roughly $1,300 per year. For those who are addicted to cigarettes, heroin, or opioids the cost is substantially higher.

By gaining treatment for your addiction, you can save enormous amounts of money and perhaps contribute to a better quality of life for yourself and your family. Imagine if you have $1,300 to blow on a family vacation each year? Or in the instance of the $20,000 or $30,000 a year saved by quitting other addictions, you could pay cash for a brand-new car!

Lifetime Earnings

Another way treating your addiction can save you money is through simple earnings. Your career, work performance and potential for promotion are greatly affected by your addiction. By getting clean, you will be higher functioning at work and will earn more over the course of your lifetime.


Perhaps the most expensive way addiction damages your finances is through healthcare costs. The long-term effects of alcoholism, meth, heroin or cocaine can be life-threatening and irreversible. Cirrhosis of the liver is a very real disease that occurs when abusing alcohol, and cannot be undone by simply quitting your addiction.

With healthcare costs skyrocketing every year, long-term health problems can easily cost you millions. By treating your addiction and starting on the path to recovery early, you can help avoid damage to your health and save money on your lifelong healthcare costs.

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5 Ways Technology Can Save Your Business Money

As any business owner knows, careful money management can be the key to your success. After all of your overhead and expenses have been met, you are left with your revenue, essentially your profit, from the month past. The key to being financially successful in business is in defining how many of your expenses are truly necessary.

For example, being careful to evaluate each and every cost and fee could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. While some business owners find they lack the time to evaluate their costs, simply looking into it once a year could be more than worth your time monetarily. Included here are a few tips for utilizing technology in a way to save your business money.

Upgrade Phone Systems

One of the most beneficial ways to cut costs and improve your business efficiency can be through implementing an upgraded phone system. A phone system that utilizes your cloud and properly manages calls can save you hundreds of dollars per year. Phone systems can be updated in more ways than simply changing out your headsets.

Cloud based phone systems are now rising in popularity among small business owners due to their cost-efficiency and improved functioning capacity. Cloud based systems allow business owners to simply upgrade their phone headsets while utilizing cloud based technology. This means they can avoid costly hardware installations and replacement, as well as frequent upgrades.

Go Paperless

While many business owners may see paperless functioning principles as based solely in being environmentally conscious, going paperless can actually reap great rewards for the business itself. Your company will save thousands of dollars each year on paper products as well as postage. Additionally, you can gain rapport with your clientele through the eco-friendly angle.

Utilizing technology to eliminate your company’s paper consumption is fairly simple. For instance, require emailed account statements as well as eliminate paper billing. Utilize an email system for monthly “mailings” and avoid excessive paper pamphlets.

Advertise Online

Another great way to cut down your costs can be by utilizing free advertising services online. Social media will not cost your company anything but can be a great way to interact with your consumer. Hiring a basic social media manager part-time can allow you to keep your customers updated on products as well as interactive with the company.

Additionally, internet advertising offers direct results and helpful feedback. You will be able to track which keywords and advertising campaigns resulted in greater web traffic as well as which tactics fell flat. No more guessing about who heard about you from where, you can now directly track the progress of customers to your door!

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