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WARNING: Do Not Watch This Video In a Public Place !


The 11-Second Video Clip You’re About to See
is Shocking… and Is Not Safe For Work.


Dear Reader,


In exactly 3 minutes I’m going to show you a short, 11-second video clip that changes everything…

The video will blow your mind.

It will also open up a huge new set of possibilities…

But fair warning – the video is something people call “NSFW,” or not safe for work.

If you’re timid or of the faint of heart, please click out of this page right now. What you’re about to witness is definitely not right for you.

But I’m showing it to you today to make a very important point…

See, Fortune magazine reported that the technology behind what you’re about to see “promises entirely different experiences.”

Fortune also reports one company’s prediction that the kind of advance you’re about to see will be a $30 billion business by 2020.

30. Billion. Dollars.

To put that $30 billion in context, just last year Business Insider estimated this market at $37 million a year.

That means the technology behind this “not safe for work” video you’re about to see… could be on the verge of 81,000% growth by 2020.

That’s an average 20,000% growth a year.

For four straight years.

That’s why mega-giants like Samsung and Disney are racing to develop this new technology.

And it’s why Facebook has invested more than $2 billion to try to get an edge in this new tech race.

As one of the world’s leading technology analysts, it’s my job to follow the flow of all that money.

You see, CNN Money… Fox News… the Washington Post… they’ve all written about this new technology.

But not a single source showed you how to profit from what you’re about to see.

Today, that all changes.

You get a chance to find out how to put the earliest wealth from this story right in your pocket.

You’ll be armed with everything you need to know to potentially profit from this amazing game-changer…

Including the details behind the companies involved, the specific ticker symbols to buy, and how much money you stand to make.

First, though, I need to cover the technology.

And rather than me trying to tell you about this new technology, I’m simply going to show it you instead.

Again, a warning…

Please make sure you’re not watching this in a public place.


Let me show you that clip right now.

What you just watched was a reporter’s first experience with…

Virtual Reality pornography.

Now, I’m sure you have strong feelings about the porn industry.

Please don’t let them distract you from the amazing breakthrough you just witnessed.

All you need to know about the porn industry is that, agree with it or not, it’s responsible for many of the online breakthroughs we use in everyday life today…

  • The rise of digital cameras can be traced back to the porn industry, eventually leading to investors making 237% in just 4 short months from companies like Go PRO…
  • The origins of online payment portals can be tracked back to porn, leading to companies like eBay acquiring Paypal… and putting $1.5 billion into early investor’s pockets.
  • Even the music videos and family home videos we’re able to post on Youtube wouldn’t have been possible if the porn industry hadn’t made online video streaming possible.

And by the way, as I’m sure you know, Google bought Youtube for a whopping $1.65 billion.

What all that means is simple…

When it comes to breaking new technology, CNN reports, “In The Tech World Porn Quietly Leads the Way.”

Simply follow the technology… and you could make a fortune as an investor.

And that brings me back full circle to the video clip you just saw.

The key phrase you need to remember is “virtual reality.”

Because this virtual reality breakthrough that the porn industry’s now found is bigger than all their past discoveries…

And could create more profits for investors than any other technology…

More money than the Youtube buyout of $1.65 billion…

More money than the Go Pro cameras that quickly tripled investor’s cash in late 2014…

More money than the online payment portals that received buyouts of $1.5 billion…

More money than all those things…

Combined. reports virtual reality is “the next ‘mega tech theme’ in the U.S., akin to the mobile-phone industry 15 years ago.”

They predict that the porn industry’s use of virtual reality alone will soon be a $1 billion business.

The applications, however, are more far reaching, and way more important than pornography…

In a moment, I’ll show you how this changes everything.

  • From the way you’ll watch NFL games (projected to soon be a $1.23 billion industry…)
  • To the way your grand kids will experience video games (where virtual reality is expected to add $1.4 billion…)
  • To the future of education… to the way we train our military and law enforcement… to how we travel…

The possibilities are endless.

That’s why CNN Money reported, “We’re in for a big change…”

Time magazine also called one version of this technology, “A very exciting glimpse into the future…”

MIT Technology Review wrote on November 3 that Google made a big bet to try to leapfrog in front of virtual reality technology.

And Business Insider recently wrote about how Apple swooped in and bought a company making some of the biggest gains in one part of this story…

When you see the full scope of this, you’ll agree it could make you richer than you ever imagined…

With Virtual Reality, you’ll be able to have…

Any Experience Ever… On Demand…
At Your Fingertips

Here’s how this technology works…

Suppose you took a camera and went around a room snapping photos every few seconds.

Every object gets a photo snap – CLICK!

Now, you upload those photos to a program you can interact with…

… And you can experience any place on earth. At any time. No matter where you are.

That’s it. That’s what’s happening right now.

It could make select fast-movers like you incredibly wealthy.

Now hold on!

What I’m going to show you ISN’T “virtual reality” like you’ve seen it before in movies and in sci-fi books.

This isn’t like the movie The Matrix.

Virtual reality, as I’ll prove to you today, is actually the most profound and liberating advance to come along since flight, computers, cellphones, heck… even the car.

It’s also poised to kick off the biggest market boom any of us have ever seen.

Samsung and Facebook, for example, are both releasing devices regular people like you and me can use to do everything we’ve discussed so far…

And word from sites like Venture Beat is Sony has a device they’re also launching soon that’ll work in combination with their PlayStation gaming console.

Venture Beat also said mobile applications for virtual reality alone could be a $15.9 billion industry by 2019.

This is all part of that 81,000% total industry growth that is possible…

And it’s central to your big-picture gain opportunity if you take action today.

Two Years, Dozens of Meetings, and 11,000 Air Miles Later… My Research Tells Me This Is the Biggest Story Any of Us Have Ever Seen

My name, by the way, is Ray Blanco. I’m the Chief Technology Officer for Agora Financial in Baltimore, MD.

Agora Financial’s one of the largest independent publishers of big new ideas in the world.

Over 1.8 million people just like you read our research every day, in fact. More people read Agora Financial each day, for example, than read the Washington Post.

When the promises of virtual reality crossed my desk two years ago, I didn’t believe it was real.

Then, after a trip to Las Vegas last January when I saw it up close, I became interested.

While in Vegas, I talked to every expert I could find. I logged thousands of air miles to get to the bottom of the story.

I read every book I could find on the subject – fiction and non-fiction – stretching back to the early 1960s. I scoured scientific papers from schools like CalTech and MIT.

I wanted every piece of evidence at my disposal before I broke this story wide-open for you.

Now, I’m ready to spill all the beans and show you all my research – including the company names and ticker symbols that allow you to get in on the ground floor of this new breakthrough…

Potentially multiply your money in ways you never thought possible.

Before we get to the specific ways to profit, let’s pan out… and look at the full scope of how Virtual Reality changes everything.

How to Have Dinner with Shakespeare

With virtual reality, you could have dinner with this man…

Dinner’s on me tonight.
That’s William Shakespeare.

He’s got a bag full of great stories to share with you during your dinner.

From writing Romeo & Juliet to what it was like performing at the Globe Theater in 1603.

If you’re not a big Shakespeare fan, it’s ok. He won’t be offended if you decline his invite.

How about dinner with Jackie Robinson or Teddy Roosevelt instead?

Eat well. Have fun. Then get some sleep.

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